Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Love My Peeps!!

First, I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this Give To for Olga! Her tree is going to be loaded with sparkling ornaments and the sweetest messages! I do get the pleasure of reading them and they are so beautiful and touching. Let me tell you, OLGA is soooo loved!

If you did order an ornament but didn't leave a message it's not too late, just email me and I will gladly send it along. My email is in my sidebar.

Second! $375.00 and counting!!  I am amazed!  And I cannot express my joy in the support  you all have shown. Whether I reach that $500.00 or not (but I know we can) I am so,so happy with the way this (my first real fund raiser) went. And it's all because of you.

Don't forget my promise. Whoever pushes the amount to $400 and then to $500 will get a free ornament for themselves. Your choice:)

If you'd still like to be a part of Olga's Give To and to view the ornaments click here

Oh and btw, I only need about 12ish more people to make that goal! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

24 hours

24 more hours and July will be gone, and so will my Give to for Olga! :( 
 But so will the Christmas music:)  Wow it's really getting on my nerves.

Come on my peeps!!! I just need 14 more lovely people to help get that chip in to $500!!!

Click here to view the ornaments and I will send it on it's way to The Abell's.  What a beautiful keepsake for Olga. Plus every 10.00 donation gets Olga that much closer to home!

Don't forget you can also add a personal message. 

just 14 more people @$10.00 each

or 7 people @ $20.00 each
We can do this!!! We're so close!! 
It's for Olga !!!!

This Just Might Become A New Bedtime Routine

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down syndrome Myth # 001

People with Down syndrome don't have good hair.  Sounds ridiculous doesn't it??  This was one of my fears when I was pregnant with Miss Em. I can laugh at the sheer stupidity of it now, but at the time I was really bothered by it. I don't even know where I got such a crazy thought from. Must have been one of my more insane days.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Lose People??

When you talk to people about "our kids" and by that I mean the children we love so much , the children with Down syndrome, The orphans... do you lose them? Do their eyes start to glaze over? Do you find that they continually shake their head in agreement, but you know damn well,  if you gave them a pop quiz on what you just said, they would fail miserably?

Do they look over your shoulder instead of in to your eyes. Do they just listen politely or can you actually at times detect a bored sigh? 

Does their body language seem to be saying  "oh no, she's going to talk about them again". Do they always seem to be looking for a getaway? 

Why is it that even friends , close friends don't get it!! Is it so far out of their understanding, so far from their reality that they just don't "get it"?

Children like my Emmie are dying in other countries. They are being dumped in to mental institutions with no hope of getting adequate help or love, medical attention... or anything.

Why aren't people shrieking in horror and  falling all over themselves to help?
Why are they saying stupid things like "that's awful" or "Wow, really"? How about saying "That's awful, what can I do to make a difference"? 
Why aren't they getting involved? What does it take to get someone to care?  

Is it because these kids are so far away. Does that make it any less real?  Out of sight out of mind?

Why is it so hard to advocate for these Darlings? Why don't people want to admit that this sucks, and we need to help them? How can you walk away once you know the truth... doesn't it haunt you?

Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this. 

And another thing. Do you find that people who know you,  and know that you are very serious in advocating for RR, or for a family adopting, or you're a RR Warrior for a certain Dumpling, have no interest in what you do? I have friends who never ask or show any interest at all. What's up with that?
I mean if I had a friend who I knew was big into some organization or felt strongly about something, even if I didn't find it interesting or important, I would still show an interest. Why is it that the life of a child isn't interesting enough for some.

And just  a note to my friends. If you're reading this I'm obviously not referring to you. If you're reading this you obviously have an interest and I thank you! Maybe the people I'm referring to , really aren't friends at all.

But please share your thoughts. Do any of you feel this way. That people just really don't want to hear it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Latest In "Emilia Fashion"

Miss Em showing off her creative side by turning an ordinary book cover into an extraordinary head cover.
And yes, she did this on her own! I never would have thought of it!! 

Love this nut soooo much!!! 

Look out Bat Man here comes Bat Baby!! And she's no sidekick!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Final Five!

There are only five days left to buy an ornament for Olga!  Her tree is going to look beautiful!!! But there is still a lot of room left for some more sparkling ornaments!
 I'm not budging on my $500.00 goal. I know there are 18 more people out there who would love to send an ornament to Olga and at the same time support The Abells. Just $180.00 more . So close!!

