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Yes You Can Have Your Cake And Eat it Too!

And if you watch closely you will see Miss Em ask for more by signing, and then say "more"! The big deal about her signing "more" is that she wasn't prompted at all. And verbalizing, well I don't have to tell any of you how awesome it is to hear any sort of word! pause my music.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Short And Shameless Plug

A mom just can't help herself sometimes. I'm proud of our school and the kids/teachers because this show is amazing!!! To any one local all I can tell you is it will be the best five bucks you ever spent to be entertained! Come and see the show! And my Dumpling Sophia got her name mentioned on the news. So cool, he even pronounced our last name pretty well!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Building A Home For Olga

I've stole yet another blog . This time from Jenn, Olga's mama. Love this fund raiser idea. Read on to see how simple this is. Olga needs to get out of Dodge and home to her family! And by helping Miss Olga you will also be helping Renee to get her Miss Paisely home. These two amazing and beautiful moms are helping each other. I don't know how many times Renee has stopped to help others even though she is also trying to raise funds to bring Paisely home. And I don't think Jenn has ever written a post and not advocated for another child too. They are both amazing and selfless people who so deserve our help and support. The following is Jenn's post.

**Building A Home For Olga*

We have seen many "puzzle" fundraisers and liked the concept but didn't want to do the same old thing. We came across the idea of doing a Lego fundraiser instead. So we started looking for just the right Lego set and then we found this one. I love that it's in a pink box and it's perfect for our sweet little girl.

We are going to be building a home for Olga. Just like building a real house takes the work of many people, so will this. We need your help to build her a home. Look at this sweet home, and it has two little girls. I like to think of it being Olga and one of her sisters, and oh did you see the little dog. I know Olga would love it, don't you. She deserves a home, doesn't she.

This is how it works :

We are asking for a $1 donation per a Lego brick. Just $1. Just about everyone can scrape together a dollar, in the car ashtray, in the couch cushions, bottom of your purse, in the junk drawer. You can donate here to our FSP and it's also tax deductible. Can you spare just a dollar to buy a brick for and help us build a home for Olga? We will take pictures of it through out the process and will be adding a page to her scrapbook with a picture of the finished house and a list of names of everyone who helped build her home. This home will set on her dresser in her room. Just donate, then leave a message with your name, how many bricks you bought, and your blog address if you have one.

So how many bricks will you buy today?

I have a sweet friend who has the biggest heart in the world. Her name is Renee Tam. Renee is working on raising the funds to bring her daughter Paisley home, and she is also working to help raise funds for another sweet lady Vashti. Renee has been such an encouragement to me and my family, she has helped me through some hard times with this adoption. I want to be a blessing to her as well. So for every $5 donated to Building a Home for Olga, we will donate $2 to Renee's fund. So when you buy a brick for Olga's home you are actually helping 2 orphans to come home and have a chance to grow just like Max, Ivanna, and Sophie.

Please, Please, Please blog, facebook, twitter, email about our Lego fundraiser. We truly do need your help spreading the word about it. Thank you!!

Every child deserves to feel the love of a family!

Hugs & Prayers


Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's Hard To Be Sad

Ever notice how your little ones or big ones with Down syndrome just have a way of making you smile. Even on the toughest most miserable days Miss Em will give me that silly sideways glance, that look she has that says, "I'm about to be up to something". I just melt when she does that.

Sometimes when I come home from driving everyone , everywhere, through hideous traffic, Miss Em will greet me with a clear and sweet, "hi",accompanied with the biggest smile she can muster. How can I not relax and feel the tension just drain from my body after a greeting like that.


When I was still pregnant with Em, I remember wondering why God would do this to me. Why would He give me a child with Down syndrome. I remember being so flippin mad at Him. Wasn't my life hard enough, didn't we have enough problems! We needed help from him and this was how He answered us. I even had my closed fist raised to heaven, demanding an explanation. I crumbled to the floor out of complete exhaustion and wept like I never wept before. A sorrowful, mournful cry. I'll never forget it.

I can't even go back to that moment without crying. it's still so vivid.

Peter came and picked me up off the floor, and I remember telling him, God is going to hate me now, for speaking to Him like that. I'm going to hell for sure. I was completely irrational. Looking back now I probably had a complete breakdown.

For the rest of my pregnancy I had good days and bad days. I heard God whisper to me that it would be okay, and then there also were times of silence. Days when I felt all alone.

Then Em was born and there was joy like I had never known and honestly never expected.

I'm no longer wondering how or why God did this to me, why God gave me this child with Down syndrome. I know! I know it's because I had enough problems in my life, my life was hard enough, and we asked Him for help. Out of despair I had demanded an explanation from God, and out of love He gave me one. Emilia Faith.

The days since Em's birth have been paved with difficulties, stress, and unsureness. But it's hard to be sad for long when this Angel is hugging you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Pics

it's blurry but I still love it

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Must Wish Signe Happy Birthday!!!! HURRY

OK, I just stole and entire post including, blinking Happy Birthday sign. I took Christie's post because I'm strapped for time, should be picking my kids up from school right now. Please read and follow instructions! You can earn money for Alexander, with no effort at all!! The following is Christie's post!!

Birthday Wishes for Signe to Bring Alexander HOME!!!

Can I just tell you all about my friend Signe? Well, her name rhymes with you know how to say her name.

She has a little girl, Miss LoLo, born with Down syndrome. She has a brood of boys, Gaven (her sweet angel boy in heaven), Gabe, Davrin, and Nolan. And her oldest child, Ada--who was also born with special needs and is the BEST!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Signe, LoLo and Ada nearly one year ago (my word, has it been that long???) At another little girl's 1st birthday party. I did not know this family and they totally let me crash their baby girl's 1st birthday party just so I could meet Signe, in person, finally after about two years of growing our on-line friendship.

