Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21: Emmie's Day

Today is not just Halloween in our house. It's the day Emmie came home. After a brief nine day stay in the NICU Miss Em came home just in time for her first Halloween. Seeing how she enjoys dressing up and devouring sweets, there's no doubt in my mind that even at the young age of nine days, the Chick smelled the Halloween chocolate and that was her motivation to get discharged and home.
Today, three years later, she will be going to school dressed has a cupcake fairy. Three years ago I couldn't imagine her ever getting any bigger than the six and a half pound little bundle that she was. And now she's an independent, sassy little dumpling. We have been abundantly blessed in the past three years. Emilia has changed us more than I can find words to explain, and in more ways than I can count. I am not even remotely the same person I was three years ago. Halloween will never be just Halloween in our house. It's Emmie's Day.  Of course she already thinks every day is Emmie day...

 The Cupcake Fairy after her party. All cupcaked out

Rest up Dumpling, tonight's another wild night:)

And today Down syndrome Awareness month comes to an end... but not really. It's our lives now. We never stop advocating for our loves. It was a great month here in blogland. So many wonderful posts, new people, and information. 

We really are a special group.  It's an honor to know each and every one of you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Scallywag and The Cupcake


Cupcake Fairy

Oh Halloween brings with it so many decisions.

31 for 21: She's Going Home

Thanks for getting the job done!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 for 21: I Swear This Is The Last Time....

..I am going to ask you to do anything.But I have just recently learned that there are three families in need of help, ASAP. Please hang on for one second before you run screaming from my blog!! I know I've been like a broken record lately. Sorry I'm just passionate about orphans and doing my part to help. And unfortunately God has not blessed me with wealth so I could just hand out what is needed (dang it) But He did bless me with persistence and also the ability to put my pride aside and ask, yet again for help. Not really what I would have grabbed for myself, but there's nothing I can do about that but use it

Anyhoo,we all know the Abell's are almost ready to submit their paper work and get their first travel date to see Olga. Well here's some new and great news! A very generous person has stepped forward and for the next few days will match any donation up to 500.00 !! There's a quick way to make a thousand!!! Here is where to donate!

The next family is,  The Dirkes, they are adopting Charlotte! You might remember her as Marie from Reese's Rainbow. Listen to this!!! They are traveling this MONDAY!!! And are short 2500.00  They cannot travel without that money!! Monday!! The day after tomorrow!!! Here is where you can scatter like little mice to quickly donate! PLEASE!!!

And the third family The Plummer's who are bringing home Matthew and Barbara are still short and will be traveling in just days to take their Dumplings HOME!!!!! This has been a long haul for them. They need about 2000.00 before they travel! See a pattern forming here with these families? Think Satan might be getting his jollies or something! Read their amazing story here and also please support them !!!

Three families all adopting special little dumplings, all traveling soon, all in need of around the same amount to make it happen. I do believe Satan is challenging us. Shall we step up to the plate and show him he is messing with the wrong group of people! This is no problem for us. We will not let these sweet little ones lose there families for a couple of thousand dollars! Seriously?? let's kick some satan butt, and show him he's just a slight annoyance and no challlenge for us!

And if you made it this far God bless you!!!  I promise some Emmie time this weekend! Her party and some Halloween costumes are coming! Love you all!!And remember donating is not the only way to help! Sharing and spreading these families stories is a great way to help!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

31 for 21: What Else Could I Possiby Say???

As I sit here in the dark early morning, there is no pretty sunrise, it's raining... still, and it's cold. I am seriously going to have the audacity, the gall, the nerve, the ka-knockas, call it what you will to ask you to think about Olga right now. As good as things are going, they need to go a little quicker. Her birthday is in January and The Abell's paper work is going to expire soon. For anyone who doesn't know, because I just recently found out, all that paper work you must submit expires. It's not good for however long the adoption takes. If it expires you have to start all over. That's not an option. We need to get this family fully funded so they can submit their papers and get a travel date. They must submit now!!! Their papers expire in NOVEMBER! IT'S' OCTOBER 28th! ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS IS STILL NEEDED . Now is the time to share, share and did I say share!!!! I know you have donated , but if you could drop a few dollars into that chip in it will make a world of difference. And pray!!!! Who knows maybe there's someone out there with a thousand extra ones they are being called to donate:)
One day without a coffee, a lunch. Eating out tonight? Don't buy a drink. Going shopping? Buy one shirt instead of two. Small little sacrifices... No, correction,  these not sacrifices because we are not suffering if we give up a drink or a shirt . They are just  kind and generous gestures to a family who needs to wrap this up and get their daughter home.  

I'm absolutely positive there are people willing to donate , but maybe they just haven't heard about The Abell's yet.  Maybe they heard about them last year and don't know their situation right now. Please share their story. One person at a time will make this happen. One person sharing this story on their blog or FB or wherever can make a difference. 

Olga's time is running out too. Just as The Abell's paper work expires her time in the orphanage does too. This is very difficult for me to think about and I have to admit that I do try to push it out of my mind. But Olga's next move depending on how fast The Abell's get to her could be the institution. It's going to be close. I'm not being dramatic and I'm not exaggerating.  I wish I was. 

Please, I'm not asking you to  do what you can, you have already done that. Thank you! 
Today I'm asking you to go beyond what you can do and raise that last $1000.00 for this little one to come home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 for 21:What Have They Done To Emmie????

