Friday, April 20, 2012

Maybe I talk too Much

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has".
-Margaret Mead,

I have often been accused of nagging, by my hubby, my kids, and anyone else who would let me. But only when I'm concerned, or excited , or trying desperately to save a life. I nag with love :)

I often hear from my girls,"Mom ok, ok ,we know, you already said it a million times"

 And they are completely right!

But, maybe it will be that millionth time that they will not just hear me but listen.

I know sometimes I hear, but I don't listen.I'm just like my kids. I hear God speaking, and so often don't listen. 

I shake my head and say " Oh no Lord, you're not talking to me, I can't do that. I'll look like an idiot!"
"I'm not setting myself up to fall on my face, I have enough issues of my own right now. "

We've all done it. Pushed aside that nagging little voice in our heads. 

We've all told that voice , "No not me, please don't be talking to me, Not today!"  I just can't"

Right now, honestly that voice is bothering me. I don't want to nag you about Carina anymore. I don't want to write about my giveaway. But that voice is relentless!

Do you all have any idea how much fund raising and asking for help  is sooooo far out of my comfort zone??

I like being behind the scenes.I do not like being the guy up front. The one everyone will be looking at. The one in "charge". 
No way, that's not me.

But our all knowing and infinite God, sure had other ideas. Although He really didn't discuss them with me first.  He just broke my heart for what breaks His. I'd almost say He has an unfair advantage. No , I will say it. He absolutely has an unfair advantage, lol 

Carina's account hasn't moved in a couple of days, but She will be moving soon. To an institution. God does not want that. She is His daughter, and He wants her home. He wants her to enjoy life, He wants more than anything for her to feel LOVED!
 He has a plan for her, and we are all part of it. Without all of us in on it... well, it just won't come together like it's supposed to. It's that free will thing. God will not force you to listen. He will not force you to share or pray or donate. He wants you to do it because you feel it in your heart.He wants your heart to break for what breaks His. 


Only then will great things happen.

I have a great Giveaway special running that I will keep up for another day. You can see it here. 

 Today I will be fasting and praying for Carina. For all things to work out for her according to God's will. For hearts to break , for eyes to open, for ears to hear, and listen. If anyone wants to join in the company would be  greatly appreciated. 



  1. praying with you !! that little face- she deserves a family !

  2. praying she is getting closer to a family very soon.
    continuing to share, I know this is going to work it just has to.
    never give up my sweet friend


  3. Been here, did that, praying my heart out. Whatever you might think, you are doing amazing things for this little girl :)


  4. Praying with you today and everyday, Steph! Offering up this splitting headache today for Miss Carina and her Mama (I know she's out there!).