Monday, April 9, 2012

Carina's Hope, Giveaway!

"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope".

Maya Angelou

Here we go!

In the weeks that I have been preparing for this giveaway, I have been repeatedly surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of others.

It seemed that everyday another FB message or email would come my way and I would be literally jumping around the house singing "she said yes"!! Or another person would contact me with a donation.

So today, Carina's Hope begins. And I pray that when it's over she not only has more in her account, but most importantly a family. I want to, I have to keep hope alive for Carina. She turns four this month and transfer is imminent. I have no idea which day of the month is her birthday, maybe it's today!

She has no idea how many people are trying to help her.

But some day she will!!

Let's get this started for Carina!!!!  Let's keep her hope alive!

$  5 donation =   2 entries
$ 15 donation =  5 entries 
$ 25 donation = 10 entries
$ 50 donation = 20 entries
$100 donation = 50 entries
Share on facebook/twitter = 1 entry
Post about Carina's Hope Giveaway on your blog = 2 entries

Please make all donations through Carina's donation box in my sidebar. Leave a comment telling me how many entries you have and what gift items you would like to use them for. All items are numbered. Example: You donated $25.00. You have 10 entries. Your comment should say" I have 10 entries. I want three on number 1, Two on number 5, And five on number 4.  OR  "I want them all on number 6.  
You can divide your entries up however you want.

Don't forget to tell me if you shared anywhere, that is one entry, and posting on your blog will get you two entries.
if you have ANY questions , please don't hesitate to contact me. my email,
This giveaway will run until midnight on April 30th.

#1, A Jillian Raye Design. This was made just for Carina's giveaway!  This beautiful necklace and headband were designed by Jillian Raye. She was an absolute delight to work with, and I've been a fan for a while.This necklace and headband are beautifully hand crafted and of high quality. I know this because it is in my possession. It came beautifully wrapped but I had to peek. :)

#2  Newborn hand smocked dress set,  Oh how I wish Emmie could fit in to this!!! Just in time for summer! And there are little panties to go with it!
Just beautiful!!! Donated by Heather Enger Brown, who may just love Carina as much as I do:)

#3. Meet Annie, Book!!!  Meet Annie! She is a special little girl that is just like you, but she has Down syndrome. Join Annie in her engaging story and learn how we accept who we are. Come on in and meet Annie. She can't wait to meet you!  Donated by author  Heather Scharlau- Hollis. Thank you Heather for being so easy to "talk" to, so generous and so kind! 

#4.Set of three hair bows made by the fabulous Beth Cole. Who is adopting Nellie and Katelyn( and should be packing at this very moment to go meet them)  of course what else should she be thinking about but my giveaway when she is leaving to meet her daughters! Love you Beth!!! These bows are gorgeous!!!

#5.Game Night Deluxe Edition!!!! You get them all!!!!Perfect for summer family nights and long car rides!! Also donated by Beth Cole. 

#6. Another beautiful piece made for this giveaway by the multi talented and beautiful Stacy Richard. She has a heart for the orphan that you can see shinning from miles away. She never ceases to amaze me. You can see more of her beautiful pieces here at Jubilee's Jewels.

#7. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, "For Generations we’ve had to put up with harsh chemical smells to get a good clean. Enter Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. A collection of household products with essential oils from flowers and herbs that smell nice, but really pack a punch against daily dirt and grime. Our garden fresh scents include Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, and Geranium. All earth friendly, cruelty-free and not tested on animals". 
Donated by Robin E, A dear friend who I could definitely say is a kindred spirit.And always one prayer ahead of me;) Thank you!!

These are for you whether you love to clean or hate to clean. I've researched them and they rock! These are kitchen cleaners and liquid hand soap.


#8.  Also donated by Robin E, this adorable dress! NWT. Size 4T. The retail price is $25.99 for this tulip skirt dress with hippos from  Flower Bazaar.

#9.  Love this waterfall ruffle dress with scallop embroidery. Size 4T, NWT.  The retail price is $34.95 The line it is from is Cape Cod Cutie. Also from Robin E.

#10. Searching for... The You We Adore, Book. Donated by Valerie Westfall. Children's picture book celebrating a parent's love searching the world for a special child they dream of adopting. On this heartwarming journey, love climbs trees with panda bears, splashes with elephants and swims with dolphins Searching for...The You We Adore.

Ask and you shall receive. That's all I can say about Valerie's generous donation. With out hesitation, she responded , YES! Thank you Valerie for this beautiful book. 

#11.  Bow holder with matching bow, donated by (The also should be packing right now to go meet her daughters) Jenn Abell. Jenn is adopting Olga and Vanessa and is leaving in like a second to go meet them!!! But of course she had time to whip up this gorgeous bow holder first! How do you even make something like this? Amazing!! You know I absolutely adore you Jenn!!!

Close up of pattern

#12. $50.00 Gift Card to Silpada! Donated by Tanya Robinson.

#13. Straight from Africa! This is gorgeous!!  Donated by Becki Little.

#14. Baby Doll. Guaranteed to be super soft and huggable. Donated by Robin E.

#15.  A $50.00 Gift card to Bee's Felt Market! Donated by Heidi Marie. Shop her beautiful Etsy store and stock up on her hand made felt food!! So realistic!!! Children will love playing and learning with her delicious food. Pictured here is a yummy pizza and veggies. You will have the chance to pick whatever you want.  

#16. Adorable Lisa Leonard necklace with "Feed Your Soul Charm. Donated by Lisa Leonard.
 Also comes with a 10% of your next purchase coupon.

#17. Soft, pink acrylic (non-allergenic/easy to hand-wash and lay flat to dry) full/gathered crochet cardigan with three pearly buttons. Size NB-3 months, approx.  Handmade by Heather Brown.

#18. Adorable blue and white print photo frames. Fits 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 photo. Value $20.00

This is all for her, Miss Carina, who has my heart. 


  1. Thank you for doing this!! I have prayed often for Carina. I facebooked and blogged, and so that gives me three entries? I would like them all on the cleaning products! Blessings!

    (How long does the giveaway run for?)

  2. PS: I can't tell if you posted this giveaway on the RR facebook page? They have a lot of traffic there! :)

  3. i scheduled a post for my blog tomorrow am and will go to fb. plan on donating tomorrow as my debit card is in my car tonight....
    so excited to what happens. praying hard my friends.


  4. Hi Stephanie~
    I have 13 entries.
    Please put 3 on #3, 5 on #5 (Can't you just picture those in Olgas hair) and 5 on #6.

    I love seeing how much you've stepped out of your shell since your first fundraiser. You are helping move mountains!! Only 4 days, can you believe it. And as for packing lol, let's pretend I've started. ;)

  5. just shared will do again soon and blog my sweet friend xxxxxx

  6. hello honey, just blogged and shared on twitter...4 entries now i think? xxxxxx

  7. I just donated 30.00 please put all of my entries on #12. The spilada gift certificate.


    stephanie lynch

  8. Told you I wouldn't forget....
    Donated $25 (wish it could be more...stupid tax return hasn't come back yet) for 10 entries and one share
    3 entries on #6, 3 on #8, 3 on #12, 2 on #15
    Love you!

  9. I have 2 entries, I would love them on #17, The beautiful crochet cardigan.

    I know Carina will be found. Such a perfect little girl. Yo did an awesome job with the giveaway.