Read all the details about Olga's Give To here and also view the ornaments. Don't forget to let me know which ornament you want to send and also if you'd like to add a personal message. You can leave all the detail in the special instructions area on paypal.

Come on guys!!!  I just have this same image of Olga with her parents looking at her tree with all the ornaments sent from all of us. Reading the messages , and just remembering all the love and support this community has for each other. What a keepsake and treasure they will be for the whole family. Not to mention with every $10  donation Olga is that much closer to home and that much closer to love! Unconditional and constant love!!!  

To the twenty people who already bought ornaments thank you so much!! 

And just for fun, and because I REALLY want to get this to $500.00,  I'll send an ornament (of your choice) to the person who gets my chip in to $400.00 and  also to whoever gets it to $500.00!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thankful Sunday: A Lesson In Being Joyful

I just came in from church and the homily almost sent me running from church in tears. Tears of self pity. I walked into Mass, flustered with the girls for making us late, frustrated with our financial situation, and basically just feeling beat up. Then our priest starting talking about joy! UGH! Why today. Where's the doom and gloom I wanted to wrap myself up in.

He went on to say that even the people who persecuted the early Christians were amazed by their joy. Here were people being mocked and condemned for their beliefs, yet they were joyful.

He went on to mention all the modern day issues that "we let" take our joy away. Of course as he's going down the list I'm checking off almost all of them in my head.  Yup, had most of them.Not feeling the joy just yet.

Even after Mass when speaking to him, I couldn't help but ask "where exactly is that joy buried, because... I'm still not feeling it."

It wasn't until I got home and started to write this post, and sat here wondering what the heck am I going to find to be Thankful for today, that I realized I was behaving well... not so Christian like. 

Lack of joy, means a lack of faith. Being joyful doesn't mean your irresponsible, it doesn't mean you don't have problems, it doesn't mean you aren't concerned about them, whatever they may be. 
No , being joyful means you have faith in God that He will never leave you, He will never forget you, He always knows what you need. He will always have you in the palm of his hand. That He has a plan even when you don't. He sees the way out when you just see dead ends. 

So today I'm thankful for a great homily(even if it took a while to penetrate my thick skull) and a lesson in being joyful. 

Enjoy your Sunday and be joyful!

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again rejoice!
~ Philippians 4:4,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too Big

Wow you're big! 

This big mama chair at the Children's Museum left Em speechless. Most kids love to cuddle up in her big arms but Em was not having it. Maybe next time, big mama.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Something Em Made Me Think About

I think I'm about to write about something I've never written about before. In the two and a half years I've been in blog land I don't think I've ever written a word on the WORD. The "R" word that is. I guess every one else has always done such a great job, I didn't feel I could add anything that hasn't already been said. 

But the other day while sitting in traffic, something hit me. Something that made me think about the "word" somehow in a positive way for a change. NO, I'm not going to say the word is okay to use , I'm not !Ignorance and hatred have turned this word into something used to inflict pain and humiliation, not only on our children with Down syndrome, but on any human being thought to be less than what society perceives to be perfect or acceptable. An insulting and debilitating weapon used by cowards. It's a dead word, it has no place in society. Ignorance has shaped it into something unforgiving and it will never be taken as anything but insulting.

But here is the definition: To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede. v.used  intr. To be delayed. 

No matter how you read it, it simply means to slow something down. 
Then I started to think of Miss Em, and her delays. And then I started to think of her "gift" of being able to slow things down. And I kind of put the delays and the gifts together. And when I did that there were just the gifts left.

Miss Emilia Faith came into our lives and showed us all how to slow down, how to "proceed slowly" and enjoy all things!!

In a world that needs everything yesterday, Emilia is a breath of fresh air.  An oasis, for us to come to to Slow down.

In the mist of the hustle and bustle people call life, in the do or die  race to the top for "perfection",in the dizzying madness of trying to be the best, the fastest , the smartest, the richest, the most powerful we have Emilia Faith, who in her sweet and loving and innocent way, causes us to move or proceed slowly;  be delayed. 

If life is a blizzard , then Em is a flurry.
If the wind is whipping at your back, turn your face to her, because she is a gentle breeze.
If you are being overtaken by the waves, take her hand, she is a shallow and cool oasis.
If you are sprinting through life, walk along side Em, she will even your paces and help you to catch your breath.
If you are racing through life with blinders on, take them off and Em will show you the scenic route. Yes , it will take you longer to get there. Yes you will be slowed down and delayed. You will have to proceed slowly. 