Joseph is gonna marry LoLo someday (at least that is what I like think). Of course, Will and his mommy (who has the SAME name as me by the way) has another plan.

Anyhow, back to Signe and the reason for this post. Signe is having a birthday today. Not only is she having a birthday today, but if you go to this page on Facebook CLICK HERE FOR SIGNE
you can wish her a happy birthday AND she will donate $.21 for every birthday wish left between Midnight May 10th and 11:30 p.m. that evening to Alexander's adoption fund!!!!

So come on, join in the fun and wish my dear, sweet, friend and sister a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It will make her smile and help her to bless us too.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day/ Thankful Sunday

Sometimes short and sweet is perfect. on Mothers Day and every day I am thankful for my wonders!

And for all the Mothers who I start my day with, who inspire me , and keep me going, I am thankful for you all. Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

It takes Two to talk

For the last four weeks I've been attending a workshop called It Takes two to Talk. Based on the Hanen Program. It teaches simple strategies to get your little one talking. The best part about it, is that it doesn't put any pressure on actually making the child talk. No constant pounding of sounds or words, no holding back something desired by the child until they "speak". It has been so educational and fun!
We were offered the program through our early intervention and I advise anyone who can get into one to do it.

It deals with children of all ages and delays and covers specifics for each. So whether your child is only a "discoverer", meaning no words yet or a "combiner", meaning putting more words together there is a specific method to help enhance their speech.

You will learn simple techniques to use while playing with your child to prompt them to speak. And with this program a look, eye contact, a laugh, all count as communication.

I really cannot say enough about it.

Here's the link to read more about it

I am so glad we were able to participate in this program while we were still in EI and before Em went to school. I really think it's going to help her. But if you have older children it's still beneficial to all ages so check it out!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Child, A Woman, A Miracle

We all have heard the expression, God works in mysterious ways. This post is about , to put it plainly a beautiful miracle, involving a child and a woman. The child lives far away across an ocean in a part of the world few if any of us have ever visited. The woman a U.S citizen, mother, wife. Two people worlds apart.
Yet God saw fit that these two lives should somehow touch each other. They touched each other without ever laying eyes on the other, without ever saying a word, without ever being in the same country. No touch was exchanged, no hug, not even a smile(well maybe on very sweet Cheshire smile).

You see this is the child,

Miss Brigita

And what she has done is reach into the heart of a woman and ignite a passion that was hidden. She has taken a lukewarm soul and brought it to a full boil!

There are four woman in this world who I have dubbed Brigita's first Mama's. We are scattered everywhere but somehow we all met up and became friends via the Internet. We all love Brigita with a mama's heart and will do anything to get her home. All of us would love to be her Mama, but for various reasons we cannot. So instead we band together and advocate, post, have giveaways, FB events, and pray for her mama to find her.

This post is about one of Brigita's "mama's."

I thought it was one of the most honest and beautiful posts I've ever read, and a beautiful way God used a child so far away to touch a heart.The following are pieces from a post she recently wrote.

"This is the little girl(Brigita) I can't get out of my head. One little face that propelled me, a secret dabbler in the faith of our fathers, to pray my first novenas (all the way to the end, that is...) and beg God for the faith of a mustard seed. She spurred me out of my lukewarmness, to get to the sacraments regularly, to read the works of the great saints, and to say the scary Holy Spirit prayer that requires you to PROMISE to "submit to all that you desire of me, and accept all that you permit to happen to me." I'm in over my head. And I don't want to blog. "

"Others have been trying their best to help her. I've been sitting by watching them do the brave thing in what seems like a futile effort, telling myself lies about how I'll sit down and write something just as soon as I get that next load of laundry done, just as soon as I change this diaper, just as soon as... No. Enough. This is not helping Brigita."

It seemed like God was giving me the green light at first. This being the first Lent in nearly two decades where I didn't qualify for the "pregnant or nursing mother" exemption, I had to, horrors, give up meat on Fridays, and do a bit of fasting. I'm not gonna lie - it was easy. Also, giving up coffee (something I had previously regarded as impossible) was easy. My newfound confidence suggested a brazen plan.

" Thoughts of coffee (and cookies and donuts and...) crowded out all that profound stuff I had been exposing myself to. Now, I'm not bright enough to know whether this was a ruse of the devil, or whether God wanted me to know my utter dependency. What I do know is that this Lent stuff is real. Christianity is real. Woe be to me, I'm thinking, if I just set this all aside."

To read the post in it's entirety, click here.

God can move mountains, He can make the impossible , possible. Please read the rest of this post. And believe in miracles.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thankul Sunday

SUN!!! And lots of it!!! It's amazing what a little sun can do for you. Today , the sun is shining and there are blues skies above.

Opening Day!!!

Thanklful that Andrew got a hit yesterday and it didn't rain.

And so thankful to some generous friends who got us tickets to the Paw Sox game. It was a great treat! Thank you guys!! We had a super time!

And the seats we were sitting in just happen to be prime for catching foul balls. And guess what ! Miss Bella got one! note to any Paw Sox fans, if you see her coming get out of the way!! This girl means business! All bets are off when she's on the run for a ball! And my apologies to anyone who left the game limping!

And so thankful Andrew watched fireworks for the first time in many years last night. After the game the rest of the family went onto the field for fireworks while Andrew and I made a bee line for the car. he has very sensitive ears and fireworks send him in to a frenzy. It's gets really ugly. So we went to the car and put in ear plugs and rolled the windows up "tight" and I prayed!

Here is the result... no less than a miracle. Pause the music so you can here Andrew.

And today we are celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. One of the most beautiful days our faith celebrates.

Everyone have a beautiful sunny Sunday!!