Em has been in school for four days and I have a gripe! In a matter of just four days my "baby" girl is looking and acting like a "little" girl! Is this a  legitimate gripe?  Probably not..

Okay so forget the gripe. And replace it with praises for her team at school.
I already see a major difference in her expressive language. No she's not speaking , but she is signing more and verbalizing , and answering questions... in her way, but with a deliberate attempt to answer. She shook her head "no" when I asked her , while she was sitting on the potty, if she did pee pee. She's never done that before. I know in her head she is saying "no", but she has never answered without being prompted.  She is understanding the morning routine, already. And when we get home she gets out of the car and walks to the front door. She has NEVER done that before. She usually just makes a mad run for it, in any direction.  Do you know how nice it is to put her down in the driveway and be able to grab my handbag and not worry about her running into the street. When she leaves school she says bye bye to her teacher... unprompted!!!!! And says Hi to me!!!!

She is happy and adjusting beautifully, and progressing at lightning speed. I guess my only gripe is that my heart cannot keep up.  
 But I am so proud of my little preschooler. But thank God she's only gone two and a half hours a day! 

This is Miss Em's spider!  A brilliant

I know a lot of you out there have little ones that just started school this year. Tell me, did you notice an immediate difference in your child? And it is subtle because I really don't think anyone else would notice these little things that Em is doing.  But to me they are really something to notice. Like walking from the car to the front door. No one else would get that... you know what I mean?? Please share because this fascinates me. I am so excited to see what changes there are over the next few months. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21: Changing Your Paradigm

Paradigm, (definition)

Intellectual perception or view, accepted by an individual or a society as a clear example, model, or pattern of how things work in the world.

I have so many posts that I could write using this title, but this one was inspired by my husband Peter. He told me this story the other day.

It was the end of a work day and the subway train was filled with people on their way home from work. They were tired and most just sat in silence, probably anticipating getting home after a long day, having dinner and spending time with friends or family. They were all deep in to their own thoughts, when a man and his children boarded. He took a seat but the children proceeded to play and run around. As the ride went on the children  became more and more unruly. The father was apparently oblivious to the distractions his children were causing and people were starting to become annoyed. Looks were passed between passengers. Eyebrows raised and whispers of "what's wrong with him, can't he see what his kids are doing" "what kind of a parent lets his children run around like wild animals" and of course "tsk, tsk".  
Finally one man could take it no longer and approached the despondent father. "Sir" he said. " don't you think you should say something to your children"? The father looked up at the stranger, and with a sort of lost look on his face he said, " Yes I suppose I should , we were just coming back from the hospital... their mother died an hour ago". 
Upon hearing those tragic words the rest of the passengers immediately rose to action. A couple went to tend to the children, others went to comfort the father who was obviously not just a bad parent but a grieving husband. Everyone suddenly understood and wanted to help. No longer were tempers flaring and judgements being made. Their Paradigm was changed.

I do believe that in the last couple of days I have been seeing a change in the paradigm. In the not so distant past I wrote a post clearly explaining how I felt about supporting the Abell's. I will stand beside them to the end of their adoption  and I will stand with them as their lives begin after the adoption. (sorry Chris and Jenn you've got me for life) Not everyone felt that way. Things were a bit stressful for The Abell's for a while, and unfortunately some people were not so nice and decided to walk away. Their paradigm was set. 

But in the last two days, I have seen such an outpouring of support and help! People sharing and posting. People who have been absent for months, returning to help. People changing their paradigm because a child is in need. People realizing, this isn't a one person job, a family, even with a huge grant still needs help. And above all, a child needs to be rescued.  

My faith has been renewed. This community is one of a kind. And I'm so honored to be a part of it with you all. 

 But the best part of the last couple of days has been seeing The Abell's spirits rising again! There is a happiness in Jenn's post that hasn't been there for months. There is HOPE again, there is joy in her writing. She can feel and see the support that is back. The greatest gift you can give anyone is love! It will carry you through your darkest moments . It is extremely powerful. More powerful than any giveaway or fund raiser, more powerful than any post that can be written.  And The Abell's are feelin' the love! And because of that Miss Olga will be feelin' the love of a family ...soon! 

They now need about $1800.00 to wrap things up! Jenn's little fingers are working fast to keep up with the TNT orders that keep coming in. Please change your paradigm today, and go wild and donate. Every $5.00 donation gets a little TNT. 
And thank you from both me and Peter, who obviously are quite attached to Olga and The Abell's. When they stress we stress, when they rejoice we rejoice. And right now we are seriously getting ready for a big, big party! 
OK, go get your TNT!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 for 21: Em's First Day of School

Sorrry to let you wait a day. So without further delay here is Em's very first day of school!

And as I slept, Jenn's chip in is at just about $500.00!!! The end is near and Olga's beginning is just around the corner! Let's keep it going !!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jenn Says, $2265.00

I think $2265.00 is the updated amount needed to spring Olga! This spontaneous rally has been a blast. Probably more so for 
The Abell's, LOL
This has been a great day. An unexpected day!  A child's ransom is almost paid, her life about to begin.

I know Jenn has been popping in and out all day here and on facebook thanking everyone who has donated, but I just gotta say it again too. THANK YOU!!

This amount is so attainable. But I cannot call it done yet. Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Not ransoms!!  We need to have the exact amount for Olga to be free. 

