Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Meet Chandler and Wyatt

Well, this Dumpling is just about the cutest little bug I've ever seen. This is Chandler.

He's more delicious than a cupcake!!  I hate to think how spoiled he'd be in my house! But  boy would he deserve to be!

Right now he is in an orphang in EE waiting. 

Boy, born January 2010

Look at those big blue eyes!! 

Chandler has Down syndrome and a patent foramen ovale – which is a small hole between the chambers of the heart.  This is common in childhood, and often closes without any medical intervention.

These children are blessed to be in an excellent orphanage, however this region typically requires 3 trips.  This is a great orphanage and the children receive excellent care, and there is minimal travel in-country.  This orphanage is close to the Capital city, so it's fantastic for sight-seeing.

We have had many successful adoptions from this orphanage, and families are willing to share their experiences.

$1208 .20 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
His birthday is in January, could be today, maybe it was last week, whenever it was, I'm sure it was not acknowledged.
Happy 2nd Birthday Chandler.  Pray next year you are home with your family, celebrating BIG!! 

And Mr. Wyatt is back for his second appearance, on Teamwork Tuesday. Wyatt gets to double dip because he really to needs to get his little butt home! 

Wyatt has some medical needs that need immediate attention.
Boy, born February 2009
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Nature: Quiet

Update Sept 2011:  Our little Wyatt is not doing well.   He is described as a recumbent patient.  Along with his Down syndrome, he has hydrocephalus and can hardly move his hands.
Update Jan 2012:  Wyatt also has possible Cystic Fibrosis and is fed through a tube.
Please let's rally for Wyatt and get him into a family who can save his life!! 

$3782.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
There is a perfect family out there for him!! The best way to save this little guy is to talk, talk and talk about him!!! Please share everywhere!!It really Just takes a second!  Take his pic, my post whatever and share!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

"No, He's American"

If you didn't see A Smile Big as the Moon, last night then make sure you catch the encore presentation next week! It was great!!! It was written beautifully, our kids were portrayed in a positive and respectful light. The actors were brilliant... especially Ben;)  

And to think that this took place in 1988, just blows me away! This was an unheard of undertaking in itself,  just throw it back to 1988 and you have the unimaginable being attempted.

So did you see it?? Did you love it?? 
What was your favorite part ?? 
Best line?? 

If you saw the movie, then my  post title makes sense to you.  It was the best line ever!!! Just might keep that one in my back pocket!  Hope I never need it, but that's a one liner I'll have ready, if ever..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sisters, Sharing Soup

Now add a crazy, body shaking belly laugh, and that's how you eat soup.
Enjoy you Sunday;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Andrew made his very first Reconciliation today. I love the tradition of making a Sorry Sack. I never did anything like this as a kid. Things are so much better these days! 

On the front it says I'm Sorry, and then after they make their reconciliation, our Priest turns it around and it says, I Am Forgiven. 

Of course before the special day, we had umpteen things to do, so Peter went one way and I went the other, "promising" to meet up at church BEFORE 11:30am... "before" being the operative word here. I was there with my appointed children, but much to my surprise when I entered church and asked where they seated Peter and Andrew, (you know the boy who needed to be there on time) I was told they weren't there yet!! I stifled my  screams  and flew like a nut out to my car to call the  missing father and son. Within moments he nonchalantly pulled into the parking lot. Ten minutes late, which is not cool, and this certainly was not an occasion to be fashionably late for. Why God does my husband have absolutely no concept of time...why???

But I forgave him...after a while, since that was the theme of the day. "sigh"

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Has Nothing To Do With The Ball Pit! But Still Pretty Exciting!

Most of you know speech is not Em's strong point. She's trying and things are coming along nicely.Slow but nicely Lately I have been noticing her acting like she is understanding more and more. In fact at times, even when she is not directly part of a conversation, but just within earshot, she will act like she understands what we are talking about. She laughs at the right time, or makes a face, that corresponds with what it being said.She has even started to make a scary face when we tell her it's time for bed... it's hysterical!!


Tonight, some paper fell to the floor and Em picked it up. I told her to "put it in the garbage".  All spoken words , I didn't use any signing.  I've done this a few thousand times in the past, and Em has done the same thing, a few thousand times. Laugh and run away. Usually taking the garbage with her. I think she is a future hoarder , but that's another problem and another post. lol



Little stinker understood perfectly!!!! Opened the lid, put the trash right in and closed the lid!!  A Celebration immediately followed!! She understands!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And yes I'm crying because she put trash in the garbage! We are celebrating because she put trash in the garbage! How blessed are we to be able to celebrate magnificent things like this!!!!

