Monday, August 29, 2011

Bye Bye, Irene

Just a quick post for people who are not on FB. Irene came and went. We are fine!! Not a drop of water in our basement, no trees down near us! Amazing!! It's like we were surrounded by angels keeping us safe. Lots of messes all around us but we were protected! I know it was all the prayers coming from all of you!

Now could you all pray we get our electricity back!! UGH!! We lost it yesterday morning and they are predicting we will be without til Saturday! Everything in our house is electric. 

But we are dry and I'm not complaining(much)! Things could be so much worse!

I have no internet connection at home so right now we are at the library charging our cell phones. And using their computers.

School will hopfully start on Wednesday, but without electicity I'm embarrassed at what my kids are going to look like. Wrinkled clothes and probably not too fresh smelling. Only cold showers available! LOL

Oh well in time this will be just a memory, we are safe and that's all that matters!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Comes A Callin'

To say I'm a little anxious is a huge understatement.  Hurricane Irene is making me have OCD for I'm there more than anywhere else lately.  Usually I'm pretty cool about Hurricanes, because usually they fizzle by the time they get to us. The most we get are strong winds and rain. Occasionally something flies away, but no big deal.

But I'll tell you what has me in a tither about Irene... the flooding. Last year we lost almost everything in our lower level due to flooding, and I'm terrified it will happen again. There will be no putting it back this time. Last time took ten months before we were back in shape. And that's because our friends all came together to help. If not we might all still be sleeping on the floor. 

Another thing freaking me out are my "neighbors " trees. They are huge and not well taken care of. They have a lot of huge dead branches that randomly drop, usually in my yard. She used to have a double trunk Elm tree in her front yard. A few years ago it became a single trunk because a wind storm took it down. And with it all the electrical lines on our street including our electrical box, ripped it right off our house. The only time she came out of the house was to check her car and tell us she's not responsible for any of our damage. 

We have asked her over and over again to trim her tress, but she refuses. We cut the branches that were hanging on our property and damaging our roof, and she called the police! Seriously!!!
She claimed we were damaging her tree! You should have seen the look on the officers face! Priceless!
Our cars are parked right beside that big ole tree. One has no insurance, and just one payment left. We were holding off on renewing the insurance so we didn't have to get full coverage for just  a few months. Figures!! (btw, we have not driven the car without insurance)
Just our luck the tree falls on our uninsured car that's a payment away from being paid off. We decided to just pull the cars up on the front lawn where nothing can squash them. 

UGH, just want it to be over! Yesterday was such  a beautiful day. Sunny and warm, not even a breeze. It was so hard to believe Irene was barreling up the coast.  I keep looking at my garden, my morning glories are so not going to make it. I know I shouldn't worry about silly things like that but I do. 

Okay. I'm done whining! If anyone made it this far thanks for listening!! Going to be out all day getting the kids ready for school. Will be checking on my friends who are being visited by Irene today, and keeping you all in my prayers. Tonight we will batten down the hatches and pray for no flooding! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to start this post. In my head it's all written, but when I try to write it out...well it just isn't flowing. 

Bullet points might do the trick.

.   May 17, 2010, a little girl named Lyla is found on Reece's Rainbow by my friend Summer.
.   She falls in love and they plan to adopt her.
.  September 9, 2010, Lyla is very ill.
September 29, 2010, they are told she won't survive.

. Brokenhearted they say good bye to the child they love and pray that Jesus takes her to heaven with no suffering.
Still wanting to adopt, they find Bellie, on Reece's Rainbow and  in January 2011,she is adopted and becomes part of their family.
. In Spring of 2011 they felt the tug to adopt again, and asked about Lyla. There was no information on her, and it was thought by all, that she was indeed in heaven. 
. They committed to Gavin on June 25, 2011

A tragic story of heartache and  unnecessary death, a young life gone before she ever got the chance to live. A family grieving for a child they never met but loved dearly. But a happy ending in that Bellie got a family and is home.And now Gavin will be coming home too!

Only that's not the end ~

Lyla is alive!

The child thought to be dead, to ill and weak to possibly survive... DID!

On July 28, 2011, Summer found out, that Lyla is indeed alive and available for adoption!!!

The immediate and overwhelming joy and relief that Summer and her family must have felt , I can only imagine. A child ,thought dead , is alive!!!
But that joy was quickly turned to heartache once more. Summer was already committed to Gavin, and cannot take Lyla too. What to do? Give up Gavin to take Layla? How do you do that?  They love him. But Lyla was their heart, and now here she is! Alive and adoptable!!