I'm going to bed now and I'm going to be praying that this momentum only grows during the night. Please pray too. Please continue to spread the word. Share wherever you can. Donate if you can. Donate what you can:)

Let's wipe out this ransom for Olga, because she is coming home, but we can make it quicker!
This village of ours needs to get one of our own home, where she belongs! 

OMG You're Listening!

Not much leaves me speechless, given my Italian heritage, I'm not usually at a loss for words.  But right now all I can come up with is THANK YOU!!! 

Jenn's chip in has gone up almost $300.00 TODAY
I can't even type , I am seriously flabbergasted!

I hadn't planned on this kind of post today, but when I read Jenn's post this morning my heart just sank. To think that $2700.00 could jeopardize Olga's homecoming made me sick. I knew we just could not let that happen.

And you know what? We are NOT going to let that happen! Right now The Abell's need us, OLGA needs us! Today is the day to help them!! 

Add caption

Please keep listening, please keep sharing, please donate. And like I said here, trust God. Whatever you give, He will give back to you one hundred fold.He has shown me that time and time again. So many times I seriously had like five dollars left to my name and I would hesitate to part with it. Only natural to want to hang on to it. But I would hear His voice whisper, "It's okay, I'll replace it . Don't be afraid to give it away" And I swear, there has never been a time when He didn't replace it in one way or another, and it was always with more than what I gave.  Please even Five dollars will make a huge difference.  They are so insanely close to bringing her home!

If you are just coming here for the first time today , please read this post from earlier today. Like I said this wasn't planned for today. I was planning on posting Em's first day of school (which went super) but that just has to wait. This is my priority today. This is my priority until Olga is home. I know we will make this happen. It's already happening! Please get on board!! Gosh my adrenalin is pumping I feel like I'm going to throw up! LOL, I'm such a goof!

 Please let's keep it going for Olga! DONATE HERE:)

31 for 21: I Really Need Your Attention

In a few minutes I'll be getting everyone up for school, and my day will be insane. This is one of those days that every time you check your calendar there is something else on it. I won't be done until,a round ten tonight so I really thought this could not wait .

$2700.00, Two thousand seven hundred dollars.  What is this number? This is what the Abell's need to bring Olga home.  After all of the months of fund raising and praying and praying and working to bring their girl home, this is all they need.
I am seriously begging and pleading to anyone who still reads this blog to please, please donate.

Please give whatever you can. This is such a small amount. This is when 5, 10, or 20 dollars really does make a difference. 

I know I have a couple of new faces here so I'll fill you in. 
This is Beautiful Olga, she sits in an orphanage in Eastern Europe waiting for her family.  $2700.00 is keeping her apart from her family.Olga is very special to me too. I fell in love with her last November and became her prayer warrior. I've also become good friends with the Mom and Dad. I cannot sit silent and let a mere $2700.00 keep them from bringing her home.

I went to a Gala the other night which was  raising  funds for the arts. It was beautiful and necessary and I hope successful. At one point during the night a very handsome dancer took the stage to talk about the importance of the arts, and how we should do everything in our power to keep it alive. He spoke for no more than 10 - 15 minutes and raised to my ruff calculations over 20,000. People were writing checks from $100.00 to $5000.00 on the spot. I was thrilled to see the support but you must know what I was thinking. 
I, of course was thinking that all that money collected in just minutes could fully fund so many families.  I wish I could take the stage, being my blog, say a few words and collect $20.000. Olga is very important too. And we need to do every thing we can to keep her alive!

I know times are tough, trust me I flippin know!! My husband has been out of work for over a year. I don't even know how we make it through each month. But I also know that whatever we are able to give, we get back. I donate what I can whenever I can. And God always replaces it.
Please, give to The Abells. Please this child needs to come home! THEY are her family!!

Please, just this once listen to me. Trust God. Donate and wait. I promise that money will come back to you somehow. It happens every time  with us.  God sees what's in your heart and He knows what you can do. And He will definitely see that and bless you efforts. 
This is a life, a child's life  and $2700.00 is standing in the way of her happiness and her safety. We need to help.

Please visit Jenn's blog read her post , they need us!!! Olga needs us!!

Please trust God and please donate whatever you can!!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 for 21: Getting Ready For the Big Day!!

What big day? Could it be Halloween?


The big day is... Emmie's first day of school! Bright and early tomorrow morning! Oh my goodness...wish US luck .

Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21: She is Magical, She is 3!!!

Thank you Miss Em for coming to our family:) Guess you knew what you were getting in to three years ago. I suppose God gave you the lowdown on us before your arrival. He must have told you how desperately we needed you, how we longed for you , only we didn't know it . I'm sure He informed you that we were a big noisy clan and you'd almost never have a moments peace. That there would be constant bickering among your siblings, that your mama was scared and confused about you, and that your dad was too but didn't want your mama to know.

I'm sure He also told you that most of the constant bickering among your siblings would be them fighting over you! They adore you, Em!

And I'm sure you felt all of mama and daddy's love for you the second you were born. All of the fear and confusion went right out the window.

So today Miss Em I just wanted to say thank you, for being our own magical miracle. For loving us and accepting all of US the way WE are.