I guess a picture of this event would have been cool, but I was too busy praying and holding my breath to make a move for the camera. We'll try again tomorrow;)

Ball Pit Photo of the Week

I know I'm writing about that ball pit, Again!!! it seems almost every picture I take of Em is in the ball pit. Everything she does, she does, in the ball pit ... except play with the balls. Remember, she really disliked them and tossed them all out. 

So, since I always take pictures of Em and I'm getting quite a collection of her in "the pit" I figured I'd save them for one special ball pit post every Friday. 

So here is the photo of the week!

Using her creative side Em has realized, if you turn the pit upside down it makes a great jumpy, slide thing!
Love the closed eyes and big smile! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Bella's Birthday!!

While the "tornado" sleeps I'll take this moment to wish my Bella Rose a very happy 10th Birthday!!

I'm watching her right now in her blue sparkly skirt twirling in the living room while she talks on the phone to her biggest sister in California, and I'm thinking ... Wow, she's my girl!

She hates having her picture taken. I consider myself lucky getting one birthday picture, even a blurry one.

Love you more, Bella!!!!

Terror on Two Legs:Updated

By 10:30

A Cashew explosion.

Cashews, eggs, bagel and an elephant ear pastry.

Checking out the mess in her beloved ball pit. And in her defense she did try to stuff as many as possible in her mouth to "help" clean up.

And by 1045:

Mommy rules the house once again!

Of course she enjoyed using the vacuum and a mini meltdown followed when i took it back. 

She is so taking a nap... soon! What is it, that gets into kids, that make then totally nuts some days!!  She is off the wall! And figures it's her Thursday off from school.

Terror on Two Legs

It's only 9:30 am and so far Miss Em has rearranged all of Andrews trains, thrown scrambles eggs everywhere and answered me back in some form of growling language. Her time out length is indefinite at this point,and there is a sharp pain in my left temple. 
OK, add hit the 18 year old, half dead cat in the head with her sippy.  Guess that's what he gets for sitting under her highchair. Bet he has the same pain in his temple now too!!

Don't let that smile fool you. She's just plotting her next move.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Was 75% Off !

And I knew she would wear it because she will only tolerate ridiculous things on her head.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Robert

Tuesday again and time to showcase another beautiful child from Reece's Rainbow. Hopefully you will be seeing Robert on other blogs too, as some of RR Warriors have gotten together to post about a different child every Tuesday. Please feel free to share this post and Robert on your blog or FB or Twitter. Exposure is what is needed to bring these children to the light. They need to be seen! So please don't feel like too many people already said and did all there is for a child, and your post or share on FB won't matter. IT MATTERS! It may be the one post that a child's mama sees. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO US READING, NEVER!  

So without further waiting , here is Robert!

Look at those big brown eyes!!! 

Boy, born December 2009

Robert is just up from his nap — and look how bright-eyed he is!   He has a couple of little teeth peeking out on the bottom, too :)

He has Down syndrome and a patent foramen ovale – which is a small hole between the chambers of the heart.  This is common in childhood, and often closes without any medical intervention.

These children are blessed to be in an excellent orphanage, however this region typically requires 3 trips.  This is a great orphanage and the children receive excellent care, and there is minimal travel in-country.  This orphanage is close to the Capital city, so it's fantastic for sight-seeing.

We have had many successful adoptions from this orphanage, and families are willing to share their experiences.

He's a beautiful bundle! 

 Please look at Robert, and look into your own heart.  Helping comes in so many different forms.  It's not always about money and donating. What is God asking you to do? Maybe just a simple post, or maybe something more. But you can always do something. A prayer while you're driving, for a little boy named Robert would be great. Little things when put together amount to miracles.

*Here are other Teamwork Tuesday posts. These boys are still waiting.


Wyatt (Wyatt did have a family, but unfortunately they could not continue with the adoption, he is still waiting)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Invasion On The Snowy Hills

When the snow started falling I had a mini tantrum. Then I decided  to make lemonade out of  lemons! Or whatever you make out of unwanted snow. So yesterday we  took the sleds...and the kids to the park and road our troubles away... at least for the afternoon.

