Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Is Good...I was tagged!

Becca from The Bates Motel and, mom to the gorgeous Miss Sammi, tagged me. Probably just what I needed right now,because Life is good! Circumstances and some situations in life are not always good , but life itself is!

These questions were not that easy to answer. I really had to put my thinking cap on.

1.If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing it that way; if you are not anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be anonymous now?

No I do not blog as Anon. I never have.  I am glad I didn't start out blogging as Anon, because when I started blogging I was looking for support.
I found it a comfort that people new my name and who I was. I don't have anything against people who do blog anonymously, it 's there choice.  It's what ever you feel comfortable with.

2. Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side.

There are many!!!  One that is apparent to most who know me is my need  to have the last word. Whether it be a good one or a not so good one, it's mine! I have been known to drag out discussions to a physically exhausting length, just to get the last grunt. 

3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?

Now these questions are getting pretty deep. Well I see someone who had to find her voice. With the birth of Em I became an instant advocate, no longer allowed to sit silently. I also see my youth, but I see that I am living the happiest days of my life.

4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?

I wish I had some interesting concoction to name here but it's, just a plain old iced tea. Actually, Lipton diet ice tea. 

5. Is there something you still want to accomplish in your life? What is it? 

I think if I were to answer no to this question I wouldn't be living life, I would just be existing. Life should be full of accomplishments waiting to be accomplished. I have a list, and it's pretty long. My most heart felt one is adoption.  We would love to adopt.

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the class shy person, or always ditching school?

OK I'm flying past this one , I was a wild and reckless youth, I was always ditching! Enough said!

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what do you see?

It would be the moment I just couldn't turn a deaf ear to Jesus any more. He had been tugging at me for quite some time to come back to Him. During my teen and young adult years I put Jesus and the Church into the background, way in the back. I thought I knew better. HA! But that nagging to come back would not go away.Good thing Jesus is so persistent.

9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people or events?

Surprisingly I don't have a hard time writing about myself. I want my blog to be a place where people can relate to what I'm writing about. If I'm not sharing some personal stuff I feel my blog wouldn't be what I intended it to be.

10. If you had the choice to sit and read or talk on the phone, which would you do and why?

This is an easy one. Give me a book and some quiet time any day of the week.  

OK, now I'm supposed to tag some unsuspecting reader. if you've already been tagged sorry, if not lets hear your answers. 

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Official!

I am now a member of the DSSRI Board of Directors! I've been bursting to tell this news since July but I had to wait to see if it all really would happen.

I filled out an application back in March, with little or no hope. And honestly I was OK with that. Whatever happened , happened.  Being on the Board wasn't something I was looking to do, the opportunity just sort of fell into my lap. 

I got the official word that I was elected onto the board in July, and the first meeting would be August 23rd. Now, I was getting excited!!

Well this is where it kind of gets silly. Guess where I was on August 23rd at 7:00pm? I was at the mall school shopping and having a grand ol' time with the family!!!!
Totally blew off the first meeting and made a "great" first impression!  I didn't realize it until the next day when I received an email from the coordinator thanking everyone present at the meeting for coming. I sat there reading that email in shock. I looked on my calendar and I had marked off the wrong date. I was all set to go to the meeting on the 27th
I got that sick feeling like when you were in school and you knew you were caught in the wrong and there was no way out. I sent an email apologizing and expected to be asked to step down before I even got a chance to step in. 
But low and behold all was forgiven and I promised to make it to the next meeting on the correct night! Which was last night. I was so nervous, I was on the verge of making myself sick. All I kept thinking was everyone would be thinking , "oh here's the gal that blew us off last month". 

Let me just say that yet again I worked myself into a nervous tither for no reason. Everyone was very kind and welcoming.  I think I'm really going to enjoy this!

My first "assignment ", our Buddy Walk on Sunday!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Apples, Apples Everywhere...

But mostly in our mouths! Yum! I lost count of how many Miss Em had.

I can't eat another apple... but they're so good!
Emmie did lots of walking

lots of cuteness
I know I just had an apple on my hands, where did it go?
And lots of fun!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Now that school and the craziness has started again the weeks are going by even faster. The kids have been in school for almost a month already. Wasn't I just sitting here posting that it was almost the first day of school?

