Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Olivia and Sophia - Inspiring Ballerinas to Compete at Youth America Grand Prix 2014 – Need Your Support

My daughters Olivia and Sophia from Festival Ballet in Providence, RI have been given the opportunity to perform at the Grand Prix International Competition. The American semifinals in our region are held in Providence, RI on February 7th - 9th, 2014 in Veterans Memorial Auditorium. The winners go to the finals held in New York City to compete on international stage.

This is a completely unpaid opportunity for them and the expenses are mounting fast from registration and entry fees for each category.  Also,costumes, private coaching classes in preparation to the event and many other related expenses.
I am posting this last minute, as the reality sets in that this opportunity may not come to a realization, because of all the costs. The girls need a minimum of $1,000 by January 9th, 2014! to register and make this possible.

All money raised is to cover expenses leading to this competition.

Olivia is an incredibly talented 16 year old ballet dancer                                   
She will compete in four categories:

  1. Classical (Ballet) – performing variation from “Black Swan”
  2. Contemporary – choreographed by Shura Baryshnikov
  3. Two group ensembles

As a 4 year old, Olivia saw an old poster of Nutcracker and it made an unforgettable impression on her, starting a lifelong dream.  As a 7 year old, she joined Festival Ballet and saw company members for the first time and was overwhelmed. 

Olivia’s dream is to perform on the world stage, as a principal dancer. She loves ballet and  dreams about becoming a classical dancer. Growing up she would, constantly watch ballet shows.

Some of her favorite artists are: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gelsey Kirkland, Ivan V … and Natalia Osipova in Flames of Paris PDD

Sophia also dreams of becoming a ballerina, She joined Festival Ballet at the age of 5. She would watch  ballet performances with her sister and works very hard on her dance routines. She is probably the most determined person I have ever met.  When faced with an obstacle she never fails to gather strength and courage and move forward with grace. That's my girl!

She will compete in one category:

1.       1. A  contemporary group  ensemble
Thank you so much for your support.