Happy Birthday Emilia Faith, there are no words to express how much we all love you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

31 for 21:Forget Me Not Friday; The Day Before

Today is the day before Emmie's third birthday. My "baby" will be three years old tomorrow. I just cannot believe it. Three years of joy and laughs and love that we wouldn't have had without her. 
Tomorrow, Emilia will be smothered in cake and kisses. She will be loved and played with. She will hear the song "Happy Birthday To You" and she will unwrap a present. Her day will be delightful and I imagine she will skip her nap and by  around seven at night be seriously delirious and welcome her bed , where she will have sweet dreams about her special day.

There is another beautiful October baby . A little girl equally as beautiful with a smile that just dazzles. But this little one isn't as lucky as Em. No one will smother her with cake and kisses. Her October birthday probably already came and went with absolutely no fanfare.

Celine is still waiting. Although I really cannot understand why. She will be transferred soon. As I said, she is an October baby. and well, we all know what kind of birthday present you get when you're an orphan with Down syndrome or other special needs in certain countries. I was thinking about getting Em some nesting blocks for her birthday, Celine may get a car ride to an institution. Bet she'd rather have the blocks...Bet she'd really like to have a mama, a family, and some love. Bet she'd really like to feel safe. 

Two little girls, worlds apart. Both sharing October as their birth month, both with Down syndrome. One, loved and adored. One, treated like a Princess. One with a family who cherishes her like a rare gem. 
The other, forgotten and lost, treated like an outcast,  with no one to elevate her to where she deserves to be. 
Celine is about to be taken to a place where many will die waiting. A place not fit for any human being. 

Please, think and pray about this. Could you be her mama? Could you be singing Happy Birthday Celine, next October?  This little one needs to be spared.

This is a Forget Me Not post. Forget Me Not Friday's were created by Jane At Flight Platform Living. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 for 21: The Gift

Last night Olivia along with the rest of the Junior Company performed at the Veterans Memorial Theater in downtown Providence at a Gala called Together We Dance. It was hosted by Festival Ballet Providence where Olivia dances. It was a  Gala to benefit the arts which are struggling in this economy. The Gala which was hosted by Festival brought dancers together from all over the country. Some of the most talented dancers from ABT, Houston Ballet, The Lithuanian Ballet, NY Ballet and Boston Ballet took the stage last night to show all there, that dance matters!! The arts need to be supported. We need the arts in our lives.

Right about now you may be wondering how this post is in any way contributing to Down syndrome Awareness. Please , keep reading.

 My kids all dance. Olivia has been walking on her toes since she started walking when she was one a year old. I even took her to the doctor when she was around two because she never put her heels down. She literally walked everywhere on her toes. I thought there was something wrong!  The doctor assured this first time parent that she was fine and was working up one heck of a calf muscle . When she was five we enrolled her in ballet and the rest is history.

Festival Ballet is  one of a kind in RI. They are not only a  top notch school, but they are the only school in RI to have a professional ballet company . The students are able to see right before their eyes some of the best dancers take class, rehears, perform. They are there with them. They see how hard they have to work. They see the sweat the injuries the determination, the beauty.   

Festival Ballet also offers something else, something very special. They have an Adapted Ballet Class for children with Down syndrome. It is amazing!  And hopefully Emmie will be there soon! The children love it! 
With the help of Boston Ballet, Festival has started it's own classes here for the kids.

Last night, the children from the adapted class opened the show with "The Gift". Eight of the most beautiful children in the world walked onto the stage dressed in red. The girls in beautiful ballet dresses. They took their spots and... they danced.  

They had been practicing long and hard for this very special moment. I held my breath, praying the audience would see the beauty, the talent, the determination.  As I was watching, one little girl caught my eye. She was the smallest one, had a blondish pony tail and seemed to "improvise " a little. She gently adjusted one child who apparently went off their mark. She strolled to another with a smile on her face and when the dance was over she was front and center stage for her bow. As I watched my eyes could no longer hold back the tears and they began to stream down my face. Once they started there was no stopping them. I was having a real shoulder shaking cry.  The little girl reminded me of Emmie, and I was overwhelmed with the possibilities that lay ahead for her.

Last night was one of the most important nights Festival Ballet has ever had, and they chose to open the show with eight very special children. How far we have come!!! A few years ago these children wouldn't be dancing. These are the children doctors told parents to institutionalize. They were thought incapable of learning and socially inadequate. Last night the spotlight was there's, they owned the stage and yes, the audience got it! The crowd went wild!!

Thank you Festival Ballet Providence for recognizing our children, for holding them in such high esteem, for treating them with respect. Thank you for The Gift!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 for 21:My Heaven

I originally posted this in September 2010. I thought it was worth re-posting for Down syndrome awareness month.

 If Heaven is Perfect

When I look at Emilia my heart swells. She flutters around like a firefly, spreading a warmth over all she passes. She is a constant light. Her laughter is contagious. Her constant antics have us on our toes at all times. And that mischievous twinkle in her eye... well,I love it ! To me Emilia Faith is perfection.

When I was in school we were taught that heaven was a place of complete happiness. Obviously, being in the presence of God you have no choice but to be completely happy. In heaven there is no sickness, no sadness, no prejudices , no anger or jealousy. It is as Jesus said, "Paradise". It is home.