This has got to be BY FAR the most difficult decision in their lives. 

They chose to continue with Gavin, as that is what they believe the Lord is calling them to do. And again had to say good bye to Lyla.

Summer sent out prayer requests, although at the time she was unable to tell anyone what we were praying about. My heart breaks now that I know what it was all for.

A family did come forward recently to adopt Lyla but they were unable to continue.

The only thing that makes sense to me, is that God must have some ENORMOUS plans for Miss Lyla.

This is not the end of her amazing story, but the beginning! Lyla needs a family. And they are out there. 

This child who was thought to be dead... lives! And she lives to be with her family! God did not form this most elaborate and intricate plan for nothing. 
Already in her young life she is the cause of both Bellie and Gavin finding a family. And she is the reason Summer was saved, and brought back to the arms of Jesus.

This little sweetheart has made such a difference in so many lives! it's time for her to go home! It's time for someone to make a difference in her life!

Summer obviously will not rest until that happens. She will advocate for Lyla until she is home. 

I wanted to help spread the word. 

I fell in love with the Spitz family when I read Summer's post about being saved.That was almost a year ago. So I guess Lyla is responsible for our becoming friends too! It was her beautiful face that lead me to Summers blog.
Please join in advocating for Lyla, and praying that her family finds her soon. Her story is just beginning, and I'm sure the rest is going to be just beautiful!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Choose

 One reason I try to rise before the sun and the kids is to sit in some peace and quiet and go through all the blogs I follow. That usually leads me to check up on how the fund raising is going for so many, and that usually leads me to new families fund raising. All for the same reason. To raise money for  a child that God has called them to rescue. A child with Down syndrome that has been discarded by their own family and country.

I sit  here and wonder how they thought of certain fund raisers... some are quite unique. I wonder why some are successful and some are not. 

Do the successful blogs have a bigger following? Does the blog have a better PR ranking? Do they just have a more eloquent way with words?

Sometimes... but most times, not. They are just your typical blogs with average rankings with around 200 followers.  So what's the catch?

Why do some people raise the money they need and some just don't. 
I've been seeing some exhausted families out there.Families nearing the end of their long journey. Families who are getting ready to travel, but are not yet fully funded. 

I want to help them all. Most of you already do!!

But, if you cannot help everyone , how do you choose? How do you choose which family to help. There are so many! Maybe you think, if I can't help them all, I won't help any. Maybe you think, what can I do ? I don't have that kind of money. What is ten dollars, five dollars,  going to do when they need thousands?

 We are not in the position to give much right now. I'm wondering how I'm going to get my kids what they need for school. Peter has been out of work for months and months. We have very little and what we do have we need to survive. But! There is always a way to support. It bothered the hell out of me that I couldn't support my friends. I wanted to be there for them, I wanted to drop money into there FSP. I wanted to relieve their burden of worrying about money.   

I had to figure out another way to help.  So instead I collect change. Every month . For a different family adopting. 

This month Jars of hopes and dreams is collecting for The White Family, they are adopting Elisha (Taylor) check it out!

Amanda at Just ONE more 4 Us is having a giveaway to benefit not only the adoption of her son Andriy but also these munchkins! Olga, Mateo, Shannon, and Elisha!! 

There is Ann at Two Lives One Journey adopting two Dumplings!! Matthew and Barbara, she has already made her first trip. She has held her babies, they have felt their mama's arms around them. They are still trying to raise the remainder of funds needed!

There is Summer, at I Love You To the Moon and Back, adopting Gavin. She's going back for seconds!!! She just adopted Miss Bellie this year!! Back to back international adoptions! Why, because she saw and heard and smelled the bitter truth about these kids. Because she is being called to do everything humanly possible to help as many as she can.

There is Lisa, at Saving an Angel, adopting Phoebe... I know you know Phoebe. They are waiting for a travel date. This has been a long adoption. They need to be fully funded.

And of course there is my Sweet Potato, Olga. Jenn at Saving our Starfish is part of the multi - family giveaway, and honestly support is down. They are half way through their Dossier. They will be traveling soon. They are so close! Seeing a fully funded post would make my YEAR!!  The Giveaway ends in 6 days and they have only had two contributors! 

How can you help?? Can you post on FB??? It only takes a second! In fact this post will appear on my FB. All you have to do is hit the share button. You don't even have to write anything. Do you feel like writing?? Then throw a post up on your blog, add a couple of links and call it a day. How about some change.. pennies dimes nickels, an occasional quarter? Throw it in a jar! At the end of the month there will be at least ten dollars in it.   Could you donate that to a family?  

