Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm In Labor!

HA! Not really.

I was just thinking that summer vacation is like being in labor. Just when you think you cannot possibly take another second of pain, God gives the nod and out comes your bundle of joy.
I am now at that moment when I don't think I can possibly take another second. Okay I'm not in pain, I'm just frazzled.

But God gave the nod!!! Because tomorrow is the first day of school! I made it!!! Out go my little bundles of joy! Haha, can you tell I'm a little tired, tonight?

Actually they were good kids. They didn't start getting completely out of hand until yesterday.

So tonight the uniforms are ironed and the lunch boxes are out. The backpacks are filled to the gills with "stuff".

Tomorrow it's back to the routine we all know so well. It's bittersweet. But if we don't move on then all those fabulous days we are going to have will never get here. Like birthdays and apple picking, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas.

Here's some pics of our day in the pool. What fun! We went out to a movie tonight after swimming. We saw Despicable Me. I cried. Seriously? Yes, seriously. The end was so sweet.

Kiss, kiss, kiss ... good night

Me Time Tuesday... As Promised

Okay so I'm wasting no time in getting things going. It's barely eight in the morning and do you think I've already taken some me time?

Well yes in a way I have. I got up early on my last day to sleep in before school starts to set up this post.

I just wanted to figure out the linky thing. Don't you all just love my techno lingo? I know you all know what I mean.

Now I am having the posting on a Tuesday, but you can share anything you did for yourself all week long. Or like today feel free to post some ideas. Mostly for people like me who are used to Walmart being Me Time. That doesn't count anymore!

Well, we'll see how things go.
It's never too late to join, and seriously no pressure either. I'm not going to be knocking on your blogs asking where your posts are, hehe! This is all for fun! And an attempt to keep what's left of my sanity.

And the linky works! I tried it to make sure.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guys, I've been Inspired!

All your comments have really got me thinking! We're all in the same boat. So let's do something about it.
I want more me time, heck, I just want some me time.
I'm going to start a Tuesday post. I'm calling it , ME Time Tuesday. Who's in on it?

Here's how it goes.

Every Tuesday I am going to post something I did for myself. I don't care if it was just taking extra time to do my hair! Nothing is too small.

Why don't you guys try it too. Maybe it would be fun of we did it together and we would get good ideas from each other. I'll see if I can set up one of those Mclinky thingamachigs, And you could link your post up to my blog. Then everyone could see each others posts.

I'm really excited about this, lets have some fun with this!

Who's in on it??????

Time For Me

As I type this I have one eye on the clock. Liv has an orthodontist appointment at 9:30 a break in between and then PT at noon. Ballet is causing some aches and pains so she sees a PT too. Wednesday they are back at school and soon after all the activities will resume. Those precious six hours that they are at school promised to be my sweet times with Em, but will they really?

With therapies and housework, shopping, appointments and everything else will I actually see any of that time for me?

Lately I've been feeling like I've lost my identity. I feel as though a trained monkey could take my place. I know with a house full of kids and Miss Em and a hubby, things are crazy. But the point I'm trying to make here isn't that I'm fed up with them or all the work, it's that I'm fed up with the fact that I don't set time aside for me. I blame myself for letting go of the things I used to enjoy.
Everything and everybody has time set for them. There's a set time for therapies, a set time for ballet, a set time for dinner(mostly), a set time for work, a set time for cooking, a set time for homework, where is the set time for mom?

If I don't incorporate it into the mix, it will never be there. I mean seriously the kids aren't going to suggest it!
I need some time for me. There I said it! I need to see my friends. I need to pray in silence, so I can actually hear Jesus answer me. Lately if He was talking he'd have to be screaming in order for me to hear Him. I need to be in my garden, write letters, and go for a walk. And crafts, I used to love flower arranging and making things. I've all but forgotten that.

I need these things in order to make me a better person. Serving my family is wonderful, I always wanted a big family, but I can't loose myself. I can't forget about the things , other than my family , that bring me joy.
And I need to remember that it's okay. It's okay to enjoy other things.

So that's my goal this school year. It's going to be tough. But I am going to make time for myself, and not feel guilty about it.

Everyone will benefit by it.

A happy mama, makes a happy home!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Maybe the title of today's post should be Not Thankful Sunday. Because what comes to mind right now, is that I'm not thankful school is starting this week, I'm not thankful summer is ending, I'm not thankful Miss Em is sick(just a cold or allergies, nothing major), I'm not thankful we couldn't go to Edaville Railroad to see Thomas the Tank Engine, because Miss Em wasn't up to par.