I love to think about heaven sometimes, especially when I'm missing someone who has left us. I think about how it will be when we are reunited. And of course I have a vision of what heaven looks like to me. There are beautiful gardens with flowers and colors we have never seen before. Things God saved only for heaven. Everyone is happy and full of love. Laughter, singing and praising fill the air, which is always at a comfortable 75degrees with a gentle warm breeze. I can see my loved ones happy and healthy again. They are all perfect. No more suffering with the pains they had here on earth. Any imperfections are gone. Legs work, eyes see , ears hear.

Then I think about Em. Some people look at her and see only imperfections. Where I see beauty they see ugliness. What does their heaven look like? When I think about Em being in heaven she doesn't look any different to me. She still has those fabulous blue eyes, and their perfect almond shape. She still has those adorable curved pinkies.

Some people would think I am crazy for even thinking my child go through an eternity looking like she has Down syndrome. Am I?

That's the face I love, that's the face that makes me cry with a joy I never new existed. That's the face that God molded in His hands just for her.

I'm sorry that everyone cannot see the beauty that we can in our children. I'm sorry that I didn't see it until God gave me Em.

I am overjoyed that my eyes we opened to this beauty while I was still here in this world. And my image of heaven could be made even better.

These are just my ramblings and in no way what to force my beliefs on anyone. I'm just thinking out loud here. I'm definitely not wishing Em or anyone else to go through an eternity with the difficulties that accompany Down syndrome, which God wouldn't allow anyway.
Who knows what heaven will actually be like. No one here can really answer that. Except to say that anything we, with our limited abilities can imagine , God will out do a million times over. We surely will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21: 21 Emmie Things :)

This month, being Down syndrome awareness month seems like a good time to catch you all up on Em, and to help anyone new here to discover the joy of Down syndrome and to hopefully open your hearts and help you to see what life is like with a child who just happens to have been born with a little magic.
Here are 21 "things" about Em,  in no particular order.

1. Em delights us.
2. She has just recently learned how to jump and thinks she is extremely cool!
3. She is on the verge of talking. It's so close right now, and she is determined!
4. The first day of school is October 24th!!
5. She is spoiled.
6. Em is walking unassisted up and down the stairs.
7.Emmie has attached herself to her ST's nesting cups and "yells" at whoever touches them. I consider this a little strange but we just comply and stay clear of the cups.
8. Em loves to sleep in...early mornings and getting ready for school are going to be a shock to her system.
9. She's a runner. Any chance she gets she's gone!
10. Emmie loves music and dancing.
11. Em knows when I'm on the computer and she hears music or voices that I'm watching a fellow bloggers video, and comes running from where ever she is to watch with me.
12. She is a social butterfly and always ready for a party.
13. She will make you love her by just looking at you. I've seen it happen time and time again to unsuspecting people who hadn't planned on any long term attachment... it's that magical 47th chromosome:)
14. Emmie throws a fit every time I have to brush her hair. Hates it!
15. She could live outside. She is definitely a free spirit, and running with no barriers is her favorite thing to do.
16. Her belly laugh is contagious!
17. She has a love hate relationship with bath time. 
18. Emmie is convinced every small dog is a cat, and will repeatedly correct me by signing and saying cat whenever I say dog.
19. When I come into the room and she says "hi" and runs for a hug, I can hardly stand the love that I feel in my heart for her.
20. Em is extremely independent and will push you away if she does not want your help.
21. As a family the ONE and ONLY thing we can all agree on is that life with Em is extraordinary!We all love her to the extreme and she loves us all back , no questions asked. She is our sun. She lights our lives and shines so brightly on all who pass her way. She is our miracle, our magical little dumpling that we all would fight to the death for... no questions asked.

Monday, October 17, 2011

31 for 21: Clowns Of God

CLOWNS OF GOD, by Morris West

I know what are you thinking.

You need a sign.

What better one could I give

than to make this little one whole and new?

I could do it; but I will not.

I am the Lord and not a conjurer.

I gave this mite a gift I denied to all of you


To you she looks imperfect

but to me she is flawless,

like the bud that dies unopened,

or the fledglings

that fall from the nest to be devoured by ants.

She never offended me,

as all of you have done.

She never perverted the work of My Father hands.

She is necessary to you.

She will evoke the kindness that will prompt you to

gratitude for own good fortune....more.....

she will remind you every day that I am who I am,

that My ways are not yours,

and the smallest dust mite whirled in darkest

space does not fall out of my hand.

I have chosen you.

you have not chosen me.

this little one is my sign to you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21: The Sweet tooth... Is It Bigger In Kids With Down syndrome??

I have no idea, there is no data on that.I'm just being silly. I'm just going by what I see. This Dumpling can smell chocolate from a room away.  Can wipe out a bag of M&M's in no time flat. and will eat any flavor of ice cream...even strawberry. Now that's hard core.

If you have a sweet and you make eye contact with her consider it hers. Don't leave it unattended because she will stuff it in her mouth immediately.  I've seen her devour a candy bar in two bites .Stuffs her little mouth til her cheeks are puffed out like a squirrel packing it away for winter. 

Wait til Halloween. She's going to freak when people start throwing candy at her!! this is the first year that she will actually "get" what's going on.

Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21: Forget Me Not Friday... Miss Carina

Forget Me Not Friday is here to spread the word about our kids on Reese's Rainbow. Started by Jane at Flight Platform Living. Anyone can join in!!  Jane also has a gallery of their photos on her blog. if you are thinking about adoption this is a great place to fall in love:)

Today I will introduce Miss Carina. 
  Carina has one of the saddest little faces I have ever seen. I wonder if she smiles at all. Maybe she was just a grumpy girl when this picture was taken. Maybe she's not always so sad. Maybe...