Emmie's not so sure about the thumbs up at this point.

Emmie is scooting down the hill, she got tired of waiting for an available sled. Self sufficient! Love it!

Ringling Brothers on Snow You should have seen how fast the kid on the orange sled moved. haha

Recovering from a rough ride down the hill with dad. Took a huge face full of snow! Recovered quite nicely for another round of rides.

Bella smiling!! I had to threaten to take her sled away.

Lovely surroundings. I wonder where all the people went. Probably went home to watch the football game... it couldn't have been us ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sharing Sunday: The Lost Get Found

Relentless, from the dictionary, adj. Steady and persistent; unremitting.

In certain situations being relentless is frowned upon, like when you're on the phone and your little one is just on fire to tell you something!  That's when the words,"You are relentless" are not a compliment.

But sometimes you meet a person and you can use the word, relentless, as the highest form of flattery. 
My friend Leah is that person. I don't know when I met her, or how long I've know her. And when I say "met" and "known" it is only through FB and blogging that we have ever "spoken". But sometimes that's all it takes to see someone for who they are.

Leah is young and crazy about the orphan and adoption. She is Relentless in speaking about children on Reece's rainbow. She is Relentless in blogging about the beauties on RR, and she is Relentless when it comes to taking a stand and advocating.  

She takes on tasks that most of us would back down from. She just does what needs to be done and gets amazing results. Her Angel Tree baby made their goal, she has successfully raised money for children waiting for their forever families, and now she has a fundraiser going on for Celine and Heath from Reece's Rainbow.


Celine is very near and dear to my heart. I've sat and prayed and cried over her for far too long. Wondering why in the world this child is still waiting.Logically speaking this child should have been home years ago! She fits the criteria perfectly. A beautiful healthy little girl with a dazzling smile! But still she waits, and now she waits while she is institutionalized. 

This is Leah's little one! She loves her so much!!! She has been RELENTLESS in advocating for her.

And now she has put together this amazing fundraiser. I don't know how she  did it.  But she did and it's huge!!! You know, I'm thinking I know how she did it. It's all done on love and faith. Leah just puts it all into Gods hands and when you do that in faith , how can you fail. 


You must be a part of this. Meet Leah here and see her The Lost Get Found Giveaway. And please if you cannot donate, than please share and pray!!!! That is just as important as a monetary donation!!!

This is a Sharing Sunday post. 

Read more posts like this one at Jane's blog Flight Platform Living.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

E- M - I - L - I - A


Everything, I never knew, I longed for.


Inseparable from my heart

Leader of laughs:)

Instructor of truth

Able to do ANYTHING!


ME, eternally blessed , to be entrusted with such a treasure. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Always a Happy Dumping Girl

Mornings are usually pretty good for Emmie. But yesterday she just wasn't having it. She jumped to the safety of her empty ball pit (which seems to have taken up permanent residency in my living room) and flopped.

Oh Miss E, you have years and years of early mornings ahead of you. 

And about that ball pit! Seriously!!! We are a family of seven sitting on one couch, because of the ball pit!  Our chair  gets moved into the sun room at Christmas time to make room for the tree.  This year after the tree came down the ball pit  moved in. So it's like musical chairs at night when we're all home to see who gets a seat on the couch! I have never seen a child get so attached to something. 

When summer is here it's going outside! Than we can maybe we can bring the chair back. 
Not saying that Emmie runs the household in any way, or somehow enforces her way on us. Not at all....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tick Tock Time To Get Off The Potty Pot

OK, you all know I'm potty training, from this post. I think that was the last potty post I wrote. We're just taking this real slow. Em's not quite sure about the whole thing just yet. But her teacher says they go to the potty twice a day, and Em is in full favor of the walk there, she'll sit nicely and even attempts to pull up her pants. Sounds like she's got the routine down pretty well. Except for the main part, which is actually putting the pee pee in the potty! Sigh!

After school I changed Em gave her lunch and as she does everyday, I let her watch a video before her nap. I knew she had to go, so instead of her Princess chair I put her potty in front of the TV.  

Look at her, all ready to make a a splash!

I put her video on and she settled in. Not really the plan but I figured I could clean up a little since she was so comfortable.