Once October hits time will go by even faster. There are lots of activities in October, and then dare I say the holidays will be upon us. 

I have something very amazing to be thankful for this week, but you have to go read it for yourselves. I've left links to this blog before . Linny is simply amazing. She organized a day of prayer and fasting, not just for herself,  she opened it up to every one's requests. Take a moment to read some of the requests, and I'm sure you will be feeling thankful. 
Then read here how prayers were answered.

I can't wait until she does this again.

I'm thankful for the birthday present Sophia made for me, a slide show of all our photos. It's just beautiful.

And I'm thankful that yesterday while I was out, Miss Sophia took it upon herself to clean the house. something I didn't feel like doing at all yesterday. What  a great feeling it was to walk in and see a clean and organized home!

And we are all thankful for this costume! Miss E's Godmother Melinda bought it for her. 

There will definitely be more pictures of Miss E in  this costume through the month of October!

Blessings to you all this Sunday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

True Friends

Don't worry Butsey, even though there's another cat hanging around you'll always be my favorite... Love Em

Miss Em adores our cat.She follows him everywhere. She sits and just stares at him. She is learning to "do nice". We are really working hard in this area! Sometimes she tries to rearrange parts of his body, like his tail, or ears, and he tolerates it all. He is the kindest and most patient beast I've ever seen. And when she digs into his Turkey and Giblet pate, he is more than willing to share. He's been through all six kids and has NEVER raised a paw to any of them. We all love you Butsey!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet My New Friend

Isn't he cute! He showed up in our yard last night and was still here this morning. We gave him breakfast and he's been snoozing all afternoon. I guess we will put some flyers up. He's very well taken care of and extremely friendly. Someone must be missing him. Of course if no one claims the little man, guess what! Yeah, we'll keep him.

I don't know how our current cat of the house is going to feel about that!  He's been the king for a loooong time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

To The Park

Well with temps in the high seventies what else could we do but have a picnic in the park.  First , a little fun at the playground.  

Down the slide all by herself. OK it's only about an eighteen inch slide, but she did it!

a mirror , how convenient!

A stroll down Candy Land road

Testing out the dirt, her favorite! I picked a pretty purple flower to go with her shirt.

And making a few important calls.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me Time Tuesday

I almost forgot it was Tuesday!!

Ok, so this week was an easy one. My birthday!!! I had twenty- four hours of "me time"!! Believe me I used it to it's fullest. I didn't even change a stinky diaper!
Woo Hoo!!!! And there were a couple that day too. haha!

Plus I've been purposely and randomly just taking a few minutes to go out on my deck and just breathe for a moment, look at the flowers or just feel the sun on my face. Don't laugh, it really helps. Let's face it, everyday is not going to allow for an elaborate "me time", but it's all about the quality not the quantity.

A few minutes in the sun, another in quiet prayer, it all adds up and it all improves the quality of my day. I swear my patience has improved. I'm staying organized and I'm not rushing around all day long, running in circles.

The Little Dumpling helping with the laundry so I can have some more "me time" yeah right,hehe.

I am loving all your comments every week!!! Thanks

Now link up!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Really Thankful

First let me start off by thanking everyone for the birthday wishes for Olivia and me!!! We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday we took Olivia and some friends skating. My joy was watching her and her friends laugh and have fun.

Sunday I was served breakfast in bed by Chef Sophia, Miss Bella made me a Happy Birthday necklace, Olivia made me a card that read beautifully, Andrew's card had smiling hearts all over it, Aniela's card and gift arrived on Saturday and made me miss her even more! And Miss Em was just her lovely self.

After church we headed to the mall, my children's birthday wish.... for me?

On the way home we stopped and bought a HUGE chocolate cake, and ate it without any guilt.

It was a perfect weekend, and that is what I'm thankful for this week!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Now, It Is My Wife's Turn!

Happy Birthday Stefcia!
I want you to know that I love you very much, and I appreciate You and what you do a day in and day out for us. You are a brave woman to come on this crazy ride called "life" with me.
I love you Sempre.
Your husband

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Olivia Anne...

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.
Hodding Carter

Thirteen years ago you entered this world, thus
beginning Mommy and Dads journey together as parents. You were a pink eight pound bundle. I still can't believe you're thirteen today!