But your life will have new meaning, your heart will have more compassion, your eyes will be opened,  because in slowing down and proceeding slowly, we see it all. We don't miss the magic. 

To  a world that says faster is better, stronger is better, lead follow or get out of the way. To you I say, Slow down, Proceed slowly, welcome delays and  open your eyes before it's too late.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Almost Over

July has just nine days left, and that means so does my Christmas in July Give To For Olga!  Okay no mumbling under you breath "Thank God, hope that Christmas music is gone too" LOL, I actually mute it now too!

Anyway I want to say thank you to the sixteen people who got my chip in up to 250.00 !! I'm so grateful and I know Jen and Chris are too. They are so close now!

I'm not giving up on my 500.00 goal.

Twenty - Five people can make that happen!

Please consider buying an ornament for Olga . Your 10.00 donation will bring her that much closer to home, that much closer to love, and that much further away from a mental institution.
All you have to do is choose which ornament you want and tell me in the paypal special instructions box. You can also add a personal message or just leave your name so the Abell's  know who its from. You can view the ornaments here.

Yes, Olga has a family, but she could still have been transferred. She needs to come home. We can get her home. Every dollar helps. If a thousand people have a dollar to give, but they all think it's not enough, then nothing happens and a child waits. But if those thousand people put their trust in God... Well look what a dollar can become.

Please help. I know you may think I've got some nerve continuing to ask for more, but I have to. God told me to, so take it up with Him :)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your constant support and generosity! I cannot tell you how much this community means to me. I've never seen such camaraderie any where else.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Silence Can Kill... Defend Down syndrome, defend Adoption, Break the Silence

Teri Lynn... beautiful Teri Lynn.  Abandoned by her family because she has Down syndrome, exiled by her country because she is thought to be defected and an invalid.

Teri Lynn who is waiting and wondering, WHY? 

Why do people look away from me, why don't they put their arms around me, why am I shunned and treated with such loathing.

Teri Lynn , is just a little girl. WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE AFRAID OF HER! What is to fear!!!! WHY are entire countries afraid of children like Teri Lynn? So afraid that this is what they do to them!

 LOOK AT HER! Don't look away, let your eyes settle on her for a minute. Look into her eyes. Feel her fear! Her despair! She looks like she's in a concentration camp! Where is she? She is in EE , she is in a mental institution where she will live until she can't take it anymore. There she will die ... Alone! 

Teri Lynn a little girl who just wants some love, a kind word, a gentle touch. Teri Lynn who has nothing, but the same monotonous routine day after day. Teri Lynn who hears the same pitiful cries and screams from the other souls being detained by hatred and ignorance in a hell on  earth. 
I post these pictures not to make you feel bad, not to make you cry, but to open your eyes AMERICA!!! This is what's going on out there. Yes out there in EE, out there, there is a Holocaust going on! 
 Out there this is LEGAL?????? This is a child!!! An innocent child! Being shaved and tied to a crib, barely fed and eventually overcoming to the abuse! YES, I said abuse!! This is not how you treat any human being! 
You would be arrested here in the States if you did this to a DOG!!!!

The animal rights activists would be on you like flies on SH&T! And you know it!  

We  have a right and a responsibility to stand up and scream for these children. WHO THE HELL ELSE IS GOING TO? Not Their country, not their parents, not their government! They have no one but the few of us who know the truth.

If you know and say nothing, if you know and turn away, if you know and wash your hands of it, than your silence is killing these children. 

We have the ability to spread the word and the truth like wildfire. We have blogs and FB and the world at our fingertips. With a press of a few keys on a computer a post appears, the truth revealed, the ugly truth that has caused so many little ones to die waiting. They are dying!!! They are waiting to be saved, to have a mama, and,they are dying as they wait!!!!! 

What triggered this post was one I read by Lera's mom, Diane. Who has had to defend the reason of international adoption. Defend?? Defend saving a life? Hmm. 

Let me get this straight. Could there really be such ignorance in my country? Ignorance that says take care of your own, to hell with" the rest"? Could my country, which is made up of  "the rest" actually think that? May I remind anyone who calls themselves Americans, unless you are a 100% Native American, you came from somewhere else!You're ancestors paved the path to a better life for you. Had they not you might find yourselves in a completely different situation and lifestyle. 

