Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This is it! Do or die.  There are 168 children who have yet to make their goal of $1000.00 

Unfortunately we're dealing with Cinderella Syndrome and we only have til midnight tonight to work a miracle. 

You want a New Years Resolution, how about loving the orphan. Shout for a child until someone hears you!!

Today is a perfect day to let go of anything that has been holding you back. Come join us at Reece's Rainbow and pick a child to advocate for. 

You want a rush????  There is no better adrenaline rush than hanging out with all us crazy warriors as we get child after child over to $1000!!!  We are insanely welcoming!!! We love you immediately! 

You will laugh , cry , scream, and if you're like me possibly swear a little. But it's all for the good of the kids! ;)

You get to stay in your own environment, even in your pj's if you want. No limit on alcohol, it's a BYOB party SHHH  Don't tell them I said that. I have a feeling I'm the rebel of the bunch.

We need people on Twitter!!! It's very effective. And FB of course! Wherever you can go whatever you can do! Get your family involved! Friends! Anything goes today!!!!!

Here are just a few of 168 that need YOU, TODAY!!!

Please join us!!! We're a great bunch and what a beautiful way to start the New Year.. by bringing HOPE to a child with none and putting that child in the light where they belong for all to see! The ultimate goal for all these children is a home! No one will adopt them if they don't know they exist!! That's our job!









Monday, December 30, 2013

Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree . The Final Count Down

 I said I wouldn't get too involved again, after losing my Carina to that stupid ban on adoptions that Putin put into place a year ago.  I swore I could not live through another heartache like that. I threw in the towel as an advocate for orphans... 

So, what the heck am I doing here?  Advocating still? 

Up late at night, shouting, praying, yelling and,spewing a few colorful words (mumbled under my breath) ? 

Yup that sounds like my way of advocating.. 

I'm advocating for Gracelynn. By now I'm sure you've seen her beautiful face, a few times. 

My goal for Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is $1000.00.

I'm short. And I need your help. 

The uncomfortable part of advocating is actually asking for help.  But I need a little right now. 

Gracelynn is so close to $1000! Please help move her to the final level!  $5 at this point is a huge boost!  You can donate here. But you can also help by sharing on FB and twitter. It sounds too easy to be of any help,  but it really does work. sharing is pertinent to raising the needed funds! 


I've exhausted all my efforts. The Auctions, the games, the craft fairs, and now I guess, I 'm begging. I want my girl to make it and I want her HOME!!! You see I still carry a lot of guilt around with me about Carina. I feel I failed her. I advocated for her for two years and I couldn't get her out in time. Now she is stuck in Russia.  I can do nothing to help her. I can't let that happen again. Gracelynn is 11 years old. ELEVEN!!! Her time is running out and my time to help her is too.

Please whatever you can do, God will so bless you and I will be beyond grateful. 

Last night I stayed up until 1am with some other amazing Warriors screaming for the final  11 kids who were closest to jumping  to the $500 level. RR was given a challenge to get one half of the kids over to the next level, and a generous donor would take care of the other half. We stayed up til the job was done. We did it! Today my shoulder is aching and my back looks like Quasimodo but my heart is happy! It was a great feeling to fall into bed last night knowing we met our challenge.

It feels good to help. 

Many thanks,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Feast of The Holy Innocents, Russian Adoption Ban, and Me Unable to be Silent.

One year ago today, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, I lost a piece of my heart when Putin signed into law the International Adoption Ban, prohibiting Americans from adopting and stopping all adoptions in their tracks. 

As I have said before, I advocated for Carina. We did have hopes of taking her home, if when mountains were moved and ways were made for us. Oddly enough the money was never one of our issues. We knew it would come. It was the onslaught of other things that time would/could eventually take care of for us that held us back. Unfortunately we ran out of time and so did Carina and every other orphan in Russia. 

Today, I have no idea how she is. Where she is. All I know is that children are dying. Orphans are being neglected and beaten and she could be one of them.  Everyday my heart cries for her. That will never go
away. I break down at odd times. In church, in traffic, in the grocery store, right now..

My heart aches for my friends that met their children, held them and told them they would be back soon..

I really did not want to acknowledge this day. 

But if I let it go without a word, what good would I have done for Carina. The child I love so much?

And what about the families, my friends, all missing their children and reliving that horrible moment one year ago today?

Would I be a good friend if I let this day go by and not reminded everyone that so many are still weeping!

I swore that I would not let these children be forgotten. How could I be silent today..

So I speak out for the voiceless and the brokenhearted.  I speak for Carina and Nico, and Natasha, and Olga, Vanessa, Miles, Preston, Dottie, Owen and Darby, Arina, Anastasia, Sophia, Andrew, Kate, Artem, Celine, Cora Lynn, Beau, Anna, Shaun, Asher, Kacey, Adalyn, Angelina, Alexander and Kyle.

Kyle is no longer waiting. He's dead. Yes, this is Kyle in both photo's. Do you see why our hearts cannot just be silent? Because we know what will happen to our children with this ban. One by one they will disappear..
 There are hundreds, thousands, in desperate situations. I named but a few.

These children are all loved and wanted! They had families who love them and were either coming for them or advocating for them. They are real!     THEY. ARE. REAL.

