Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had such a nice night. The temp was around 70degrees. That's crazy! We spent the night with Em's Godparents and their beautiful children. Emmie had a blast! She really had a good time watching everyone run around. It was really windy, and she loved it. It was a nice break from the last week. Andrew had fun but got really tired. I'm not sure if I'll send him to school on Monday. No way am I rushing him back just to have him sick again.

Group shot. I've got a clown, an Evil Fairy( she doesn't look too evil with that smile), a skeleton, the color green and a pumpkin.

Funny faced pumpkin

Miss Bella as a clown! I think she looks awesome!

That's my Sophia the Evil Fairy with the black wings.

This cool dude is another "cousin", he was dressed as an IRS agent. I handed him my glass of wine so I could take a picture of the baby, but he got the shot, looks a little like Bond...James Bond.

I thought (only for a second) that this guy was a really small kid standing there. Too funny!

The pumpkin and the little bear.

Friday, October 30, 2009

In Under The Wire

OK, it's 10:oo pm on the 30th, I'm so not blowing my 31 for 21 now! With two hours to spare I finally booted Peter off the computer. The kids are recovering. My Andrew will hopefully be able to go trick or treating tomorrow. Little Miss Em missed her Early Intervention Halloween Party today, but she doesn't really care. I'm more disappointed than she is.
Tonight I took the healthy ones, Bella Sophia and Olivia, to our school Harvest Festival. Of course the camera stayed home so no great pictures. Peter stayed home with Emmie and Andrew.

I wish I had something wonderful to post about today but honesty I'm exhausted. It's been along week, and a long night. Like I said the other day, my 31 for 21 has turned into , A Day In The Life... Which I guess could be of some support to someone just entering this wonderful world. Maybe reading about my somewhat uneventful life is encouraging to someone. Maybe you're reading this and you are nervous about what life with Ds is going to be like.You might even be thinking that our lives sound pretty similar. Imagine that! You could even say, We're more alike than different. That goes for the children with Ds and also the families. We are all the same.

These little sweets will come into your lives and into your hearts in a way you can never imagine.
Just take them into your arms and let them work their magic on you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Better

What a difference a day makes, yesterday his fever spiked to 104.7, today his room is a mess and the trains are all out. This is a beautiful sight.

Just came home from the doctors. Looks like everyone is one the mend. If Andrew stays fever free he can go back to school on Monday, same for Olivia. Emilia is better too. Not 100% yet , but much better. So far Sophia and Bella are good. Again, thanks for all the prayers.

This stinkin flu kind of got me off my 31 for 21 posting a bit, but I still got one in every day. No great words of wisdom, but more like ... a day in the life of... So I guess if anyone is out there wondering what life is like with a baby who has Ds, it's not that much different than other families. Emilia gets a lot of attention, but the others are not neglected. Andrew was my main concern this week. I guess what I'm trying to say is Emilia doesn't take away any of my love and attention for my other children. That was one of my worries. I didn't want my other children to resent Emilia because she might need me more at times. Actually, it's been just the opposite, she brings everyone closer, there is no jealousy. The kids just get it, they did from the minute they saw her in the hospital. They still fight like cats and dogs with each other, but that's another story. When it comes to Emmie, it's all good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Confirmed Pneumonia

I've been on the phone with Peter from the doctors all morning. Yes my little man does have pneumonia, yes I'm freaked out. The medicine they want to give him contains Amoxocillan,(spelling?) we normally keep the kids off that because Olivia had a bad allergic reaction to it. It was just as easy to find an alternative. Well,, I spoke to the doctor this morning and the alternative does not work as well. What the heck do I do. Give him something that there is a family history of an allergic reaction to or something that may not work. If he gets worse he'll end up in the hospital.
After talking with the doctor he, myself and Peter decided it was worth taking the risk with the better drug. If we do see anything out of the ordinary we can just stop and switch.
I'm so worried about him. My mind is thinking about every worse case scenario possible. When in reality he will most likely take his medicine and be fine. My mind doesn't go that way. It takes the nightmare route.
Please say a prayer for my brave little man, thanks.