The list of families goes on and on. These people are modern day heroes! They are fighting governments that don't understand why they want these kids, they are sometimes fighting family that don't understand why they want these kids. They are climbing mountains that try to throw them down every step of the way. They lose friends and support along the way, but still they persevere. Still they keep their eye on the prize... their child! These are the strongest people I know. They deserve our help and support prayers and respect.

I try to advocate for as many as I can. That is my donation. To blog and FB and try to get the word out there. And the reason I do it over and over again is because I never know who is going to read my blog. I know all my "regulars", and these posts are not really for you. You are in the trenches right beside me. You know the truth . But on any given day, someone who never heard about Reece's Rainbow, or could never imagine that beautiful children are dying as they wait for a family, might read my blog. This might be the post that opens a heart to adoption, or leads someone to donate.

I do this so I can sleep at night. So I can say to God I did something today to help. No it wasn't a monetary donation, but it was my donation. There are so many ways to help if you do not have the money. Please, post , post , post!! FB,FB FB!!!! IT will eventually reach someone. God will make sure your words and your efforts do not fall upon deaf ears!  Talk about these families and other families. Talk about RR and the children.

Now please pick a family listed above, or one that you know, and do something for them today.  Anything... to make a difference :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The sun is just peaking through my window and gently landing on my face. The gentle morning sun , like the gentle hand of God reminding me that He is close. The crickets are still singing, and the birds must be listening because they are silent. 

Summer is coming much too quickly to an end and that makes me so sad. I wish I could just stop time right here. Here, in August with it's long lazy days and my family close by. With everything green and fragrant. The flowers are at their finest, the greenery at it's fullest. Butterflies, dragonflies and crickets rule, squirrels and birds relax with full belly's and plenty of food. Children swim and lay in the sun with no place to to rush to.   

Dinners are simple and usually eaten in bathing suites, ice cream is an acceptable side dish, and late nights are embraced. 

Oh why does my heart get so heavy when summer is saying goodbye...

Goodbye to summer means hello to fall. Hello to early mornings and rushed meals trying to make it to "wherever" on time. It means sitting in traffic and missing the sunset. It means no more soft sand and ocean breezes. 

It means changes, and I'm not a fan of changes. This year there are a lot of changes. Too many for my heart to handle.
Olivia is entering high school. She is leaving behind the safety of St Peters, a school she has attended since Kindergarten. Nerves are aplenty... both hers and mine. 
My little girl in high school. How and when did this happen. We were just holding hands and reading stories and playing. I was just watching her dance across the living room, and helping her to dress like a princess. There were loose teeth and boo boos, bubble baths and combing her hair. When did all that stop??? When was the last time I brushed her hair? I wish I could remember, I wished I had known it was the last time. I would have tried to remember every detail.
I miss my little girl so much. My heart aches for one more day with the seven year old Olivia. 

Sophia is going into seventh grade and will graduate next year. I look at her and still see a baby. I forget that she is a young lady. A mothers eyes can play tricks on her. Sometimes we are unable to see what stands before us, we see what is in our memories.

Bella  is going into fourth grade. She has grown so much this past year, and I have no control over it. LOL The baby girl until Miss Em came along... Bella the wild one . The free spirit, the one who will not be tamed.

Andrew, big year for my boy. Second grade! My baby boy. Taller, much taller this year. But still my baby boy.

And Miss Em, turning three and going to school. She's so little. How will they even keep track of her?? Will they understand her?  So many worries, but I'm also so excited for her. She needs this, she needs to go. 

Just like the summer, they all need to go...

They need to spread their wings, discover, learn, explore, grow. 

They can't stay little forever. No matter how hard I try, they just keep on growing. I wonder how many times a mother's heart breaks. Endless amount of times, I imagine.

So, just like the seasons, a new time is beginning... an old one is ending.   Fall is beautiful, so different from summer but still so beautiful...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They're In The Home Stretch

Well The Abell's have been working night and day on their Dossier. Things are moving along swiftly with the new agency and they are nearing the end!

They have joined forces with Amanda over at Just one more 4 who is adopting Andriy. 