Or maybe Carina has no reason to smile. Maybe she has lost hope of ever being loved and snuggled. if you look closely, her shirt says Daily Pleasure...does she have any pleasure in her life? What a shirt to be wearing in her situation.

I am Carina's Christmas Warrior so you'll be seeing a lot of her in the next two months, and I'm hoping and praying her mama sees her too. She's just perfect and beautiful and I can only imagine how she sparkles when she smiles.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 21: IEP...Done , Em's Heart... Perfect

We had a big day on Tuesday! I went to Em's IEP meeting and Peter took Emmie to the cardiologist. We both had great days.  Her IEP meeting was fabulous. Emmie has such an amazing team waiting for her at school. I feel 100% confident that they will do everything we want for her. Her teacher, Miss Lisa instantly gave me that "feel good feeling". She is pleasant and confident and never flinched when I told her Emmie is a runner and a thrower. They have doorbells on all the doors in the classrooms, lol! That's going to be going off all day:)
As for her services, she qualified for all of them. She will be getting ST, OT and PT. She will be in a divided classroom with four typically developing kids and four with special needs.
Her teacher even got me excited about potty training. Em can wear pull ups to school because... when one pees they all pee. So flipppin cute!! And Emmie does learn by watching. The only small obstacle there is that Emmie is the only Princess in a class of Princes!!! Not sure the  observing and learning method applies here. But hey sitting or standing, as long as she's making the connection and it gets in the bowl I'm good!

On to cardiology. Em did fantastic. She was scheduled for an echocardiogram, which i did not tell Peter about. I figured there was absolutely no way she would be still enough for them to do it. I was expecting them to suggest she be sedated. Something I really didn't want to consider. Emmie  has a good heart, she's never had surgery but she was born with a Right Bundle Branch Blockage Complete. basically a wiring issue. There is no treatment for it and it does not in any way interfere with her everyday life or health. Many people have a BB but most don't even know it. The only odd thing about it is that you usually get a BB because of a trauma that your heart has been through, like a heart attack or surgery. Em's had none of that. Probably just a weird Down syndrome thing. And she was born with a small hole in her heart. Really small.
So anyway, she did it! She stayed perfectly still the whole time. I was amazed . The doctor said the hole has completely closed and as far as the BB there really is not a lot of data on them. Just watch her for any signs that her heart is having problems, like her color and if she gets tired fast all the usual things. Emmie has never shown any signs of having any sort of problems like that so I'm pretty confident as is her cardiologist that this BB will not cause any problems. She doesn't have to go back for a year.

And this would have been my header picture if Blogger would have let me up load it. Another great day apple picking.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 for 21: A Post From One Of Brigita's "Mama's"

As most of you know I have a special place in my heart for Miss Brigita. Sophia my daughter found her on Reese's Rainbow about a year ago and became her prayer warrior. Shortly after that I started to find other "mamas" who also had a special place in their hearts for Miss B. One of them Robin E, recently wrote a post about Brigita that just put it all so beautifully and perfectly. She could be speaking for all of us when she writes about Brigita. Please read her post below. Please keep Brigita in your hearts and in your prayers. This little one needs to go home. she has been waiting far too long. She is dazzling in my eyes. And I know others will see her amazing beauty too. Please read Robin's post below and fall in love with Miss Brigita, see what we see.

Big, Beautiful Smile

From the moment I saw Brigita's profile on Reece's Rainbow, I was captivated. The brightness in her eyes, along with that big, beautiful smile told me that this was a very special little girl who would add a lot of joy to some lucky family with what was surely a sparkling personality. I have thought about her night and day since then, praying constantly for her health and comfort, and for that lucky family to discover her. That was last December, two months before she turned six.

One thing that troubled me then was the possibility that the big, beautiful smile in the picture had faded away as the years went by. I am not sure when the picture was taken, but I found out at one point that Brigita had been listed with RR since at least 2009 without a profile pic. So, does that mean she was about four in the pic? Or was it taken earlier for her file, and only released to RR later? She looks so tiny, like a toddler, in the photo. I really thought she looked two or three. It just might be that when people see pictures of the older children that had obviously been taken much earlier, they might just think, "cute," and move on. They might think that the available picture may bear little resemblance to the child as he or she is now - either physically or mentally. I always wonder if that disconnect is one of the things holding Brigita back from attracting the interest she should attract.

Fast forward a bit to after I had the immense good fortune to correspond with a wonderful lady who had met Brigita in the spring of 2010, when Brigita was five. She told me that Brigita was still very small, about a 2-3T, and probably under 30 lbs. In other words, about the size of my 2 1/2 year old, but a LOT skinnier! However, she walked very well and loved to play with noisy toys, despite her hearing problem. So, that news was both a relief and a worry. Brigita was ok as of last year, but she needed to gain weight and grow. She was sturdy. She was responsive. She smiled and she laughed. (Yes! Thank God! She laughed when taken - with help - on a playground slide!) But for how long would that remain to be the case? What if she got sick? What if she continued to lose weight? What if she just gave up? That's why I pray for her everyday. Because we just don't know these things.