There are no boundaries when it comes to saving a life.  Jesus didn't hang on a cross just for His "own kind".
He didn't say let them get their own Savior, I didn't  come to save them. He came for all of us. Who are we to draw boundaries, when the son of God didn't!

These children need our voices. Teri Lyn is one of THOUSANDS!!! she is not an isolated case. 

Teri Lynn... in a nutshell needs a family or she will die. I will speak for the children til I draw my last breath!  Hopefully before that there will be change within these countries and they will learn the value of these children.  But I won't stop and if you are just learning about this I hope you too will commit to being a voice for these children. Don't be silent, don't be afraid. 

If you are interested in adopting or donating to Teri Lynn's adoption fund you can find her here. 

I wrote this post  for anyone new stopping by. Anyone who doesn't know the truth about these kids, or didn't even know such atrocities existed.   They do and it must be stopped. Education is the best defense.  Please go out and educate others. Down syndrome isn't a life sentence, but to these kids it's the death sentence!

* And just  a note to any animal activists out there I'm not demeaning what you do.You are much needed to animals being abused. I am just trying to make a point that we don't allow animals to be treated the way  these children are being treated because it is so inhumane.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Warner Family Needs Help!! ASAP!


I'm copying my friend, Cathy's blog who copied her friend Christie's blog post because she says it better than I/ we ever could . . .

Lisa Warner is landlocked in the Ukraine. She and her husband traveled overseas to ransom a child and bring him home. Fundraising was ALWAYS a struggle for the Warner's. I am begging you now, for all you know, to share this story and donate ANY AMOUNT to their FSP.

*yes, I know their FSP looks good and hearty...looks can be deceiving. When they traveled they had less than $10,000 in their FSP (adoption costs more than double that). They have now paid for one round of travel, the adoption, and all paperwork to come home. They paid for return tickets and LOST $350 for having to cancel those flights. I personally would love to their FSP hit $15,500. Lisa has not asked for ANY OF THIS. This is on my heart alone*

Joshua, their son, is sick. The Embassy doctor will not release him for travel. She believes he has pneumonia--however, she will NOT treat him for pneumonia and neither will any other doctor they have seen because they do not believe he has pneumonia.

They contacted the CDC with the xrays and doctor's reports they have---CDC is giving the doctors a few options. Wait it out (6-8 weeks and retest) or surgically obtain sputum samples to test of TB and risk Joshua's life.

The Warner's are in a very precarious situation. Lisa's sister was found deceased in her apartment by Lisa's mother. Lisa's mother has been caring for their other young boy, Jacob, at home in Michigan.

It is very likely Lisa and Dave will allow the surgical procedure to test for TB and rule it out. This is not an easy decision, nor is it safe for Joshua. The doctor who refuses to let them leave has said she does not want to do this test because it puts Joshua in danger. The doctor is consulting with her team but will ultimately leave the decision up to Lisa and Dave.

They need funds. I would love to see $6,000 more raised for their FSP. Dave has been without income for over a month now. Dave could lose his job over all of this. I pray that does not happen; but it is a real fear and one that needs prayers.

I have nothing to offer you, nothing to entice you with. No fancy cameras. No iPad. No Kindle. Nothing except the comfort in knowing you have helped bless the Warner's in a much needed manner.

You can donate directly to their FSP here

You can follow Lisa's blog at BUILDING OUR VILLAGE

Please do anything you can, share, donate, PRAY.

There are literally stranded in a foreign country with little assistance at this point.


"I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name." Isaiah 45:2-3 (NIV) 
 This is Steph . Our community never fails. Please if you cannot donate, than please pray and if you can donate than pray too . Pray that God shows them the way, and opens all the doors for them. In addition to being detained in Ukraine, Lisa is dealing with the loss of her sister, as Christie wrote above. Her family is separated on two continents and trying to deal with two devastatingsituations. I cannot even begin to imagine how they all feel, when, what they all need is to just be together right now. They could potentially be looking at being detained in Ukraine for weeks. Financially this is going to be extremely difficult and draining.  I know God is always in control (and if you can see that right now, please share) Sometimes we are blind to why and how He leads us. That's where the saying blind faith came from I guess. God can take this jumbled mess and straighten it. Please do whatever is in your means to help this family.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year

 You know it's summertime when you can't stop breathing in the sweetness.With each breath the brain processes the air that carries with it  a hint of what heaven must smell like, and demands a larger inhale. 