Guess I got a little carried away with cleaning up and , it just slipped my mind that Em was still on the potty! OOPS.  I was sure there must be something in there by now. Come on Miss Em lets see! 

Nothing! She sat herself back down and snuggled in to watch the rest of her show, quite content to continue sitting there. 

My conclusion: She loves her potty and doesn't want to get it dirty. Why do I think this? Because after sitting on it for over half an hour , she stood up walked in to the kitchen and peed on my floor! Thanks Em! I knew she had to go!
Oh Em good thing we love you more than chocolate!!! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Russell

Meet Russell!! He has that irresistible kissable spot under that chin of his! But I don't think anyone gives him too many, if any kisses. Russell is an orphan just waiting for his forever family to find him.

He is in Easter Europe and his fate for transfer has been sealed if he is not adopted.

Russell is beautiful and perfect and would be a blessing to any family. 

Boy, born July 2009

Eyes Grey
Hair dark brown
Nature calm
Down syndrome

$1555.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
For more info on Russell contact Reece's Rainbow

A Toddler Bed is Needed...

...for the toddler that is. My goodness how you've grown!!!

I guess it's time to start looking for a big girl bed for Miss Em. Just wondering what nights will be like for us with a toddler, toddling around! I have no hope that she will actually stay in the bed when tucked in at night. This might have to wait a few more months til summer vacation when getting to sleep isn't our...my top priority. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Sis and Little Sis Fun

I wonder if preschool allows this color.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thankful Sunday... Really

Oh it's been Aaaages since I've written a thankful Sunday post! Not because I'm not thankful, mostly because I've kind of been away from blogging. I was going through my posts and I realized how this blog has changed over the years. It will be three years in April that I've been out here. Three really great years. 

This blog was solely Emilia's when I started. Now, she shares it with so many other Dumplings. I'm seeing that this blog has more and more posts about orphans and less about Em. It might be time to divide and conquer. 

I could write about orphans all day long, and never cover everything that is on my mind. But this is Em's place and I want it to stay her place. Thinking about moving my "adoption blog " to Wordpress, and keeping things all , or mostly all, Em here. 

So anyway, on to the thankfulness. 

Miss Em!! That little ball of sunshine just makes me keep on keeping on! She is doing so well in school!!! Shouting THANKFULNESS from the rooftops for that!!! 
Her new word is book!  A spoken word!!!!!!!! Thankful!! Thankful and thankful!!!!

Miss Em's teacher and her whole team at her school is well, I don't have words for them because they are out of this world!!!!!!! 

This is just a cute funny story about the beautiful people who love Emmie at school.

A couple of weeks back it was open house at Em's school. Peter and I went together and I was introducing him to some of the "team"  that he had not yet met. I introduced him to the school social worker, she then asked him if he had met (and I quote) " the crazy school psychologist who is obsessed with Emilia"  oh we were on the floor laughing!!! They love her like she's theirs and I thank God that things went so well. 

And look at Emmie's very first school picture!!!!! Sorry the quality is not great. I took a picture of a picture and did a lousy cropping job, but I love this photo!!! And I don't know who was more excited about it, me or her teacher!! She looks like a big girl though, doesn't she. Her teacher said, "this picture captured all that Emmie is". And I totally agree. The thankfulness I have for Em is overwhelming . She takes my breath away every day. 

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here. Hope it's the same where you are. Make the best of this day. Be thankful for something or someone.  God bless:)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holding On To Old Habits

Still obsessed with the dish washer

Don't know what the attraction is but it's one of her favorite chores.
Her first dishwasher encounter was way back in July of 2010! Now if I can just teach her to start it at night, we'd be in business!!  Guess she really gets into her work! :/  hehe

And let me tell you, she had quite the hissy when we were all done and it was time to get out of the dishwasher!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Noah's Dad andTIME MAGAZINE!!!

OK, I love this guy! I've been following him for a while now and well, he and his family are just the cutest. Seriously, they just ooze cuteness. Love them. 

Anyway, Rick, Noah's dad posted about the Target add and one thing lead to another and that lead to an interview with Fox News. You can view that here. Its awesome!!

And now, get this, TIME MAGAZINE is interviewing him!!!  Tonight!! Can you believe that! This is for all of us! For all our children. This is one huge step in the right direction to bring well needed awareness to our children and the gift and the joy that they truly are!!! That Down syndrome is nothing to run from!

"I'm doing an interview with Time magazine (as in the print edition) tonight! They want to run a story about all of this! Guys, this is our time...the world is seeing that our kids are valuable!!! Keep sharing this page, posting, commenting, and letting the world know about this community. It's amazing how God is using all of this! "
Rick Smith

Thank you RICK ABBY and NOAH!!!! You will be speaking for all of us! Thank you!!!

And just in case you haven't had the pleasure stop by and read Rick's blog, Noah's Dad.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Team Work Tuesday: Wyatt.... UPDATED

Wyatt is on the MFFM PAGE!!! 

I am honored to be part of a group of woman that never stop. They never stop advocating for the Angels of Reece's Rainbow.   They are constantly coming up with new ideas to spread awareness, and get the word out about these hidden Angels. 

Teamwork Tuesday is when we all blog, tweet, FB or do whatever we can to get as many people as possible to see the face of one child. This week it's Wyatt. 

Wyatt needs a home really soon. 
Baby Wyatt
Boy, born February 2009
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Nature: Quiet

Update Sept 2011:  Our little Wyatt is not doing well.   He is described as a recumbent patient.  Along with his Down syndrome, he has hydrocephalus and can hardly move his hands. 

Here is Wyatt's updated photo.

His birthday is next month. Wyatt will be three years old! His time is running out. He needs medical attention. Hydrocephalus is treatable!!! But he needs a family, to make that happen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Leap Of Faith, My Heart and And a Giveaway

OK, I have to kind of make this quick because I have an issue with my shoulder/back/arm. In  a nutshell tons of pain and sitting at the computer just brings it on BIG TIME.! So here goes.

First : A leap of faith. A friend of mine named Dee is adopting a little one. She is going to be a fabulous mom to a beautiful dumpling from EE. I cannot announce who it is yet because she has not committed to her, just yet! So , yes I'm asking you all to trust me, and take a leap of faith to support Dee. The upfront costs are what she needs help with. There is so much that must come out of pocket all at once. Well anyone who has adopted knows that. All I can say is this little one really needs to get home. NOW! This is it, this is the time, Dee is the mama, and she so needs our support.

2nd: My heart. My heart almost stopped beating when I heard the news that a certain little one had a mama. And yours will too when she commits and we can announce it. The news came to me on Christmas Eve. It was an answer to a Christmas Novena being said for this particular child. 

3rd. The Giveaway!! Here it is .. A NOOK!
Not too shabby !!
Please trust me! Take a leap and support Dee. HERE!

I'm so excited about this, wish I could just blurt it all out! Soon!! Fingers crossed... soon!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Wish I Was a Down syndrome Kid...

I know my post title is not in people first language, but let me explain. My favorite boy in the whole world was busy playing a very important game this morning on Disney Tune Town. Andrew doesn't get a lot of time on the computer so when he is on it's all business.

I was watching him, because really, he is just adorable when he is lost in his little world of animation. 

All of a sudden out of the blue he looks up and says, " I wish I was a Down syndrome kid." 

"Really"? I replied. "Why"?

He looked up from his game for a split second and said. "Because it's fun" And then right back to battle the Cogs of Tune Town.
And that was it. Conversation over. 

I seriously love my little man!

And we are working on the people first language, we are also, at the age of eight, still trying to master the English language.  He'll get it all together in his own time. I actually think he already "gets it" and I'm just so proud of him!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful Baby Contest? Hmmmm

Now you know I'm chomping at the bit to enter this one! And even though I don't want the competition, I am taking the high road and telling you all about this AMAZING fund raiser!!!! 

This is the best idea I have EVER heard of! It's pure genius!!!

Three families all adopting from Reece's Rainbow have come together to have this best ever fund raiser. 

And one of the Dumplings just happens to be  my girlie girl Nellie! I don't relinquish rights easily. Yes, Nellie has a family advocating for her now, but I'm her warrior, and I will be her warrior til she's home, or maybe just until she starts school, heck I may as well hang around until she graduates high school. I get attached what can I say.

So bring the cutest photo of your cutest Dumpling over here, and enter to  win this
150.00 Target Gift Card. One to the boy winner, and one to the girl winner!

Meet all the families and support these super people who are all just taking a huge leap of faith, and going in heart first!
Come on who doesn't love a baby contest...