We have gone through a lot in the last thirteen years, lots of laughs and memories, trips, special nights, lots and lots of ballet! Some tough times too. But that is all to be expected. The good and the bad all rolled together is called life. Sometimes you just gotta tuck and roll, just like we tell Emmie, when she topples off the couch! I wish everyday would be perfect for you, but it's not. Life's not perfect for anyone, no matter what they tell you. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Liv, your growing up beautifully, quickly but beautifully.

Remember to enjoy where you are right now, because you'll never be in this exact moment again.

Find something beautiful in every day, and remember it .

Be good a good friend to those that need one.

Never take anything or anyone for granted.

Love Jesus and your family, and always stay close to both.

Laugh loud and often!

Stay confident. You are an incredible person.

Remember that no matter how old you get, you'll always be my little girl.

And just always know how much we all love you!!!

but... I love you more

Enjoy thirteen, and everything this year will bring you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If Heaven Is Perfect

When I look at Emilia my heart swells. She flutters around like a firefly, spreading a warmth over all she passes. She is a constant light. Her laughter is contagious. Her constant antics have us on our toes at all times. And that mischievous twinkle in her eye... well,I love it ! To me Emilia Faith is perfection.

When I was in school we were taught that heaven was a place of complete happiness. Obviously, being in the presence of God you have no choice but to be completely happy. In heaven there is no sickness, no sadness, no prejudices , no anger or jealousy. It is as Jesus said, "Paradise". It is home.

I love to think about heaven sometimes, especially when I'm missing someone who has left us. I think about how it will be when we are reunited. And of course I have a vision of what heaven looks like to me. There are beautiful gardens with flowers and colors we have never seen before. Things God saved only for heaven. Everyone is happy and full of love. Laughter, singing and praising fill the air, which is always at a comfortable 75degrees with a gentle warm breeze. I can see my loved ones happy and healthy again. They are all perfect. No more suffering with the pains they had here on earth. Any imperfections are gone. Legs work, eyes see , ears hear.

Then I think about Em. Some people look at her and see only imperfections. Where I see beauty they see ugliness. What does their heaven look like? When I think about Em being in heaven she doesn't look any different to me. She still has those fabulous blue eyes, and their perfect almond shape. She still has those adorable curved pinkies.

Some people would think I am crazy for even thinking my child go through an eternity looking like she has Down syndrome. Am I?

That's the face I love, that's the face that makes me cry with a joy I never new existed. That's the face that God molded in His hands just for her.

I'm sorry that everyone cannot see the beauty that we can in our children. I'm sorry that I didn't see it until God gave me Em.

I am overjoyed that my eyes we opened to this beauty while I was still here in this world. And my image of heaven could be made even better.

These are just my ramblings and in no way what to force my beliefs on anyone. I'm just thinking out loud here. I'm definitely not wishing Em or anyone else to go through an eternity with the difficulties that accompany Ds. Which God wouldn't allow anyway.
Who knows what heaven will actually be like. No one here can really answer that. Except to say that anything we, with our limited abilities can imagine , God will out do a million times over. We surely will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me Time Tuesday-:Homemade Pedi

OK, here it is , Tuesday again. I'm loving this!!! The secret to finding any time for yourself is being organized. Of course the gift of bi- location would really help too!

This is my week in a nutshell. Give or take.

Up early, get four kids off to school. I drive them because it's around the corner.

Clean up the house because Em usually has one of her therapies in the late morning, and on Wednesday's I volunteer for lunch duty at school.

If there is time before her therapy.
I start dinner and get snacks ready for the girls to take to ballet after school.

After therapy is time for laundry and other boring jobs around the house. Or errands out of the house.

After that, Em gets lunch and a nap.

This is when I try to to get a little me time in!!!! Which was a much needed pedi! Albeit at home but who cares! My feet were very grateful!

because after that....

The clock strikes three, and and the four little mice find there way home.

Well, we actually just slow by the house to let the boy out and keep going to ballet. It's about ten miles away. All highway, all traffic. Depending on the day I either wait it out there for a couple of hours( it's too far to come home in traffic, as soon as I got home it would be time to go back, it's just a waste of gas) or if they are there longer I do go home and whoever is there gets dinner.