But that's not the name of this post so I can't go with a negative outlook. So I'm thankful for the picture above. Not the silly creature looking at me like he wants to come in for some coffee, but the morning glories behind him. You can click to enlarge the picture. But I'm so proud of these little guys. The top is full of buds. It's a bad picture because it was taken from my kitchen window.
I'm thankful that even though summer is technically coming to an end Miss Em and I can still enjoy quite a few more warm sunny days together, while the rest are in school.

I'm thankful that even though school is starting my kids are somehow all looking forward to going back. And I'm thankful they have such a wonderful school to go to.

And even though Miss Em is not feeling great, it's most likely just allergies. and nothing to worry about. Her health, I am always eternally thankful for.
I'm upset we missed Thomas this weekend , but I'm Thankful he is there next weekend too. Andrew didn't even remember that we were supposed to go yesterday. I don't know how, he's been asking me constantly. So, I'm also thankful that he wasn't upset. Think how surprised he'll be next weekend! LOL

I'm learning from posting Thankful Sunday's that even though some weeks are tough, or disappointing, you can look past the negative. It's okay to find something positive with a crummy week. I am not an optimistic person by nature so this is not always easy for me. I'd much rather dwell on the doom and gloom.
But by doing that you might miss something special that God intended for you to enjoy. I can only imagine all I missed through the years.

Thanks Carol for your Thankful Sundays that I miss so much, but that inspired me to take a closer look at what I was missing out on. I am so
thankful for you!

And because I'd be a bad blogger if I only posted a picture of a crazy squirrel, here's Miss Em enjoying the water at the beach.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Something A Little More Appropriate

Now that, that Yankee hat is gone, I was looking for something to keep Miss Em's hair out of her eyes. Something more appropriate, hehe, j/k.

She also CANNOT stand having her hair brushed or styled. She looks adorable with a barrette on the side or a small clip, but she eats them. So much for that, and I'm getting tired of the same half up half down style she's been wearing for the past year.

She hasn't had her headbands in for a while. From the photo above you can guess why. Not a big fan of these either. Is it giving her a migraine or something?

Maybe if I just keep putting them back on, I can break her, like a wild horse.

Or just let her hair fly all over the place. It does kind of suit her personality.

*The last photo is a slightly older one of Em.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Say It Isn't So!!!!!

What is this!! This can't be! Who's under that YANKEE'S HAT! Not my little girl! and who put it on her sweet head?? That's what I want to know!

NO!!!!! Our "friend"!!! Rob?? He's a Yankee fan? Who knew! And now he's trying to pull the baby over to the other side? What's he telling her and why is she listening so intently?

That's it honey, toss that hat to the wind! Don't believe any thing he tells you!

Oh no it's too late! Looks like the Yanks have another fan, sigh... What's a mother to do? You bring them into the world, you love them and try to teach them right from wrong, but you just never know. She was so easily swayed!

OK, before I get any grief from any Yankee fans out there, we were just having some fun. I don't see why we (Red Sox fans) can't all get along, haha. I thought it was a hoot that Miss Em won't tolerate any hats whatsoever, but kept that Yankee hat on! She did look pretty cute in it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just playing around with Bella's glasses. If Em ever does need glasses we're definitely going for pink.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Special Visitors

One of our camping days was very special. We were all in the campsite at the same time, which was a rarity because the kids were given bikes to ride from the owner and were enjoying their new found freedom.

Out of nowhere these to beautiful butterflies appeared. And stayed! And dare I say, they played with us. They landed on all of us tickling us and fluttering around us. Flying circles around our heads and landing ever so gently on our out stretched hands.

I've never seen butterflies behave this way. I mean I'm no expert bit I've been around when butterflies have been released and they hang around for a few minutes, but then they're gone. Even at butterfly farms they are not this eager to stay so close.

They even landed on the baby's playpen, which made me a little nervous. I could see the curiosity in her eyes and she doesn't have a gentle touch. But they seemed to know that and stayed a safe distance away.

Olivia's hand


After it was apparent they were in no rush to leave, Peter and I got a strange feeling. Could these sweet gentle creatures be a visit from to loves that we are missing. We decided to believe that Carly and Kristen did indeed come for a visit.

It was an incredible experience and one we will hold in our hearts. Two gentle butterflies who came to play. I can use no other words to describe their behavior. They were playful. They were flying around us like two children. Never too far from each other.

I'm not saying anyone has to agree with the way we feel. I just wanted to share this. I can't put into words the feeling that accompanied these two butterflies, but it was out of the ordinary. And very special.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

22 On The Twenty Second, And A Thanful Sunday

Miss Em is 22 months old, and I am Thankful for every single wonderful second.

She was covered in chocolate. This job was way to big for a wipe!

I'm Thankful to be able to wish my nephew Andrew a very happy birthday( yesterday), but we always run a little late around here. Love you Andrew!!!