Today pick one , pick them all! And remember them, pray for them and beg God for His mercy , that the ban will be lifted and hope restored to these children kept hidden away!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet Jasper, Reece's Rainbow Tree Child... He's looking for his Family

One thing I love about advocating for orphans is camaraderie that you are instantly surrounded by. There are over 200 kids on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree this year each with a warrior spinning themselves mad trying to raise $1000.00 for their child. You would think it would be everyone for themselves and slightly cut throat, but it is just the opposite. 

We work tirelessly for ourselves then reach out with a helping hand to lift up another warrior. We share each others auctions and giveaways, we donate to each other, and we post about each others child. 

Today, I am helping a fellow warrior out by posting about her child Jasper, and she is posting about my girl Gracelynn.

Meet Jasper!

What a smile!! You can't help but smile back! He is some basic info on Jasper:

Boy, born January 2001
Down syndrome, undescended testis, Dental concerns

Jasper was abandoned at 8 yrs old. He can walk alone steadily, can speak simple words, not clearly, can understand others, can have a meal alone and can go to toilet alone.
He, is active and extroverted, likes to integrate with other people, and is good at it; he also would act like a spoiled child to his favorite or familiar people, so cute. In life, he can take care of himself, can put on clothes and shoes, can have a meal alone, without any concerns; sometimes he would care adults; when he sees the aunt tried to stand, he would move a chair for her; he is fond of playing with toys, and would speak to himself while playing with toys; after that he can put toys back.

It's hard to believe on first glance that this little boy will be 13 in January! His time is running out. 
He really needs a family to step forward soon. 

What a beautiful addition and blessing he would be to the right family.

Here is the link to Jasper. His warrior is working on meeting her goal of $1000.00 by12/31 and of course the ultimate goal of a family!!! The money will always come, but the family is the most important!! 

Right now there are also some fund raisers for Jasper that you can enjoy!

Any donation will be a blessing. And any donation of $35.00 or more will get you an ornament of Jasper, while supplies last from Reece's Rainbow.  Please keep Jasper in your prayers. God can do all, things, and knows all our needs. May He hold and protect Jasper until his family takes him home.

To read more about Jasper and other children on Reece's Rainbow Angel tree this year click here to Sandra's blog! She is Jasper's Warrior! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Take a Moment from The Hustle and Bustle and Think of Her

Her name is Gracelynn. She is turning 11 this month. She is an orphan. She is alone. 

As you hurry here and there preparing for Christmas, family, friends, gifts , parties, and cookies piled so high they touch the ceiling, stop for a moment and think of her.

When you bow your head to pray on Christmas morning, think of her. 

When you are exhausted from opening presents and laughing and playing with your children , think of her.

Her day will be the same as every other day. No grandma and grandpa heavily laden with presents will be ringing the doorbell. No Auntie will be squeezing her nose and leaving lipstick kisses on her cheeks. No little cousins will be chasing her through the house. She won't hear Santa, or music or church bells. She won't smell turkey and no hot chocolate over flowing with whipped cream will touch her lips. 


All that can change if Gracelynn were to get a family! All that and more could be hers. Next year at this time she could be home and she could know love.

Do you have room in your heart for Gracelynn? 

Can you help her?

Can you help me help her?

I am raising $1000.00 for her by 12/31 

I'm not going to lie. It's been difficult this year.

Last year at this time I had high hopes for Carina

I was confident that she would get home. Well, she is in Russia and will remain there it seems. With Russia banning adoptions to the States her hope has been shattered, and my heart along with it. I still feel guilty for not getting her out in  time. Maybe one more post would have made a difference. I don't know. All i know is she is stuck there. And it's not a good thing. 

I hesitated to take on advocating for another child . I didn't want to fail again.

But this little one and her mischievous grin pulled me in. 

Please help me.

I need to get her home! 

Yes, I also need to get her another $500.00 but a home is my ultimate goal for Gracelynn.

If you feel lead to donate I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Any amount will be a blessing. 

You can do that here

But please!!! Look at her. Think of her. Realize she is a real little,girl. Yes, she is far away. But there are no boundaries when it comes to a child and love, and doing what needs to be done. It doesn't matter if she is across the street or across the ocean. She is in need.  

Can you share her picture? This post? You can go here and share her to FB and twitter with one click.

Will you pray for her?

Do  you think you are her mother? 

When your laughing and loving and warm and cozy this Christmas. When you are surrounded by family and lights and peace... think of her, and her silence, and please whisper a pray to God for her.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving? Ok I'm Running a Little Behind..

Lagging behind as usual this Holiday season. Up until a couple of days ago I had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and  Christmas decorations in my front yard.  I'm proud to announce two of the three holidays have been packed away.
Thanksgiving was fabulous! I'll catch you up with pictures!

Ready to carve!

Some sort of group photo

Emmie chowing down on her potatoes!

Any takers on what part of the turkey this is?? Liv goes for it every year. Clue?  It's not a wing, leg, breast, or any other part that is acceptable to eat! LOL

All the fatties relaxing!

A helper... that was nice!

We also had a couple of birthdays!!
Em getting some Grammy time!


We desended like locust on our dear friends for dessert!

Being silly!

Lots and lots of kids!

Lots and lots of hugs!

And lots of cuddles!

Someone tucked her in all cozy!

And more cuddles!

And since we didn't get home til 1am( at midnight she was learning how to do the worm), the Princess slept in the next morning!