Sunday, March 30, 2014

Remember, if anyone asks , we're just a nice normal family.

Well spring has supposedly sprung. The March Lion is heading out and the gentle lamb is moving in. So long winter of 2014... you were horrendous!

Thought I'd play a little "Catch up with the Kaczmarzyk's " today.

Mom and Dad are holding down the fort as the minions repeatedly try to take over. Their leader seems to be the smallest yet most ferocious of them all.

Just kidding ! She's really kinda cute!

They follow her lead and seem to give her whatever she wants out of loyalty..

 They will do anything to make her smile.

Because when Emmie ain't happy , no one is happy

 Or it could be they're all just afraid of her.

The two oldest of the minions spend a lot of time in what seems to be a very bi polar relationship. We often hear laughter to the point of hysteria, which can suddenly and quite unexpectedly switch to the sound of two cats fighting to the death.  One I believe is named idiot and the other is moron... but the names also seem to be interchangeable.
They also spend an obscene amount of time dancing, which they say keeps them sane... I beg to differ. I think they are completely crazy, but lovely.

The middle minion girl, is trained in high tech flipping moves which she practices non stop... everywhere. She has used these moves to escape the wrath of the older minions many times. She seems to be the instigator and has mastered that trait.  

The one boy minion is the gentlest and the one we approach without fear. He just seems to want food and is lulled into complete submission by Sponge Bob.  

As long as the fridge is stocked the car is gassed up and ready to drive them wherever, at any time, and Barny and Friends is always available they say we can stay and live here in  peace with them. I think that is a fair and generous offer.

And of course there are those special and rare moments when all the kids are together, a cease fire is declared and mom and dad are invited in to just relish the moment.

Our motto, memorized by all, and recited daily... 

"Remember, if anyone asks , we're just a nice normal family."

Seriously, though... I cherish these days! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spread the Word to End the Word... You Know... "The" Word

Big day today. The national campaign to wipe out ignorance is out in full force. In case you haven't heard, the "R" word, you know, Retard, Retarded, yeah those words. Well they've been shelved.  

In a nutshell they are insulting and hurtful. 

Close your mouth, I know what you're going to say.

How do I know?
Because I've said it too. A million times. 

"I didn't mean anything by it."
" I'm not making fun of people with disabilities, I love people with disabilities" 
" You took it the wrong way"
"I just meant....

Look if you trip over your dishwasher because you left it open and call it a retard, odds are your dishwasher could care less. But I care. I care because when you say the word, retard, you automatically get an image of my daughter in your head. Whether you think you are or not. 


And that my friends is unacceptable.

Pick your words wisely, because we're out there to kindly offer you alternatives if we here you using inappropriate words.. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Tyrannical Train Conductor and her "Helper. When to use the Down syndrome Card

Em loves to hang with her siblings. And they love to have her around. But sometimes she can be , well... the annoying little sister.

Andrew loves trains. So does Em! The problem is that Em thinks that when Andrew breaks out the trains, it's an invitation to join in. Andrew on the other hand would much rather fly solo, or be the lone conductor.

He has a certain way to build his tracks and unfortunately Emmie always seems to want to make "improvements". She soon takes over completely and poor Andrew goes from Conductor to mere helper.. if that.
Em lives by the golden rule (hers) of, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine.  Andrew's golden rule.. Stay away from my stuff!

I sympathize with the kid, I really do. 

Here's the thing. Andrew sees Em as his little sister.. period. He sees no disability, no challenges, no Down syndrome.

So when do I have to throw in the Down syndrome card for Em?   Do I throw the card at all? Or do I let them battle it out?

Granted , she's fresh at times. Not because she has Ds but because she has mastered being fresh.

Then there are the times when I know she is doing something, or not doing something, not because she is spoiled or fresh but because there is that gap in understanding or reason, that she just hasn't mastered yet. Like being a tyrannical train conductor. 

For now I just give Andrew a look and tell him to cut her some slack. And continuously redirect Em to playing "nice", or nicer because she thinks her way is really nice..

And I secretly really like that he doesn't often cut her that "slack". And sometimes it really makes her mad. But I guess we are a full inclusion family. LOL  

Tell me your thoughts!
I know a lot of you must face this on a daily basis too.