They have put their efforts  together for one huge push for the finish line

Please take a look at what they have going on over at Saving our Starfish. You will be supporting two adoptions! It's really a super idea 

Here's a preview of some of the great things you could win. But to see the rest you have to go there... or here:)

Apple iPod touch 8GB With
Ematic 11-in-1 Accessory Kit for iPod Touch (4th Generation):

Garmin nuvi 1100LM 3.5" GPS
w/ Lifetime Map Updates

Bonaia's Shop
Winner receives one Owl Onesie
This item is made to order, each onesie is hand printed,
you choose size. My very first Esty donation :o)
If only I wore this size.
And the list goes on and on an on...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Serving Up Some Disaster Flambe

 A dear cyberspace friend of mine Leigh Schilling Edwards has written a book,  Disaster FlambĂ©   I am in awe of anyone who can put enough thoughts and words and feelings together and call it a book. Leigh has an incredible outlook on life. She blogs about her life at Adasperdown and on more than one occasion she has left me sobbing and or laughing uncontrollably.  
She writes about Aspergers, Down syndrome, ADHD, and the rest of "life". Her sense of humor mixed with the reality of life is inspirational.  

Leigh's book is available at Amazon for Kindles. There is also an option to download to your PC if you are Kindleless like me. 
You can even read the first chapter for free.  I did and I can guarantee you will want more.
Now if that didn't perk your interest this will,  for a limited time,  Leigh is donating10% of sales from her book to Reece's Rainbow, (did I mention she's also got a huge heart for orphans)
So please check out Disaster Flambe, it's a fantastic read and you will be supporting the fabulous Leigh  and  RR at the same time.

* Leigh, I'm so proud of you! Wishing you the best with your book. Thanks for sharing your crazy, funny, OMG that can't be true, OMG that is true, life with us!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Littlest Mermaid

The girls thought Miss Em was ready  for her first lesson on becoming a mermaid.

She needed a little encouragement. 

Then, she quickly got the hang of it.

Okay, not exactly looking like a mermaid...

But she's happy!!

Clinging like a koala bear to one of her most favorite people EVER, The lovely Miss Allie

Thanks for loving Miss Em so much Allie. We'll miss you!!

An exhausting, but good day.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Justin Bieber??? Is that you?  In my kitchen??

No , just my one and only Andrew.  
Talk about before and after photos!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is There Anything You Want to Add

I had a meeting with the school dept today, at the school that Emmie will be attending.  I was so nervous but it was all in vain because it went FABULOUS! I got the feeling that everyone has Em's best intentions in mind and hopefully her whole transition will go as smoothly as today. Everything was explained to me in a casual and friendly manner. The school dept's OT, ST, and PT, will try to hook up with her EI therapists and observe Miss Em. They will evaluate her, do their testing and what not, then we will meet up in September for the "TRANSITION"  Em will be in a classroom with typical kids and other kids with special needs. I think that is going to work best for her. I'm actually getting a little excited for her. I know she will love it.

As the meeting was coming to an end, I was asked if I wanted to add anything. And for some reason this image came to mind.

 Nope... nothing to add. I'm good.  

Oh Miss Em they have no idea what's headed their way! 

And just if your wondering, we normally don't eat from the floor. "Someone" was eating in the living room and left their dish unattended for a millisecond. Miss Em having quite a taste for ketchup swooped in to lick the dish clean. It tastes so much better that way!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Fair Ladies

Okay, over the past , almost three years that I've been hanging out here in blog land, I have met some of the most amazing people.  Three of those people I have just recently met, maybe in the past few months. 

And all three of them are adopting. And all three of them are having  fund raisers right now. And all three of them are very close to traveling or have just made their first trip.

Now I know I just got done with a fund raiser and begging for the last month. So I'm not going to do that. But, I learned during my Give To for Olga, that a lot of people I don't know , know me... well, know my blog. So there are probably people out there that have not yet heard the story of theses three ladies yet. 

Lady Number One: Ann
Ann is adopting two little dumplings, Barbara and Matthew. You can see them in my sidebar. Ann and her hubby just returned from their first trip. They got to hold and love and snuggle their little loves.Ann has a name game going on at her blog. I don't know about you but I love to hear what moms and dads decide to name their little ones. I've got a thing with names. Well anyway, Ann and her hubs have picked out two names for their children and would love to share them with the world, but there's a small catch. Ann flat out refuses to tell, until her chip in reaches $1500.00. The amount needed to officially give them their names and visas. $5000.00 is the full amount needed to spring her Dumplings from the orphanage and whisk them home where they belong.   You can meet Ann here

Lady Number Two: Renee
Renee is adopting Paisley. She will be the first little girl in this family and I do believe she will be known as Princess Paisley . Paisley will have three brothers to make sure her royal little toes never touch the ground. Renee has already played the name game and announced Miss P's middle name. It's beautiful, but I'm not going to disclose it here. It's better if you read about it here. Renee is a mom, in the true sense of the word. She amazes me repeatedly with what she can get done in a day. Her unending optimism and faith mixed with her southern hospitality makes for a true and true good person.  Renee is in the process of fund raising and has also promised "something good" when her chip in hits $5000.00 (and it's close) . You can meet Renee here

Lady Number Three: Jenn
Jenn, as you know is adopting Olga. She is having a giveaway now to raise money to have all the papers that will compile their dossier apostilled.  Those of you that have adopted probably just groaned because you know how much that costs. For those of you, like me who haven't been through the process it's EXPENSIVE! Each document costs around  $20.00 or more (I don't have the exact amount, I think it's different in every state)!  and there are a stack of documents. Jenn is the most humble person I have ever met.  Whether you donate $10.00 or $100.00 or, tell her you are praying for her, you get the most gracious "thank you". She puts it all in Gods hands and has complete trust in him. Jenn's goal for this fund raiser is $420.00. Exactly what she needs to apostille all the forms. See what I mean about being humble?? You can meet Jenn here

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer is Back

It's summertime again at Daily Smiles! Christmas has been packed away for a few more months.  I will be emailing anyone who did not specify which ornament they wanted. I want to make sure I have them all set to send to The Abell's. The money will be transferred immediately:)

Also there are some free ornaments going to donor #8 and donor #9, also the person who brought my chip in to $400, and also $500. I will be emailing you for your ornament choice and address if I don't already have it. 

Again this was a blast! Thank you for supporting The Abell's and for loving Olga. 

And I just need to say something about Jenn and Chris Abell.  God selected them for a special job. To be Olga's parents. It was His decision. They are following His lead, and His lead is taking them along a very bumpy path. Every adoption is different. Some from start to finish take just a few months, some much longer. Some seem to move very smoothly and some are bombarded with obstacles. No two are exactly the same. just as no two pregnancy's are the same. Recently they lost a lot of support and that's very sad. So to the people that hung in there and believe in The Abell's thank you. Please continue to show your support, please pray for Jenn and Chris, and Olga. pray that God removes any obstacles that they may run into and brings Olga home soon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Promised I Wouldn't Look

I've been out all afternoon and and I was just about to jump in the pool with the kids. I walked by the computer and tried so hard to not take a peek. I wasn't going to look until tonight. Well, curiosity got the best of me and the cat I guess, but I fared better than the feline! 

I'm in tears, happy happy tears!

That child is coming home to her family, come hell or high water. The Abell's love her and Olga is theirs. I know there have been much grander fund raisers but to me this was a thumbs up from God. An affirming nod, heck it was a high five from heaven.

Little by little they are getting there. They are fighting the good fight and your support during this Give To  has helped them to be stronger and have faith that God is on their side.

 Sending out the biggest cyberspace hug to each and every one of you!
Chip in is up and running til midnight, no reason why we can't be over achievers :)

Love you all


Olga's Give To has been extended one more day. I'm not leaving without $500.00. I just can't be this close, only $70.00 away, and give up. 

I am so excited and I know I sound like a broken record but please bear with me. You at least have the option of not reading, imagine poor Peter, there's no place for him to hide. (hehe)  I was really nervous coming in to this "Give To" . I have never done anything like this before and I was worried. 
Worried people would laugh at my efforts. Worried that no one would help. Worried that people would be unsupportive.

I'm not a really optimistic person, as you can see. I usually talk myself out of any ideas before I can ever get a chance to see what might happen. But this was different. In all honesty,  I can say this was all from God. The idea was planted by Him. And believe me, I tried to tell Him it wouldn't work., not on my little, obscure blog. But He wouldn't listen. Ha! So I had to listen to Him. 

And it worked!! There is 430.00 plus a ton of ornaments going to the Abell Family. I put my fears and insecurities behind me, actually into Gods hands, and did what I know He was asking me to do. 

And if there were people laughing, or shaking  their heads, or thinking that $500.00 isn't going to help much, well you know what? I never saw it, or heard it. All I heard were encouraging words and  supportive emails, I saw re-posting on blogs and FB.
And for that I thank you all!!

Now! I know there are at least 7 more people in this world who would love to chose an ornament for Olga and support her mom and dad!!

You can view the  ornaments here . And again thank you for making this such a fun and successful Give to for Olga!! Remember it's all for her. It's all for a little girl who needs to come home!