I have great hope for her, though, and here's why:

A smile like that isn't going to fade easily. Brigita may not have that much to smile about on a daily basis (pray with me that's not the case!), but that smile that just lights up her whole face shows something deeper and more durable in her personality. Maybe in her soul. A joie de vivre that even a short visit and a turn on a slide could bring out in all its glory. I cried big tears of relief and gratitude when I saw the spring 2010 version of that smile. The smile that prompted her good and devoted warrior, Helle, to dub her "The Cheshire Charmer." She is still there, waiting for the day that purity of spirit can be shared with a family of her very own, and she'll get all the hugs and holding she so deserves and so appreciates. Family, are you out there? There's a little prayer team out there praying for you, and for your sweet girl. We haven't given up in all this time, and we won't. We are waiting to see that big, beautiful smile again. Please God, let it be this side of heaven.

Note: I had to double check the date on this picture, because if you notice, it says 2009/05/02 in yellow on the front. Those dates are just a camera error. The owner of the picture has assured me that it was indeed taken in April of 2010, just a little over a year ago. She also told me something I had never heard before - something so beautiful I just had to quote her here:

"This picture was taken at the orphanage when we first met Little Miss. She was so happy to be getting attention and she loved the warm sun coming through the window just like a little cat. I bet she would love to just sit in the sun!"

Hoping those memories give her hope to hold on in the long days of waiting for someone to come and hold her again, and let her know she's so very loved.

Thank you Robin E for this post.

* Please if you are thinking about adoption, especially from the older girls please, pray and consider Miss B. Please keep her in your prayers, she needs to be home .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21: Summers Sweet Return

Fall in New England means crunching leaves under your feet, cool days and even cooler nights. The smell in the air is a mixture of everything that has blossomed over the summer and left it's scent lingering, then add to that the smells of apples and pumpkins, grasses, and leaves.  If you've ever been out in these neck of the woods you know what I'm trying to explain. It's an intoxicating battle of the seasons where sweetness and spiciness battle for the crown.

So to have a day at the beach in October is a rare and delightful treat.  Yesterday we took full advantage of Summers brief return and got to enjoy a day by the ocean. We were even able to swim in the water. 

Emilia ran and ran, her giggles bouncing of the waves and filling the beach. 

Playing tag with the waves

Run Emmie

*btw, You probably noticed that I have no header picture. I tried to change it and now blogger won't let me upload anymore photos. Says I have reached my limit...again! But it obviously is allowing me to upload in to my post. I've switched editors back and forth and that's not working this time. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to lend some advice.

Monday, October 10, 2011

31 for 21 : We Weep... Again

Yesterday we went apple picking. It was warm and sunny and we were together as a family. Despite the moans and groans from a couple of my older children, we were together and had a good time.

When I got home I thought I'd go through the pictures get a post ready for today , change my summer background and catch up on everyone's Sunday. 

I saw that my friend Polly had posted for prayers. I immediately thought "now what's happened" thinking they were for her.  

Nothing in my wildest nightmares could have braced me for what she had written in her post. 

 I was at the dining room table , the kids were coming in slowly and getting settled, as I was reading, and obviously the tears were coming down , I just kept saying "no not again this can't be happening again". By now Peter was inside and as everyone came around ,I told them what had happened. Shock just took over their faces. Disbelief from even my little ones. They remember Carly and even their young minds new this was something horrific. Something no one should have to deal with.

Another unthinkable tragedy has struck The George Family. Most of you are familiar with Joany and Paul. Most of you remember that just a year and a half ago they were left heart broken by the loss of their beautiful Carly. Suddenly and unexpectedly she was gone. 

I cannot even  believe the words as I type them here, but they again have been engulfed in the unbelievable. Their son Brad is now gone too. Gone to be with Carly . All I know is that it was a house fire. Their house. I believe he was home alone. 

I cannot wrap my head around this news. Maybe that's why I'm up early, unable to sleep. I cannot clear my thoughts of this tragedy. I cannot pray!! The words will not come. 

WHY!!! is all I can muster when I try to pray. I'm mad that God allowed this to happen...again! This family was crippled when Carly died. The posts that Joany has written over the last 18 months express her pain in such a way that you feel it too.  Both Joany and Paul have been trying so hard to go on. To live ....somehow without Carly. To find the strength to continue.  Her last post , written just a few days ago was entitled ,One Day at a Time. She wrote how difficult it still was ,how hard it was going and leaving the cemetery . I get chills thinking about that post.

What are they supposed to do now? 

I don't even know why I'm writing this post. I guess to reach anyone who did not hear already. Hopefully to reach people who can pray right now.   Maybe just to express my feelings.

I know we will come together has a community to embrace The George Family, someone will organize something for them I'm sure. It's probably already in the works. That's just how we are out here. We come together no matter what, no matter how you know the person, whether you were close friends or just acquaintances on FB, it doesn't matter. When one of us is down the others lift them up. No words needed. When one has fallen,we all weep.
I just can't fathom how they will find the strength , again. I can't fathom the amount of pain they are in right now. My head hurts from trying to figure this out. And a friend on FB posted something that made sense in all this mess. She was paraphrasing , St Augustan ...

With my finite mind I can no more comprehend the ways of the Lord than I can contain the waters of the ocean with a bucket

Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 for 21:Sharing Sunday

Well I know I usually write a Thankful Sunday post on Sunday's but I've been slacking on those the last few weeks. Maybe a little change is in order. And Miss Jane at Flight Platform Living is on a roll! Actually the girl is on Fire!!! She has started the Forget Me Not Friday blog hop, advocating for orphans, and now she has started her Sharing Sunday Posts.