I'm Thankful we were able to get away this summer and enjoy such a beautiful vacation.

Thankful that God has been by our side these past few years. I've mentioned a few times that our finances were in a state of ...well, disaster. They still are but , there is light at the end of this very long tunnel we have been in and God has graciously let us see that.

Thankful my Morning Glories are beginning to bloom, FINALLY! They say you should talk to your plants, so I threatened to set them on fire if they didn't do something.

Thankful my summer doesn't have to end when the kids go back to school. Emmie and I can still enjoy a warm, beautiful September.

And Thankful it's almost apple picking time!!! PIES!!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Post Inspired By A Dear Friend

I just got home from having dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met when we were just a couple of single chicks, with our whole lives ahead of us.

We worked together and hung out together, shared secrets and had more laughs than I could possibly count.

Well we're not such young chicks anymore and we are married and raising our families. Life has gotten busy and we see each other about once a year. That we have got to change.

Anyway, while at dinner tonight I was asked a question by my friend. She asked how I handle it all. How do I manage with all the kids and Miss Em and her needs. She said everything looks so put together on the blog.

HMMMMM, well ,it's not all put together, that was my answer. Things are crazy and disorganized.

The one thing I didn't want my blog to be was something I'm not. I wanted to keep it real.

Everyday is not a picnic, my kids are not like the kids in the Sound of Music. I tried ... trust me.

The kids fight like there's no tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and they get to continue! LOL
I'm not singing through the house as I dust with a feather duster. Some days I need a bulldozer to clear a path.

At any given moment you can find someone crying about something, someone arguing about something. If you don't watch where you're walking something will grab you. Most likely a train. There are baby dolls and stuffed bears everywhere.

My need for a clean organized house is becoming something I am giving up on.

Cereal has been served for supper.

Andrew thinks I'm mean. Actually the meanest mother ever..

And my stress level has caused strange heart palpitations.


I didn't nickname our family Ringling Brothers for nothing!

It is a circus at times. Some days I just want to sit and have a good cry. Sometimes it helps.


Most days are good. When I see Em do something new. Or the kids just get along. When we laugh so hard we cry. When I look at them sleeping. When my oldest still kisses me goodnight. When Bella tells me I'm pretty.

It's all worth it.

The good the bad and the ugly all makes up my family, which is beautiful because they're mine.


All those happy smiling faces that I post are truly that, just not everyday...

Except Miss Em, she pretty much is that happy every day. We could all take a few pointers from her. Myself included.

Camping Pictures!

Just arrived and setting up.

Ready to go swimming! What a pose.

Always ready to laugh.

Brushing teeth.

A dip in the pool.

Time for a snack!

Whale's Tale Waterpark! That's Bella and Olivia.

Em being very cautious, and Sophia in the back getting soaked by falling water. The design here is a pirate ship and every few minutes a huge bucket of water falls.

Grilling some ribs.
Night life.

We stayed at the Goose Hollow camp sight. I recommend it to anyone in the area. It was the most beautiful site we have ever been to. The owner was fabulous and the place is spotless! And get this, we barely used any bug spray. I thought it was because they had the site sprayed but, no! It's because they have a large amount of frogs and bats, who clean up all the mosquito's! No chemicals needed.

And we never saw a bat, if you were wondering.

It was a wonderful trip. and we are already counting the days until we can go back.

And I'm glad to report the trip started and ended without any turbulence. No mishaps. Well, just one. Our computer died. The motherboard and hard drive. Peter was busy driving around trying to fix things before we left. The owner knew someone who fixed computers, but there was no hope for ours. We were forced to buy a new one. most of the stuff on our hard drive was able to be saved. Thank God!! All my pictures and videos are there. But other than that it was clear sailing!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We're back in town! It was a great trip. Will post more later.

Read all your comments about the pie! Too funny! And , YES! You bet I made the pie! I wasn't leaving without it!

Missed you all! Time to catch up.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Well, we're off. We have somehow packed the house into the back of the Suburban! LOL! Now where to put the kids, hehe. So much effort. We still have to clean up the house because I refuse to come home to a disaster.

So, with Ringling Brothers hitting the road today(that's what I call or family) I am Thankful for a sunny day.

Thankful that we have the chance to take off for a while.

Thankful for the last batch of blueberries Bella and I picked yesterday. I will be making a pie to take with us for tonight. Yes I intend on making a pie before we leave. It's 7:30 as I type this , church is at 9:30 and we are supposed to leave shortly after that. I'm not leaving without the pie!

Thankful that there was no room in the car to pack any stress, anxiety, worry, or fighting. They will just have to stay behind.

And I am hopeful that we will have good times and clear skies!!

Don't know what the Internet access will be like. Will post and update when I can.

Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday!