Monday, November 28, 2011

Pies In The Face.. Ok . But Beans Over The Head?? Only in the UK..

Only Jane I tell you!!! My crazy but lovable friend from across the pond is at it again! This time she's taking  a pie in the face for Tabitha! And beans over the head for Liliana.

Here's Jane's post:
Do any of you remember when i posted about Anna over at The Chronicles Of Ellie Bellie Bear?

It was this post here entitled, Follow Your Heart, Follow Anna.

Anna is so in love with sweet Tabitha, a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome, waiting in an orphanage in Eastern Europe for a family to find and love her. Let's pray this is soon, as Tabitha, just like Francine, will be sent to an adult mental institution to live out her days as she ages out at 4-6 years old! can we as a world not be screaming with everything in  us about this!

Anna is so in love with sweet Tabitha, a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome, waiting in an orphanage in Eastern Europe for a family to find and love her. Let's pray this is soon, as Tabitha, just like Francine, will be sent to an adult mental institution to live out her days as she ages out at 4-6 years old! can we as a world not be screaming with everything in  us about this!

Anna is so smitten she has offered to donate a dollar into
Tabitha's adoption fund at Reece's Rainbow for every follower of her blog up to 150. This adoption fund will support a forever family in the huge financial commitment of international adoption and could make all the difference between Tabitha being saved or not!

Anna is also busying  herself as Tabitha's Christmas Warrior, chasing her funds ever upwards towards the $1000 target...currently her angel tree fund is standing at $225. Anna also spends her time supporting and raising awareness for many more children and families in desperate need. I am honoured to count Anna as my friend and was thrilled to offer to match fund her efforts of $1 for every follower up to 150!
So how many followers is she up to?

As i type Anna has 126 followers! She is only 24 away from the 150 (that's going to cost us real dosh) total!
Can you pop on over and say hi to Anna here and see how wonderful her blog is?

The next 24 people to click 'follow' will enable me to finish donating my matched funding...1 simple little click will raise a dollar towards beautiful Tabitha!

I am also adding a little more fun into the mix as well...if you are one of the 24 who go and click 'follow' and then
also donate yourself even one dollar into Tabitha's angel tree fund I will add another dollar myself. That would mean $2 from me for each of the next 24 followers! That could mean $50 extra for beautiful Tabitha if the next 24 followers made even a tiny donation each!

Of course, do feel free to add
huge donations as encourage this thought along, for every donation over $30 i will add $3 to my running total! Wow if the next 24 followers did that it would mean $75 from me and the $1000 target reached overall!

Will you be in the 24? Leave a comment on this post to let me know you are newly following Anna and if you donated to cost me even more money! Remember, if you want to be one of the 24 these are your 3 options...

click follow here on Anna's blog to cost me $1..or
click follow here on Anna's blog and also donate into Tabitha's fund to cost me $2...or
click follow here on Anna's blog and also donate over $30 into Tabitha's fund to cost me $3


If we get Tabitha's angel tree fund over $1000 in the next week I will even take a cream pie in the face!  For every additional $100 I will add an extra plate of varied yuk (my husband and children can decide on what this will be!)...yep that's how much i love Anna and the daughter of her heart!

Come on...I dare you!



Darling Lilianna! Once thought dead, then rediscovered, but still so poorly, still with no family committed to her and still in such desperate need of rescue!

Lilianna has some awesome women loving her from afar! Sarah at Matthew 18:14 never posts without adding this picture of her precious girl...

Summer from I LoveYou To The Moon And Back will love her forever for many reasons, their two histories entwined in ways that are so amazing I am certain we have not seen the end of their story as God's plans continue to unfold before us.

And of course the wonderful Marianne Fick from A Home for Darya is now Lilianna's Christmas Warrior!
Wow Lilianna, you wait till you find out what wonderful friends you have!

Lillianna  has just turned two, her birthday if not exactly the same day as mine must have been pretty close. Aged two, abandoned in a baby house, no presents and family makes me weep!

But we can help ensure this sweet girl's next birthday is very's so easy as well! Marianne is collecting loose change for LiliannaLilianna?

Loose change and your heart. Could you? Will you?

Visit this post to see what Marianne is up to.

If I get 100 people committing to collecting a jar of change for Lilianna over the festive period and then donating it into her Christmas Angel Tree adoption fund i will personally take a bucket of beans over the head!  You heard right...beans! Sticky, disgusting, cold beans! Will you?  Part of me fears you actually will!
If you are going to collect change then again leave a comment on this post!

Beans, pie and varied yuk for 2 sweet girls, my kids would love you forever if you gave them this pleasure!

Remember that many tiny actions joined together can create huge miracles. So go on…change the world for a child! Never be frozen by how small you feel in a world of insurmountable need…. that is the devil whispering in your ear!

So there you have it! A few painless clicks of you mouse and some change you'll end up losing anyway can help save a couple of Princesses, and you get to see my friend with a bucket of beans on her head, So flippin worth it! LOL
Because you will video tape this Sweet Jane!!!! I want live action shots!! 
 Love this Chick!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Realist... Forget Me not Friday..

My daughter Sophia, although one of my most compassionate children is also a hard core realist. It is what it is in her eyes. If you ask her opinion you'll get it. Believe me you'll get it. The girl does not believe in sugar coating...anything.

When Carina's Angel Tree Account jumped very unexpectedly , 2500.00, I literally lost my breath. I was crying and just sat in awe. In fact I kept going back and forth from my blog to  Reece's Rainbow to make sure I wasn't seeing things and to make sure it didn't just disappear. 
Peter stood in disbelief and the little ones seeing my joy understood something really amazing had just happened and participated in my celebrating.

When I looked over at Sophia she was very quiet. Not typical of her at all. She usually has a lot more than two cents to add to any conversation. I was kind of surprised that she wasn't the one jumping up and down. I mean she is Miss Brigita's prayer warrior, she reads blogs and looks on RR all on her own. She has written posts advocating for orphans on her blog too. I just didn't understand her silence.

Then she spoke...

"If Carina gets a family, it's probably going to cost them 30,000  to bring her home. What's 2500.00 going to do. How's that going to help. It's not enough"

Whoa... I definitely wasn't prepared to hear that.

Of course being the "patient" and "understanding " person I am, my first instinct was to .... go completely nuts!

"Sophia, what in the world are you thinking! Someone... someone I don't even know who they are, or why or how, found Carina  and felt called to drop 2500.00 into her account!!! Seriously! What do you mean it's not enough!!

So after a vent on my part and a look to me from Peter(the look that says be quiet she has a point) I thought about what she said. And I do want to clarify that Sophia meant absolutely no disrespect. She knows all I know about these dumplings. She has seen the pics and read the posts. She knows and her eyes are, thank God, WIDE OPEN!  She was in no way insinuating that the $2500.00 donation wasn't enough. She was referring to the total needed to bring Carina or any orphan home. In her eyes it wasn't enough to feel relief.  

So,I thought, and I came to the conclusion that my Sophia had a point worth listening to. My first thoughts when I saw Carina's account go up were, "thank you God and thank you donor, Carina made her goal! And then some!!
I guess for a split second, I thought I was done.

When Sophia spoke, her words really stung. They (these children) need so much more. Done??? No I'm not nearly done. Maybe Carina has hit her AT goal, but I'm not done trying to raise money for her. I know it will be even harder now that she has reached her goal. And I totally understand that. The ultimate goal is for every child to reach at least $1000.00, so most people will pass by the ones already at their goals to help the ones not there yet.  And that is a great thing!!

So that just means I have to talk, talk ,talk. Spread the word, open eyes and keep on doing what I'm doing. 

I've got a couple more fund raisers planned for Carina. so I am praying she is over three thousand by Christmas.  Ornaments of Carina are still available through Reece's rainbow for any donation of thirty- five dollars or more.Of course any donation is greatly appreciated!


We are saving change at home for Carina, and yesterday Bella got three dollars from her Aunt for Thanksgiving . She handed it to me and said she wanted to give it to Carina. "Is that a good thing, mama?" She asked ..."'Oh yes Bella, that is a really good thing... thank you"

There is no donation too small. Every dollar is a reason to rejoice. 

This post is part of a very special Forget me not Friday post. More posts like this can be found at Flight Platform Living, hosted by Jane, whose heart beats loud and strong  for orphans

Forget Me Not Fridays

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sharing Some Tummy Yumminess... Baked Squash Style....Seriously

I've been making this squash dish every year since I got married. I only make it on Thanksgiving and Christmas and my family is always foaming at the mouth for it. Squash and kids? Yup they'll eat this one.. it's amazing! Thought I'd share it for the holidays with my "closest" friends:)

Try it.

Baked Winter Squash

1 small winter squash( I use butternut because it's our favorite) and I triple the recipe
1 cup vegetable stock (I used good canned veggie broth)
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 yellow onion. finely chopped
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 teaspoon dried marjoram
2 egg yolks
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

preheat oven to375degrees
Cut the squash in half lengthwise. Place cut side down in a baking dish. Pour the stock into the dish. Place in the oven and bake until tender, about 45 minutes. To test , pierce the flesh with a fork.

In a frying pan melt 2 tablespoons of the butter over medium heat. Add the onion and stir until soft, about 2 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of the parsley and the marjoram and stir for one minute. Remove from the heat and set aside.

Scoop out and discard the seeds and fibers from the baked squash halves.Scoop out the pulp, reserving one of the squash shells. ( I don't save the shell. I find that baking the squash in a casserole dish is much better)

Place the pulp in a food processor fitted with a metal blade(I use my regular blender). Add the remaining 2 tablespoons butter and the egg yolks and process to blend. Add cream, cheese and reserved onion and again process to blend.
Season to taste with salt and pepper. Spoon the squash mixture evenly into the squash shell or casserole dish and place in  baking dish(only if using the shell). Bake until the top is golden, 15 - 20 minutes.

Sprinkle the remaining 1tablespoon parsley over the top and serve hot.Spoon directly from the shell.

This dish is great to make ahead of time and just reheat. 
Serves four... see why I triple it:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Little Man... Andrew

I love eight!!! Andrew is eight years old today. My one an only son, the "golden boy". He has to endure four sisters at home every waking moment. He's a trooper and I love him!!!
Silly! I realized as I was looking for a picture of the birthday boy that they all look a bit silly. Another reason I love EIGHT!

He love trains and Chuck E Cheese and still lets me snuggle with him.

He recently made a thankful turkey in school, some of the things my eight year old is grateful for:

Ok, no one in the family made the list but God and Jesus did!! LOL And seriously how could you not be thankful for sharks!!

Dewy I love you more than any other eight year old in the world!!! You are my favorite son!!  EVER!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously Thing Of Taking The PLUNGE!!! Should I????

Oh my goodness, my daughter Sophia and I are seriously thinking of taking the Penguin Plunge this year!! It's to support the Special Olympics. It is being help at the beach closest to us this year, "our beach". Oh I think we're going to do it!!   My only fear is my heart stopping! I even googled the plunge to see if anyone has ever died... no one has... yet. But it was ranked number nine out of ten for most dangerous events. 

 ACK!!! Should we do it???? I get so freaking excited thinking about it. But you know it all looks great in your head. But when you actually have to do it... yikes!! What if I wimp out!!!

It's January 1st, and the only thing that date promises is freezing temps. Gosh it could be snowing and windy, what if there is a blizzard! 
Sophia is all for it, but the other "wimps" won't do it. They did promise to cheer us on safely from shore. 

Tell me what you think!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The American Dream?? Not Sure I want It...

When I was growing up I used to dream about what my "perfect life" would be.  I grew up with my mom only. She worked hard to support us and she was a single parent. I had no siblings and we lived in a small apartment.

My friends all lived in houses and had dads and siblings. In my mind, my perfect family was a home and a family. A complete family. I really didn't deviate from that as I grew up. I wanted a big family, a house a garden where the children could play and of course the daddy.

Images like these swirled in my mind. The perfect family!! 

The Sound of music was and still is one of my favorites. "My" children would all behave. I was completely in favor of the whistle method!

Of  course we all know that's not how it really is!! Children come in to your life and each one is unique and precious and beautiful, but they are not and never will be predictable or programmable! 

Unfortunately people are trying and "succeeding" to make their own "perfect" family. We live in a world that spends billions on recycling. You don't dare throw a paper on the ground. How could you even think about destroying Mother Earth that way. But you can legally throw your kid in the trash(abortion). Sorry but does that child go in Blue or green?? yeah I'm off and running!

 Which brings me to this.Which believe me I really wanted to stay away from...
 The new Down syndrome test that Sequenom has produced, in my opinion, was born in the bowels of hell, whipped up by demons and presented to Satan, who then handed it to us. And of course just like the freakin apple, we took it. 

And with it we will proceed to make the perfect families! Grab the American dream and live the good life. No more needless worrying about messing up family photos with a child with Down syndrome! I mean how would that look on the Christmas cards.

What exactly is Sequenom trying to achieve here. You wolf  in sheeps clothing!!! Annihilation!!That's what they are trying to achieve! They wrap it up in a pretty box with a cheap price tag ... “It’s better than anything by far that we’ve ever seen in testing for Down syndrome noninvasively,” said Jacob A. Canick, a professor of pathology at Brown University and the senior author of the study. 
But tell me,  what do you do after the testing?? Do you smile and tell the parents congratulations!! Our tests came back positive! You just won the lottery. Down syndrome is nothing to be afraid of. It's no big freakin deal! Your kid will be fine. He will walk and talk and bring you joy and love. He won't screw up you family photos!! Yes there will be challenges but you WILL over come them.

Or do you simply say, this way to the abortionist. We'll clear this little problem up in no time for you.There is no need to carry this burden any longer.

If this is the American dream KEEP IT!  A society that wants everything perfect, a society that will kill it's own children because of a so called imperfection.

If you were told that later in life the child in your womb would become the most loathsome, hated  and dangerous person in the world would you abort him? What if there was a "simple" blood test that would tell you the future. Are you carrying  a rapist? A prostitute? A drug dealer?  Will your child live up to your expectations? Would you abort??

Simple... no you wouldn't. Because you would change that. You would, as a parent have the ability to love you child, nurture your child. You wouldn't give up on your child. And you wouldn't believe it!!

So why in the name of God do over 90% of woman give up on their child because they are going to give birth to a beautiful baby. A baby that will make them laugh and smile every day. A baby that will bring more joy than they will ever imagine. STUDIES prove it! 

Why? Because it's easier to throw it away and start over. There would be no need for Sequenoms new test if people weren't shaking in their boots at the words Down syndrome. How much freakin money are they going to make from this. Everyone benefits right? Praises for modern medical technologies, praises for doctors performing abortions, and praises from thankful parents who were spared the burden of a child with Down syndrome. And praises from a society that won't have to deal with Down syndrome! Finally all you tax payers will get a break! You've carried the burden of supporting this group of people long enough.
They need you to be afraid! They need to keep feeding the fear. If not, they are out BILLIONS! What the hell would they do if people started to keep their babies, if they weren't terrified into aborting them? They'd be out of a freakin job that's what would happen!
The American Dream! Go figure. Not exactly what I had in mind as a child. 

She is my dream. I'm glad I didn't let anyone take her away from me. Wake up America! Seriously...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Hows The Potty Training Going?

Pictures really can explain when sometimes words just do not do a situation justice.

Hmm, looking  a little wet there Peter.

Emmie, did you piddle on Daddy?

Well, there's a typical answer for you.

Note to Daddy...Never tickle a naked baby BEFORE you put her on the potty!There's just not that much control going on just yet and when I get laughing...well you're just taking some big risks..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching My Breath

If any of you heard a strange scream around around seven last night  it was just me when I went to my blog and saw the amount in Carina's Angel Tree Fund. Completely took my breath away. It was completely unexpected and if whoever did that is reading this , may God bless you abundantly!

And to all who donated to Carina's Eggs Giveaway, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! 

Rosemary was the winner, but God bless you all for helping! I did that giveaway on a whim and really was hoping and praying for a least $100.00 but you all surprised me and raised $200.00 for Carina!

I want this little one home!  And with a good amount in her account it's so possible. I'm hoping to get it well over $3000.00 by Christmas. I want someone to see a good amount in her fund and commit to her! I so want to see her smile! Gosh Andrea Roberts if you ever get a new photo of Carina even looking up please post it!!! 

I always wonder when I look at her , what has she already seen and heard and endured in her short life to put such a heavy and sad look in her beautiful eyes.

Then I think , no I really don't want to know.

I knew this would happen... I've fallen hopelessly in love with her.I can't wait to get my ornament and hang it on the tree right next to Miss Olga's. Please fall in love, give your heart away. Yeah, it breaks occasionally but when miracles happen like last night it's all worth it! It's just black and white proof that God is in control, God loves these little ones and He is working beside us to get them home.

Can't you just picture all the angels and saints in heaven cheering us on, high five's all around every time a donation is made and having a party with every new commitment.

I want her account to grow and grow. I want all the accounts to grow and grow! Carina's donation box is in my sidebar. Please consider a donation in any amount. A thirty - five dollar or more donation will get you an ornament of Carina delivered to you from Reece's Rainbow. Every dollar brings her parents closer and closer. Money is such an unfortunate obstacle.For one person or one family it is quite often overwhelming and out of reach, but a little from everyone makes the impossible so attainable. Makes and orphan, a daughter...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Emmie Picked A Winner!!!

Well this went a lot smoother in my mind! At any rate a winner was picked fair and square:)  Thank you all so very much for donating to Carina! Because of all of your help $200.00 was raised this past weekend. And $260.00 has been raised since the start of The Angel Tree. I'm totally thrilled.

You'll have to sit through the video to see who the winner is.  Emmie was mad at me because I shut her show off, and wasn't as helpful as I had hoped she'd be, but it all worked out!

Congratulations to the winner:) And could you please email me( your address so I can get these out to you as soon as possible.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Send in The Clowns...

I've often referred to life in our home as a circus. Really there's not much Ringling Brothers have that we don't.
 One any given day there are bodies swinging from trees or furniture, or being  swirled around in  big giant toilet like contraptions. They are a fearless bunch.

Death defying stunts performed right before my eyes. Dare devils on bikes,  wild animal tamers(ok the cat is 18 years old and on his last leg, but he was pretty feisty in his day),

 There are monkeys of all kinds

 And then there are the clowns. What would a circus be without dancing clowns. Grab some cotton candy and a light up toy and enjoy The Greatest Show On Earth. (well my earth anyway)

**Don't forget to get your eggs!! Carina's giveaway ends today! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can I be honest???

Umm, yesterday kinda freaked me out. My post "Boundaries" got more attention than anything I have ever written. My blog is small and quiet for the most part. It really doesn't see a lot of action, and the way I see it, God controls my traffic. I really don't go nuts joining other social media sites. I don't try to get backlinks, and really don't even comment on other blogs enough( although I do read). My husband knows all the tricks to get more traffic and how to link to this or that to get a better ranking but honestly I just want to write. I probably should listen to him because I would reach more people but I just don't have the time. Maybe when he reads this he'll "pimp my blog" for me free of charge! LOL  (I'm not being fresh, "pimp my blog " is just an expression meaning , give it a boost)

Anyway, when I sat down yesterday I had no idea what I was going to write. I was just going through other blogs and I came across the scripture verse that I opened my post with. Proverbs 24:12  "Once our eyes are opened we cannot pretend we do not know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows we know and holds us responsible to act."
And I guess God did the rest.  I was amazed at the amount of people who shared that post. All I can say is thank you! And because of you, yesterday was a good day for the orphan! 11/11/11 was a lucky day after all. Carina's account went to $200.00 which was WAAAAY more than I expected, and I pray that hearts and eyes were opened. There are so many people that just do not have any idea of what is happening to these precious children. I'd like to put those pictures I used in my post yesterday on a billboard. I'd like to take control of radio and TV and Internet and shake people up... wake people up. Children are being treated like trash because they have Down syndrome or another disability. Instead of being loved and treasured they are bound and  tied to cribs, like wild animals  correction, like monsters... wild animals would be treated better and have more rights.

But for now, I'll do what I can with what I've got. I'll keep talking until people listen. I'll keep posting , hoping people keep reading. I'll do what God asks of me, and I will try to be more trusting in Him. He usually has to ask me a few times.  You know that nagging voice in your head, or that idea that just keeps popping up out of no where? It's God, trying to get your attention because He has a job for you. My initial response is usually "Seriously? You want me to do what"?   I then proceed to tell Him why His idea would never work. LOL Good thing God has a sense of humor and an infinite amount of patience because I am definitely a "challenging" child. Probably why He gave me five just like me:)

And on that note, don't forget to check out Carina's Eggs!! My Christmas ornament giveaway. Donate to Carina through Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree located in my sidebar, leave me a comment telling me you donated(any amount) and you're in! Giveaway ends Sunday at Midnight.

You will be entered to win all six of these eggs for any donation made to Carina . Just remember to leave me a comment, telling me you donated. You do not need to tell me the amount.

I am only one , but still I am one.. I cannot do everything but I can do something and because I cannot do everything!! I will not refuse to do what I can ~~Edward Everett Hale

Friday, November 11, 2011


Proverbs 24:12 tells us that "Once our eyes are opened we cannot pretend we do not know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows we know and holds us responsible to act.

Maybe that's easier said than done .Maybe even after all the posts and the pictures ,and the videos describing the life of a child with Down syndrome in other countries , maybe it still doesn't become believable to people. 
Maybe pictures like this one are not taken seriously?

Maybe some people still don't believe that this is actually happening? 

Maybe because this child is in another country, the problem is passed along. Let her country help her. I hear that a lot. But unfortunately her country did this to her because they see her as useless!  

Look at this picture. These are not babies!  They are boys and young men!  In cribs! Treated with no respect no love and no hope. 

Maybe we, who have lost our hearts to these children have a better understanding because we have heard it from families who have seen these atrocities with their own eyes.  Maybe they have lessened the distance. Brought the reality home with them, if you will.

To me there is no distance between us. God didn't tell us to only help those within walking distance. 
Help only those that "belong" to your country. Let everyone take care of their own. Jesus went out of His way to help people no one else would. He made it perfectly clear that He didn't believe in boundaries when he took a drink from the Samaritan woman. 

When we get to heaven there will be no borders, no lines defining your territory and mine. Why should we let that be an issue now? 

I used to think that way. I used to think , why should I help others who are so far away? But now that I have seen , I know I must. How can I not? And the more I help, the more the distance disappears. These are children. Children who will die if we don't help them. 

When  soldiers get their orders, they go. They don't say"I can't go there, it's too far, I don't know the people there, I  just signed up to help the people around here". 

They go where they are needed. When God calls you to be a soldier, you go. You go where you are needed. Maybe these children need you. Maybe God is calling you to be a soldier for them. 

Maybe Carina has seen things a child should never see, I've never seen such sadness in a child's eyes.Maybe Carina could use a few more warriors in her corner. 
Her Christmas  ornament giveaway is still going on. Please donate to her Angel account from my sidebar. Just click on "Angel Tree" or "donate", and then leave a comment so I know and you will be entered to win all six ornaments.

They will come to you boxed individually so you can keep some and give some a s gifts if you want. View more pictures of the ornaments here

And on this Veterans day, to the soldiers that just GO, to protect us everyday, thank you. Thank you for not hesitating. Thank you for being brave all the time, even when you don't feel like it. Thank you for putting our needs first, No questions asked.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eggs For Carina Giveaway??

Ok here is a quick and easy giveaway for my Angel tree Angel, Carina.
A basket  of eggs! Christmas eggs!

These are the same beautiful ornaments I used in Olga's Give To back in July. I didn't offer the eggs because I don't have as many of these as I do the other ornaments. 

All the ornaments were special ordered from Poland and hand painted.

So how about an easy and fast giveaway??? Make a donation for any denomination to the Angel Tree for Carina, leave me a comment and you're in. Just running this through Sunday. You'll have these beauties in time to hang on your tree and trust me they are gorgeous! Just make sure you donate to her Angel Tree fund. 

A winner will be drawn on Monday November 14th by Emmie:)

Carina is an orphan in Eastern Europe waiting for her family. Reese's Rainbow is having their Angel Tree Project. It's their biggest fund raiser of the year.  The goal is to get at least $1000.00 into each orphans account.It is also a huge way to raise awareness to these children.  Most people are completely unaware of the life these children lead. Most children with Down syndrome in EE countries, are immediately given up for adoption. They are placed in orphanages where they are not always treated with kindness. A lot are mistreated and neglected. If by the age of four they have not been adopted they begin the process of being transferred to an adult mental institution, where 85% will die the first year due to poor care. Carina is now three and a half years old. Her time is running out. Please open your hearts to her.

 From Reece's rainbow:

Nature: Calm

Her picture is so forlorn … I hope we can find her a family to make her smile!
Carina is said to have a moderate intellectual delay, as well as a physical / motor function delay.  She has an open oval window of 2 mm (which may yet close on its own), and she has a heart murmur.   She has enlarged tonsils, and dermatitis — so, pretty much your standard little girl with Down syndrome!  

Just click"donate" on her donation box in my sidebar. That will take you directly to her Angel tree Account. Don't forget to leave me a comment and you will be entered in the giveaway for the ornaments. Also if you donate $35.00 or more Reece's Rainbow will send you a beautiful ornament of Carina to hang on your tree.

 It is completely possible that Carina's family will find her this Christmas. The Angel Tree has just begun and already FIVE little ones have forever families!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Look Of Success

Exhausted, dirty and lopsided ponies. All sure signs of a successful day of school.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Think We Have A Winner

I am determined that Em's ears do freeze and fall off this winter. And the little hat hater is determined to toss every hat I put on her to the ground. But I think we have found some common ground.

Yes Emmie a chin strap!

 A few adjustments

I think she's trying to make the same face as the monster on the hat

By George I think she likes it! We'll see how long this little gem lasts. I have a feeling it will soon be in the big box of rejects.