Anyone can link up and share whatever they want to. A fundraiser , a special event in their lives , their children , orphans... you name it. 

Today I'm sharing about a gal named Faith. What an appropriate name. I met her on FB , when she was hinting around at "possibly" adopting a little one from Reese's Rainbow in very dire straights.  There was a true giddiness in her posts. 

And I decided right there and then that I liked this chick and would follow her journey . At the time of her hinting, there was a little fellow named Josiah in  need of some immediate rescuing and we were all hoping that he is who Faith was talking about. 


Faith moved quickly and yes, she swooped in and has committed to Josiah.

Faith has a blog set up for Josiah, called Ransoming An Angel, there you can read the whole story . Faith is one amazing person. Just read her "about me" and you will see what I mean. But read the blog too. lol!!! 

And here is the link to her fundraisers going on now. And I need to mention the urgency in Josiah's  rescue. He has run out of time. He has already been transferred. Faith just needs to raise the money and get him home as fast as possible.   


And Happy Sunday. We will be enjoying summer like weather today!! What a treat!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 for 21: Stairs... Check

Well Miss Em has been at it again. She has decided to learn how to go down the stairs ALONE! She has been going up and down for a while now, but holding my hand. Up she has been doing alone for the most part, but I never let her go down by herself. Our PT advised us to take the gate down... WHAT!!! And watch my baby girl fall head over heels down the stairs! I just couldn't do it.

Then the gate broke:( It was on it's way out to begin with. It's had a few mishaps in the last couple of years. But the other day I just had to throw it out. We were going to replace it, but then we saw this.

see ya!
Thanks Em you just saved us 40 bucks , no new gate needed! 

Now the problem of having her roaming around downstairs, lots of trouble she can get into down there. Miss Em is a master slinker.  Before you even realize it, she has quietly slinked away to  investigate/destroy something.
And lets all hope my other lovies who occasionally have "tails" don't leave the front door open.
Guess we better hide the car keys too :)

Yesterday she walked down the stairs, pointed to the front door and said "that"!!! She told me she wanted to go outside!! It's coming!!!  That little head of hers is working overtime, and those words are coming!

Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Forget Me Not Friday

It's Friday again! Time for Forget Me Not Friday. My lovely friend Jane, from Flight Platform Living, who has a heart overflowing with love for the orphan has started a beautiful tribute to them on Fridays.  She welcomes bloggers to link up their posts and has also started a gallery of gorgeous little ones all waiting for their forever families.

read more posts here

So let us not forget.

Let us never have the thought far from mind, that there are children suffering every day. The sweetest of the sweet clinging to life in institutions. Withering away because they are deemed unworthy. Unworthy of love? Who gets to decide that? I thought it was God, and I thought love was for all... I guess I was mistaken...

I guess this face didn't make the cut

I guess this dumpling is better off unloved and unwanted


I guess that certain societies think out of sight out of mind. It's easier not to think about them. It's easier to just hid them away. 

But you see, they have a light that cannot be squelched.

* Patty at A Perfect Lilly is advocating for Atrem. Well worth the trip over to her blog to check it out.

They cling to hope. I guess they have no other choice but to believe there is something better than what they have.


But everyone has a limit, to what they can endure. The loneliness, the lack of love, the lack of everything. The self comforting techniques that are a poor substitute for a mama's arms. The lack of interaction with others, the lack of adequate medical attention. 

 Please  read some of the other stories and posts. Get familiar with the little faces, know them by name. Care to know them by name. Be a voice for them. They are completely dependent on strangers half way around the world to be there warriors.   

They can't run to mommy to make things better.  We need to run to them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 for 21: Siblings and Therapies

Some people will think that having a child with Down syndrome will take away attention from the other children in the family. Parents my think they will not have time to deal with a child with a disability and their typical children. And to a certain extent that is true. A medically fragile child (whether that child have Down syndrome or any other medical condition) will demand more attention, but, if anything the typical siblings will feel more needed. They will more than likely have to help out, and that is great! They will and should be included in caring for their new sibling.  

  Emilia was blessed to be born very healthy, she has no major medical concerns. What she does have is a very busy schedule of therapies. For the past three years our Early Intervention team have been literally part of our family. On almost every day of the week she was either being visited or attending a group session.

Schedules have been arranged around Miss Em's therapies. During the summer we did things after PT. We went to the beach after Speech. Grocery shopping was done after OT. 

And it's ok! It works. You just make it work. It becomes second nature.

I can speak for my kids and say that since Em has taken her place in our family, they have almost never had a gripe about her therapies interfering with their lives.  Sophia did ask that we reschedule Miss Em's speech when it fell on her birthday, but other than that it's been pretty smooth. It's actually been a learning experience for them. When they are home , they partake in the therapies, they learn new techniques to use with Emmie. They play with her in a way that she will learn more and be more interested. They know how to walk with her up and down the stairs, they know to sit facing her when playing or reading as it's more beneficial.  They work on the things that her OT is working on.  Without even realizing it they have incorporated her therapies into our /their every day routines.

Here is a great video of Andrew playing soccer with Emmie. Without even thinking he has adapted the soccer game so Em can play with him. He's having fun , she's having fun and she kicked the ball!