Not Good

Andrew is really sick. Just about stopped my heart last night. His fever was high and he was having trouble breathing, hallucinations the whole nine yards. We took him to the local ER. I really didn't want to go to the hospital with him. It's wall to wall flu there, plus we would probably still be waiting to be seen.. Well, my little man tested positive for Influenza A. The doctor said they are treating flu A as the H1N1 because it's not flu season yet and there is no specific test for that stinkin' pig flu.

Thanks to a great doctor and a wheeze that Andrew had he qualified for Tamiflu. He said they are under strict orders not to hand it out to just "anyone". Believe me I was just about to use my wild card(Emmie). I'm not taking any chances of her getting sick again. speaking of Em she just woke up, and doesn't sound all too great.
Please keep my kiddos in your prayers. Andrew has to go back for an ex-ray this morning to check to see if he has pneumonia.

Olivia is much better, thanks for your prayers. So far Sophia and Bella are good.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And Then There Was One

This was Emmie last night, feeling much more like herself. I owe it all to the prayers you all said for her. Last night , or rather early this morning Andrew was hit and Sophia looks like she might be next. I'm keeping her home from school just in case. No need for a phone call telling me to come and pick her up.So the only one standing is Bella, my little hypochondriac. Funny, the one who thinks she's always sick is the only healthy one. She washes her hands the most, and won't get within ten feet of anyone sick.
Olivia is getting better too. Still has a fever, but got up for awhile last night. I'm just grateful it's not the flu.
Well, got to fly and take my one healthy kid to school.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Emmie Update

Sleeping peacefully after the doctors

Thanks for all the prayers for Em. We just got back from the doctors. She most likely just has a virus, no flu. Thank God. But man, it was wall to wall flu when I got there. I wish they had warned me, I would never have taken her in. Everyone in a mask. They gave me one for Em. I could have used it for a diaper it was so big. Not for nothing but it is a pediatricians office you would think they would have at least child size masks. So I just covered her car seat with her blanket and prayed. He wants us to go back on Thursday to recheck her ears, they were too waxy for him to see if she has an ear infection. I have drops to use for 3 days, but her ears are so small, they can't help but be waxy. Anyway, she didn't get any of her shots today because of the fever, so one more trip is in order for Miss Em.
Meanwhile Olivia woke up with a fever, chills and body aches. She seems to be doing well with sleep and fever med. Lets pray its the same as Emmie

My Party Pooper

Just when you breathe a sigh of relief, pour yourself a glass of wine, and pat yourself on the back(that would be my back) and say , YIPEE, everything is done and ready for the Princesses party... the Princess wakes up from her nap with a fever. NOT TODAY!
Yes, the sweet was sick for her party. She wasn't even interested in her cake. She ran a fever on and off all day. She did rally for a while and played with some of her sweet friends, but was not herself at all. She was up and down all night. Thankfully she just happens to have her one year check up today. So she will see her Doctor. That will make me feel better.

But , I am still extremely thankful and surprisingly not disappointed in how the day went. Yes, it was very different then the party I planned, but we were still surrounded by our friends all day, Emilia got so many beautiful gifts (I'll show them to her when she feels better) and the most important thing of all, Emilia is healthy, she's not fighting for her life. She is not in the hospital.
Things could be a lot different, and I will always remember that.
She just woke up, so I have to go. if you have a chance today please would you say a prayer that it is nothing more than a run of the mill virus Miss Em has. With everything out there my mind does wander to other things that it could be. Thanks!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thankful Sunday, My 100th Post!!

Well it's Sunday. Someone must have said a prayer because yesterday went very smoothly. Thanks. Everything is almost ready. Just have to clean up a little. The weather is beautiful, the sun is shining, and it should be in the 60's today. Perfect!
And it's my 100th post, so just like on TV, when a show hits it's 100th episode they have a party, we are too! Now there is no way I could have planned this if I tried. Just worked out that way.

Today I am Thankful for.

Emilia's party. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

I'm thankful for the picture above. I didn't take it. I found it in the camera this morning. Emmie's going to do just fine, she can already pin her big brother down!

I'm thankful we have two cars because I am sure one is about to die.