Flowers all boasting scents that man could never duplicate.  The ocean with it's cleansing effects. Somehow breathing in ocean air seems to wash all negative thoughts and feelings away. What is it about the ocean that  is so healing.

 You know it's summer when I almost allow my picture to be taken.

 When you wait hours for that perfect wave..

 When a colorful umbrella is a cool prop in a photo, and not to keep the rain off you.

 You know it's summertime...
your girls

 jump for joy!

it's definitely summertime when Strawberry short cake is served for breakfast.

And when all things green and growing are in danger of being yanked out of the ground by their roots.

When bathing suits are the choice of clothing and no one is in a rush to get out bed. When no one talks about bedtime and falling asleep on the couch is okay. 

When fireflies and fairies rule the yard, yes they do exist!!

You know it's summertime when the sun and the moon battle for the extra hours and the sun easily wins.

When there is always ice cream in the freezer, and lips are stained, red , blue and purple  by freeze pops(that ones for you Miss Nellie) 

Summertime is by far my most favorite time of year. It's a time to rest,and be refreshed. How lucky we are that God considered all things, and gave us summer.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thankful Sunday

It's Sunday, a day of rest! I intend on doing just that!  We have another glorious sunny day outside. Our weather has been amazing lately! Got to be thankful for that.

And did you see my Chip In for Olga's Give To!!!  $250!!!!  Seriously!  Sixteen contributors got it to that! Thank you all for your generosity!  Half way to $500 and just about half way through the month. Right on course!     

And I'm over the moon thankful that Miss Nellie has a mama!!!! 

Thankful we had a great and free night out as a family last night. Liv was dancing with her Ballet school in Providence at the water fires. It was a beautiful night the girls were gorgeous, and to top it all off I met a bloggy buddy too! Totally unplanned, her daughter is taking summer ballet classes at Liv's school, so she came in from CT to see the show.   She was sitting near by and heard me call Bella, saw Emmie and put two and two together! Amazing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seven days and counting...

Til The Plummer Family meet their two Little Dumplings. You can see them in my sidebar. Soon to be brother and sister. With just about 9600.00 left to raise, The Plummer Family is having a giveaway compiled of some amazing loot.


ILive Home Music System

This is our next "give away" prize!
along with two sets of these

patterns will vary.

Theses little gems were donated for our give away.
 Lizards Jewelry custom made by Liz Hall.
 Retail value $70

Here is how you get entered into the give away
*share our link on FaceBook
*share our story on your blog
*and every $5 you donate through our Reece's Rainbow account
*or through our adoption paypal account you get entered.
Leave a comment below in order to assure you are entered.
Thank you so much for helping us.
We have just $9675 to raise.

drawing will be the day before we leave on our first trip.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shake, Shake, Shake , The Soda Can

Emmie is totally teasing Peter. She had absolutely, no intentions of parting with that soda can. Little Stinker! And after she was done running around and shaking that soda can , no one really wanted it.I know I wasn't going to open it.
Don't forget to pause my music.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

Just another reason why Summer Rules!!  

And seriously the month of July RULES FOR OlGA!  Besides my Give To, There is the Jars of Hopes and Dreams going on for Olga all of July , and now Olga's mama Jenn is having a super giveaway too. In honor of their wedding anniversary   (Chris and Jenn Abell) there is a super scrap booking giveaway at Saving Our Starfish. 

Here is our jar of hopes and dreams for Olga (decorated by Sophia).We are filling it with change.  $500.00 was raised for the family they did this for in May. This is such a great idea! All you need is a jar and your extra change. 

 And I hope you don't take my enthusiasm over all these fund raisers as annoying or nagging  :/ I'm just happy that Olga is getting closer and closer to her family. A family that Peter and I have grown to love very much. And it just seems that everything is happening in July. Maybe God's time is coming. I just want something big to happen soon. I want Jenn to announce they are submitted and waiting for a travel date. I want to see Olga in her mama's arms.  :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Doing What's Uncool... And Lovin It!!

Maybe I'm setting my goal too high. Maybe Olga's give to won't get any higher than it is right now. Maybe some people think it's silly, maybe some people think it's great. Maybe some people plan on buying an ornament soon, maybe some people wouldn't buy one with someone else' s money. 
Will I be disappointed if I don't reach my goal? Nope. Will I ever attempt a fund raiser again? Most likely. Yeah.. I'm sure I will. 