After dinner I go collect the girls from ballet. Hopefully their homework has been done during their break.

During that brief home time I try to get the baby and the boy bathed and ready for bed.

In between the ballet there are a couple of days of gymnastics that just add to the driving time.

The best part is the help I get from Peter. He is usually around so I don't have to lug the baby with me.

So being organized is key!!!Last year I was not!!! And it was a tough year. So far this year is going great!!! it's all about getting the things done, that need to be done, when they need to be done. "Scarlett" just can't put things off anymore.

A huge help is cooking ahead of time. On mornings when Em doesn't have anything I make a couple of dinners . And I make sure I get everything I need for snacks and cooking at the store. I have to admit I am a scatterbrain, and writing things down helps!!

I actually had time yesterday to make an afternoon cup of coffee, and enjoy it on the deck. That never happened before!

It definitely won't happen every day with doctor appointments and other unforeseen obstacles that will throw themselves in my path, as you all know. But most days it works.

So what did you do this week???

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thankful Sunday

There is more than just a feeling of fall in the air. There are in your face signs that summer is being escorted out. Acorns are dropping like bombs in my backyard, leaves are beginning to turn, and that smell, that beautiful smell of fall is in the air.

This week has me feeling a bit melancholy, it's the last week before Olivia's thirteenth birthday.I just look at her and I am overcome with so many emotions.

Poor kid, it's tough to have a mom who gets weepy over everything.

But I'm thankful this week too!

I'm thankful my friend Melinda who is always thinking of others, she picked up this adorable dress for me, from Old Navy. Oh, and why Old Navy?? Because our Mall is OPENED!!! In case you missed my post about that. hahaha! The best part is that it fits! YAY!

Thankful, oh so very thankful our school is doing well. Enrollment is up! I don't know what I'd do without our school.

Thankful for this crazy boy! And thankful Sophia helped that tooth out! I cannot do teeth. Grosses me out! Don't even want to see it wiggle.

Thankful Miss Em is doing well in PT. We are moving her session out of the house and in to the playground! She is going to love it! We pretty much confirmed she was ready for bigger and better things when I caught her climbing the ladder to the pool. Only a parent of a child with special needs can have that overwhelming feeling of pride and fear all at once, when you see your kid just go for it. it's "Yay she can climb a ladder... OMGoodness it's the pool!" Gotta love it.

And I'm thankful Emmie's lovely nose isn't sporting anymore yucky snot. Her sinus infection hit the road. And she is back to normal! Ha! What am I saying, she's back to her crazy self! No one in this family is normal!

Have a lovely and Blessed Sunday!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vote For Andrea!

OK, just in case I'm not the only one who lives in a cave and hasn't heard, here's the news. People Magazine is having a contest. It's the Readers Choice Hero. Andrea from Reece's Rainbow is one of the contestants! There's 10K up for grabs and she needs to win it! Click here to vote!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Because she let us!

* hair created by Sophia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me Time Tuesday: Not So Easy

It's not so easy to find or make time for yourself is it? Did anyone try? Well, I did. I thought about it every day. I felt that Scarlett O' Hara syndrome, coming to the surface. I found myself saying, "tomorrow, I'm too busy today, or " Wow the days over already"
Hey, I'm new at this, there are bound to be bumps along the way. No biggie.

But I did manage to find some time for me this week.

On Sunday morning, before I posted my Thankful Sunday, before anyone was awake, before church, before everything, I bundled up (it was cool here) and took my coffee out to the deck for some quiet me time. Sitting on silence ,watching the sun rise, listening for Jesus. That's not happening to often in my house. It was lovely.

And yesterday we went down to Little Compton, RI. My favorite place in RI by far! We went there last year on Labor day too and I think this may become a tradition. Who said me time had to be spent alone? Make your own rules!
I had a blast. Here are some pics of our day.

one happy girl!
sweet feet
The place where we always stop for ice cream has some entertainment as you can see.

Last week three people participated in the Me Time Tuesday post. Thank you!!! I was really surprised because I came up with this idea until Monday, that's pretty short notice. Now that you have had a week to try it out, who up for it? Come on share your ideas, it's fun!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thankful Sunday

What a beautiful but chilly morning it is. Definitely a hint of fall in the air.