I'm thankful Sophia is well. She gave me a little scare last night. Looked like a zombie and it's not Halloween yet. Just over tired.

I'm thankful for my little sun room. It's the perfect place to just sit and pray, or think. It's our holiday room. We decorate in there and that's where the Christmas tree goes. It's the perfect place to watch the snow fall or the birds eat. As you can see Emilia has moved in too. We have heat in there so it's nice and warm for Em to play. It's my favorite place in the house.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday, see you on Monday with pics from the party.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Day!!!!!!

OK, today I leave you with a cute picture of the birthday girl. Getting ready for her party tomorrow, so today is crazy. I put the impossible upon my shoulders and hope for the best. There is no way everything I want done will be done by tomorrow. Wish me luck! I pray to be quick and efficient, and to be given the gift of multi- tasking. Amen!
And , SUN.... I really need sun tomorrow!
I love this little monkey so much!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Let Her Eat Cake!

We had a cake for Emmie last night, right around bedtime! Thursday's are the worst day of the week. But a girl just has to have a bite of cake on her very first birthday. So yes it was a late night , but worth it.

She knew just what to do. The video of this is hilarious, I will have to post it another day. Her big party is on Sunday. And thanks to some very good advice from her friend Princess Saira, Emmie is going to know just what to do.

Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emilia Faith Is One!

This most anticipated day is here! I woke a little earlier than usual to have some quiet time to myself to write this post. For days I've been thinking about what to write, how to get the millions of thoughts in my head down into a post. It's not possible. Not for me anyway. Yesterday I traveled back 365 days ( I was admitted the day before she was born) to when I was in the hospital, being induced. It's weird how at any given moment I could look at the clock and remember what was happening. From that day on she has ruled our hearts.
My Sweetest Emilia, you shook up this family, you opened our hearts and changed our minds. You have taught us so much in just a year. We smile every day just because you are here. We have laughed harder than ever before because of you.
I have been moved to tears and overwhelmed by just holding you in my arms. You are everything I wanted, I just didn't realize it, and I thank God everyday for knowing better. You are far more than I deserve and I am honored to be your mama. I promise to do my best and to always be your voice. To always guide you in the right direction, to give you room to grow.
I will be there to praise your accomplishments and when things are more difficult I will be there to praise and support you even more. I will never put limitations on you. You have already taught me that limits are meant to be surpassed. I put limits on what I thought I could handle as a parent, and you, my sweet, have ever so gently pushed me over them. Thank you, because you have led me and our whole family to a most wonderful place. A place I would never have know existed if it weren't for you.
Thank you Emilia Faith for all you have given to us in this year. My prayers for you are simple, stay healthy, stay happy. Before you were born I would pray to God, I wasn't sure how to pray for you, I wasn't sure about much, but I would ask God to "Take care of her on the inside and I'll take care of the outside. That is still my prayer.
What you have given to us I cannot find the words to explain or express. You are everything to us. In Olivia's words "you are the sun". You shine a light on us that lets us see things in a different way. In the way God intended. You are a piece of heaven for us to hold and to love. You are the air we breathe, and the reason to have hope in all things and faith in God above.
Happy First Birthday my sweet Emilia, we love you MORE!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sophia's Gift

Sophia, my ten year old read a book in school and after reading this book the teacher gave them an assignment to write about someone or something that they thought was beautiful. Sophia chose Emilia.
Here is what this extraordinary girl of mine wrote.
Someone Beautiful
The one thing that makes me happy is my baby sister, well obviously all the rest of my family, but mostly my almost one year old little sister. Her birthday is this Thursday. She makes me smile and laugh every day. Emilia Faith the most beautiful name ever. She likes it when I hide my mouth with my hands and then quickly show my mouth and stick out my tongue. I also love when she laughs when I do something to her. I love her little red nose when she laughs out loud at me. She makes my heart feel warm inside and all happy. But the one thing that I can't believe is that she'll be one on the 22nd of October.
If anyone has doubts that DS will bring joy to you and your family, well, here you have proof. From the heart of a ten year old, who could have chosen anything that made her happy. She chose her little sister,who just happens to have Ds. Notice Sophia never mentioned that in her paragraph. It wasn't necessary, it doesn't define Emmie.
I thought this would be a beautiful gift for Emilia. Her first birthday gift. Thanks, Sophia. I Love You!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Got Nothing ! Or Do I?