Will I still be checking my chip in every 30 seconds? Of Course!!!

But I know I'm doing the right thing. It may or may not be a huge monetary success, but it is what God wants me to do. Not just the Give To, but the advocating. Advocating for orphans in whichever way I am capable of doing at this point in my life.

I used to think the only way I could help was to donate. I used to think if I didn't have money , than what could I possibly do to help? 
Then I realized the power of prayer. To pray for someone is a powerful way to advocate. It always helps. 

Then I realized the power of the written word. No matter how or what you write, you are bound to strike a cord or reach the heart of someone. Someone will be touched by what you write. I truly believe that God puts the right thoughts into the right words.And those words will reach the person God whats to hear/read them.

Then I realized that everyone has something to give. If you think hard enough and pray long enough, you will figure out what it is you have. What can you share? Your time? Your talents? Do you bake? Do you make jewelry? Are you a great events coordinator? Are you crafty?  Do you sew? 

And then tonight I read this on a friends FB:

"To be nobody-but yourself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody but yourself-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." EE.Cummings
Then I realized , that's what  I'm doing. I'm being myself. This is who I am. I am an ADVOCATE. It's what I do, in a world that says it's not cool. It's not cool to ask for money, or donations, or constantly try to educate people on the atrocities that are happening in this day and age to beautiful children , just like my Emmie.  
I grew up having a lot of issues about what people thought of me. Did I look ok? Were people talking about me? Were they making fun of me? I just wanted to fit in. In no way did I want to stick out in a crowd or be noticed for being different.  
Never would I be the one to make the move to an unpopular subject. I would never be the one standing proudly to defend the orphans that most people could care less about. There not our problem, right? Let's take care of our own. There are kids starving in the States. There are orphans here too. We've all heard the remarks and comments. And they are all true. We do have hungry kids here and orphans.
I would never go toe to toe with something as uncool as defending international special needs adoption.  I mean someone might not like me, or they might whisper about me when I walk by. 
Right about now I'm sure there have been some conversations where my name and efforts were mentioned. Probably followed by a head shake and a smirk.
And you know what. I'm not losing sleep over it. For the first time in my entire life I don't care what people think. I don't care if you think I'm crazy for loving these children.  And you know what else? It feels great!! What a burden lifted from me! I don't have to worry about what anyone is thinking. I'm right with God and that's all that matters. Tell me, all you other crazy orphan loving advocates out there, do you feel the same? 
So back to my $500.00 goal. I happen to think it's entirely realistic. 
Think big or don't think at all! 
I'm thinking big beautiful Christmas tree and Olga just gazing at all those sparkling ornaments. Complete delight and amazement in her eyes. 37 more people can make that happen. 


Sunday , Sunday, Why Can't Every Day Be Sunday

of course Em makes sure she gets the best seat.

the lovely mermaid Bella

Gidget and friends

The sand castle one girl wrecking crew

It's doomed

Love her!!!!

and the merman, Andrew!

And a note. If you missed my last rant from yesterday you can catch it here. And Renee's chip in is over $1000.00 ! So  (insert raspberry sound) to that stinky landlord! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two posts in one morning but for a very good REASON

I went from listening to church bells ring to reaching my boiling point on this beautiful Sunday morning.  i just read this post by Renee. Renee is adopting Miss Paisley and has been doing everything possible to get her home. Not only  has she worked tirelessly on her own fundraising but she is usually the first one to lend a helping hand to  help others. I was completely POed  by her post this morning. And have come to the conclusion that:

Mean people Suck! 

You can read her post here, but in a nutshell, Renee and her hubby have recently moved from one rental house to another. Their previous landlord, gave them a "to do" list to complete in order to get their $1000.00 security deposit back. That $1000.00 would go right into their account to get their little Paisley home. Renee's husband Steve worked long and hard hours after already putting in an all day work load to get everything done. To get that security deposit back for Paisley. 

You can see where I'm going, right? Yeah the landlord , after getting hours of free labor from Steve, decided that they were not going to receive the deposit. I guess things just were not up to snuff for him. 

Renee and Steve are obviously upset. but Renee's concern is for Steve. She like any other wife doesn't want to see her husband hurt. Her plan. Get their chip in for their giveaway up to $1000.00. The thousand they should be getting from their previous landlord. Their giveaway ends Monday.