Today I am thankful for answered prayers. I've been praying for some special people and so many good things have been happening. A wonderful family is right at this moment bringing their son home! He is meeting his forever family. If you have a moment jump over and congratulate Stacy and her family. It's been a journey but God is good and all is going well.

I'm Thankful for a prayer that I received, well sort of bumped into on FB. It was posted by Andrew's teacher. WHO I LOVE!! It's in my sidebar.

I'm thankful for waking up early this morning. The alarm clock went off at 5:30 and although I didn't need to get up that early today I couldn't go back to sleep. Which is just fine because I got to watch the sun come up through the trees and the sky get bluer and bluer. it's one of those incredible mornings, I'm glad I didn't sleep through.

Thankful I got to see Andrew enjoy his day yesterday.

And thankful Miss Em is feeling better. She had a nasty sinus infection. After five days on antibiotics I am finally seeing an improvement. Poor kid, I used to get sinus infections every spring and fall. Since she was born I haven't had one. I sure didn't want to pass those on to her!

And most importantly, I am thankful that I am able to recognize Gods hand in my life. So much has been going on. I know I've mentioned in the past that our finances were not good, they still are not. But Jesus is making Himself so present in our lives, that there is comfort. Yes, I still stress over the bills, but there is a calmness that's here that wasn't before. There is a voice that is whispering, "look, look what is happening, I am with you".

I'm wishing you all a morning as beautiful as mine! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Andrew's Day

Oh Thomas we love you! That's Thomas the Tank Engine! Every year since Andrew was three we've taken him to see Thomas.

I love the look on his face. It's one of pure joy and amazement. We hemmed and hawed about going this year, because of the coast, but my whining prevailed and we went. Now I'm praying that God compensates us with the money we spent on tickets!

I just didn't want to miss seeing Andrew's joy this year. He is going to be seven in November and let's face it, he's not going to want to ride Thomas much longer.

As the girls were riding the Ferris wheel, Peter said, "it's our last time here". I felt my heart break just a little.
Well, the kids went on the rides and it was time to go. As we were walking out and I was taking it all in, for the
last time, Andrew said ," bye Thomas, see you next year! "

I just looked over at Peter and smiled.

See you next year Thomas...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fiddle Dee Dee

I was just looking through some pictures. This was taken at the Christmas tree farm. We go every year the day after Thanksgiving to get our tree. And in just 84 more days that's where we'll be!

I am just amazed at how fast time flies. I'm just as amazed that knowing this I still manage to waste time. Why do I do this? Why do I put things off? I am the Queen of putting things off for another day. I've definitely got Scarlett O'Hara syndrome. You know the line, "Oh fiddle dee dee, I can't think about that right now. I'll think about that tomorrow". I do it with everything. Even things I like to do, which doesn't really even make sense.


I've got a birthday coming up this month(another sigh, only louder than the first one), let's see if this old dog can learn a new trick before it's too late.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Em's Heart...

Besides being big and full of love, it is also very healthy. Thank you , God! She had her cardiology appointment today. Em was born with a complete right bundle blockage, and a very small hole. There is no treatment for either and no procedures were ever done on the hole. Like I said it's tiny. She has to go back in one year for another echo and ekg, if it's all the same then she gets bumped up to two years!

This is even better news than the mall re-opening!

I know this pales in comparison to the real heart conditions I read about all to often in blogland but I still get a little nervous when she is due to see the doctor. I'm just relieved the hole is the same... which is minute and it's not causing any problems. The RBB will always be there and most likely not ever be an issue.

We are very blessed with Miss Em's health and do not for one second take any of it for granted.

Just A Little Fluff

Okay most of the time I try to keep my blog about things that are important, or at least interesting to others. But I just gotta share my excitement about the MALL opening back up. Since that flood back in March it's been closed.
In all honesty I don't know which was a bigger inconvenience in my life, the mall being closed or my lower level being destroyed along with our bedrooms. It's a really close call.

I'm also glad to report I now have walls in my bedroom!!!!! something I haven't seen in months!
We are almost back to normal!

One thing I don't have is a bed. SIGH
I never thought to check it since it didn't get wet, but just being down there did. Mold!
But I have an air mattress for now. I'm sure God will help provide a bed, eventually.