Well, as you can see from my title I thought I was stumped , stuck for a post on day twenty. I sat at the computer and... "Nothin in the noggin"! I am very determined to post every day. The reason for myblog , as I have said in the past, is to help. Help anyone who is scared, doubtful, confused,or just plain freaked out about a recent discovery that Ds is now a part of their lives. Granted I have only been in this world for a year but, I believe I can still lend a helping hand and hopefully some words of encouragement. Or as in the case today some pictures of encouragement. The pure simple beauty of the love Emilia gets and the amazing love that she gives! Nothing posed or prompted. Just happy faces. Happy because of Emilia. Better because of Emilia. Completely in love with Emilia!

Yes, she is in the doll's carriage.
This handsome little man is Emilia's Godmother's son. Emilia's "cousin".
helping blow out the candles at Olivia's birthday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Six Months In Blogland!

Wow, who new! I just noticed as I was about to post that I am approaching my 100th post. I've been up and running for six months. Time sure is flying!
I wish I had something exciting to write about today, but the fact is... it's Monday, YUCK. Another week begins. This one does promise to be challenging though. Thursday is Emilia's first birthday, and the party is on Sunday. Lots to do before then. If I think about it I will stress too much so I'm just going to write my to- do list and start plucking away at it. We do have a nice day today and warmer weather on the way, hopefully Sunday will be nice. My plan is for the kids, and there will be a lot of them, to go outside.

Oh, I just remembered something. Denise, gave me the idea and Tausha the solution. I need a Christmas card list. Well, I have the list... all of you! I just need your addresses. I would love to send all my blogland friends a card. Could you please e- mail me your addresses and full name? Thanks, I think it will be fun to send cards to you all, you've become my extended family, I would be lost without you!
And now the picture of Little Miss Christmas makes sense! That was taken last year.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thankful Sunday

Here we are, it's Sunday again. Goodness the weeks are just flying by. Before you know it , it will be Christmas.

Today I am thankful for those pretty mums you see above. I love mums, I go crazy when they come in the shops in the Fall. I love to decorate with them and then plant them to enjoy next year. This year I just bought one, remember we are in Survival Mode, a mum is not necessary. But the other day I went to the store and these two little cuties were marked down to fifty cents. Yeah! OK, little things like this make me happy.

I'm also thankful for those "little things", I take them as gifts from God. Reminders that he is not far behind. Here's one of those little things I'm talking about.( The mums of course, whoever saw a mum for fifty cents?) And the other day I had to go to the drug store(CVS) for something. Olivia and Sophia wanted a candy bar. I hate saying no to simple things like that. Well I reached into my bag and pulled out two coupons( that I had been tearing the house apart looking for, but gave them up for lost.)One for fifty cents and one for a dollar. They are called extra bucks so you use them like money. Yeah again, the girls got candy bars!

I'm also thankful that the picture of the rain you see below is not snow. I love snow but this rain has been with us for days. If it were just a little colder we would be buried by now.

I am so thankful and excited that Aniela, my step- daughter called the other day to tell us she booked a flight home for Christmas!!!! We'll all be together. That's the best gift of all!

I'm thankful that the painting that has been put off for a year is finally getting done, just in time for Emilia's first birthday.

And finally, I'm thankful that I can call this special person friend, Heather. Heather and her daughter Jess are running a marathon today, The Nike Womens Marathon, hopefully some day cancer and the nightmares it brings with it will be a thing of the past. It is possible, I do believe that. Most of you know Heather and her beautiful family. Drop a prayer for her and Jess today that they run swiftly and safely. And if you don't know her, stop by and see her, meet her motivation, she is a Princess named Zoey

Every one have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Gimme Pie!

This crazy little girl makes me laugh so hard.She loves her pie! Had to drag in my Hubby to help me post a video of this. This is something she used to do months ago but then she stopped. She has started again, but only when she's in her highchair. The more I laugh the more she does it. She just knows she is doing something cute.