If you can show your support I'm sure they would greatly appreciate it.


Thankul Sunday

Almost half way through July! I don't even want to think about it! So instead I'll think about what I'm thankful for.

And right off the bat is the amount in my chip in! $130.00!! That's awesome!   Every ornament bought brings Olga closer to home. Thank you!!

Thankful for our beautiful weather! It's been perfect.

Thankful that God is still patient with us and supplying what we need. Somehow we are managing. 
Would be hugely thankful is you all could keep a prayer close by today that Peter gets a job, ASAP. 

Thankful for my backyard. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have a place to play and pray and just be, that was just ours. I am really so thankful for my little home.

And I'm thankful for my church. That we  feel so at home there. And I love that we live close enough to hear the church bells ringing before each mass. 

And speaking of church I need to go wake a few sleeping beauties so they are not late for church. Hope everyone has a beautiful sunny day. Whatever you are up to, enjoy and thankful for something today.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh Miss Em, What Have You Gotten Yourself Into...

Yes, she's stuck in the bag and yes, I went for the camera first. Just kicking myself  that I didn't take a longer video.  This girl was put on this earth to make me laugh, no doubt about it. The things she can get herself into... but obviously not out of! And you've got to pause the music to hear the pathetic muffled whimpers from within the bag.

Make an on-line slide show at

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Number Nine Found!!!

That was cool!
110.00 dollars for the first week of Olga's Christmas in July Give To. I'm thrilled. If we can do the same thing for week number two I'll be over the moon. Olga's tree is looking better and better. Just wait until she sees it!!
And with every ornament bought, Jenn and Chris get closer and closer to holding their girl! 

Lookin' For Number Nine!


One down one to go!!!!  Where are you number nine!

Number 8 and Number 9...

I really want this chip in to go to 100.00!! So the eighth and ninth contributors(that 's the next two) will receive a free ornament of their choice! Come on all you who joined this event on FB!!!  

Now back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well Miss Sophia is now twelve for the next 364 days. The 4th is over and things are back to "normal". So that means the Christmas music is back and the Give To is my main concern.

If you missed it you can read about it here. Right now I'm averaging one ornament a day. I'll take that. That would be three hundred dollars to the Abell's, not too shabby. But I do believe we can do more. Re- posting would really help me reach a larger amount of people. We all have some different followers and friends , so FB and bloggers please pass the word. Look Miss Em is even helping.

I can contact all my Peeps.
Don't snicker... I have peeps, plenty of peeps to contact.

there, almost done.

press send!!!  Piece of cake!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Brief interruption For Miss Sophia

One the fourth of July in 1999 I began having contractions with my second child, Miss Sophia.  I was so excited! a Fourth of July baby, how cool is that! Well, the contractions slowed and eventually stopped. Sophia decided to hang out a bit longer. Maybe it was all the commotion of the fourth.  Maybe Sophia heard the celebrating and the fireworks and thought  "no way, I'm not sharing my day with the whole country, I'll just wait and get a day all to myself". And that's just what she did. Two days later on the sixth of July she entered this world and our lives. 
She came in  to this world on her own terms and basically adapted that way of thinking ever since.

Sophia portrays a tough outer coating but has a heart of gold. And also a heart for children, which since the birth of Emilia has just exploded. She knows all your children and most of RR too. If it weren't for Sophia I wouldn't know who Miss Brigita was because it was Sophia who found her and became her prayer warrior.

You're a wonder Sophia! You're like the wind. Sometimes gentle , sometimes fierce, and always unpredictable.
Remember, Sophia to always pursue your passions,  remember that sometimes it's ok to let your heart lead, and above all... always keep Jesus beside you. 

We all love you! And wish you happiness and blessings a bound in this your 12th year! 

And as you already know... I love you more, Mama

For many reasons I think of Sophia when I hear this song. Sophia your possibilities are endless.

"You just got to ignite the light and let it shine, just own the night like the Fourth of July. cause baby you're a firework, come on let your colors burst!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrate and Remember

Today is a day to celebrate! To celebrate our country, our freedom, our choices.  And it's a day to remember. A day to remember the men and women who are not here, the ones who will be missing at the cookouts (barbeques) and fireworks. The ones still deployed and the ones who didn't come home. 

Do not take your freedom lightly, do not take it for granted. We are a privileged nation. And our freedom did not come without sacrifice.

My husband escaped from communist Poland when he was eighteen, and to hear him talk about what it was like is almost unbelievable.  The lack of freedom and choices were overwhelming. 

Have a safe and happy holiday!
May God Bless and keep America in the palm of his hands.

And just a quick note about Olga's Give To. I just want to make sure you all know that I have more... much more than one of each ornament. There are plenty of each and if they run out I have others to choose from. Thank you for your support, I am thrilled with the way it's running so far! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Believe it or not my house is still silent this Sunday morning. The sun is coming up through the trees and another warm summer day is beginning...and I am thankful.

One of the things that made me sad this year was that I just could not buy any flowers for my garden. This is the first year that my front yard has been without any flowers. The back yard has a lot of perennials and I bought some seeds so it's doing just fine.  But the lack of flowers in my pots and on my deck just made me a bit sad.  Seriously no big deal compared to everything else. Just something I kept to myself (until now).    But of course there was someone else who could feel my sadness... God. And because He is a loving Father and wants to see His girl happy, He gave me this. 

These little guys grow like crazy in my garden.

So  this year they got to live in my pots!

Petunia's that decided to make it through our worst winter and bloom again!

They are in three out of four pots on my deck!

And I am thankful!

I am thankful for the support from all of you for my Christmas in July for Olga Give to! It is going well and smoothly and I've had no problems. This is not my area of expertise and I was very nervous about it. But you all have been so great, with comments and re- posting and Fbooking about it. Thank you!!

If you haven't stopped by the Give To yet click here to see how you can buy a Christmas ornament for Olga and include a personal message.  All proceeds go to the Abell Family to bring her home!

God's blessings to you all on this Fourth of July weekend! Have fun and be safe!! And keep a little Christmas spirit in you! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Favor Please???

I'm getting a complete kick out of this Christmas in July Give To. Seriously I come here just to hear my Christmas music! LOL

  Thank you to all who have joined my Christmas in July Event for Olga on FB and thanks to my first two contributors!  

My favor is a quick and easy one. If you have a blog or FB could you please re - post?? FB is so easy all you do is hit share and you're done.
I really want to reach as many people as possible. This fund raiser will run all month. Ornaments are 10.00 and you can add a personal message. Details are here.

Also check out Jars of Hopes and Dreams, another July fund raiser for Miss Olga! I love this one!!! All you need is a jar!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas In July For Olga!!

* added note: the person who gets my chip in to $400 and $500 will each get a free ornament  of choice for themselves!!
Merry Christmas!!!!

OK, I've had this brewing for a while now. I kept thinking that there was a way I could have a fund raiser for Olga.There was no ipad in my future so any sort of great giveaway wasn't happening here. But I just kept thinking I was missing something. I knew we had these gorgeous ornaments but how could I use them now?  I sure didn't  want to think about using them at Christmas time to raise money for Olga. Gosh I'm hoping she's fully funded and good to go by then!  So Christmas in July it is!

About the ornaments.
We used to sell them in our local mall. My husband is from Poland and knew they had top notch glass blowers there. He found a company that made these ornaments all by hand. They blow the glass and paint each one individually.  They are high quality and just beautiful. When we were selling them we sold them for between  10.00 - 30.00 each.

Now, about the fund raiser or Give to. I like the sound of that... Give To :)

Here's my idea. Anyone interested (and I hope there are a lot interested) can purchase an ornament for $10.00. You can even include a personal message to go along with your ornament. The ornament goes to Olga, (Jenn and Chris can hold on to it for her) and the money goes to Jenn and Chris to bring Olga home! 
I have a chip in set up which goes to our paypal account. All you need to do is make sure you put the name of the ornament you choose in the special instructions box on paypal and also your message, if you want to leave one. If for some reason you cannot leave your instructions on paypal just email them to me instead. Couldn't be easier!No stress, no lines and great customer service, LOL.   I will do the shipping. Can you imagine a tree for Olga with all these sparkling ornaments with your beautiful words on them. (I'm not going to write on the ornament but attach a slip of paper and ribbon through the hoop) and can you imagine Olga and The Abell's enjoying them year after year. What a treasure and what a keepsake.

So I do hope you all decide to start you Christmas shopping a little early this year. And send a pretty ornament to a Princess so deserving.  And help to bring her home quickly.


orange/red ball

blue ball