Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Darryl

Ok he just makes me smile!

Date of Birth: June 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
 What a sweet, sunny little boy!   Darryl is going on 5.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  Darryl is growing well, physically active, friendly and sociable.  More medical info available from the agency!
Single moms welcome!


Bet he makes you smile too! 
Imagine how he'd smile if he had a family!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Re- Sharing : An Open Letter To Carina's Mother

 A lot of people are sharing Carina's beautiful face and info on FB today. We're all looking for you. We're all trying to work together to save Carina. She has so many people who love her!! But just one Mama and that's you! Please come rescue your daughter!! This is the letter I originally wrote to you on April 17th. I thought I'd send it out one more time.

Hi there, 

I don't really know how to start this letter. Maybe I should introduce myself to you. I'm Carina's Warrior. I found her in November when Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree was getting started. She wasn't my first choice, you know. In fact I didn't even notice her until I had to go back and pick another child. You see my first choice  was Lucille. Her big smile just drew me right in, but she already had a warrior, so I had to choose another child.
That's when I saw her. Just the opposite of Lucille, Carina had no smile at all, not even a hint of one. I just sat and stared at her for a moment wondering what this sweet child has already had to endure, what had those beautiful eyes already seen, to give her such a sorrowful look on her beautiful face. 

Well, I was in love and there was no turning back. She didn't have a penny in her account and had never had an inquiry, but she had me, for whatever that was worth.

But she needs you! Her mama!

I wish I could be everything to her, I wish she could lift her arms up to me one day and call me, mama. I dream about holding her and snuggling with her and above all else, seeing her smile! But that is not to be. 

I know you are out there. I know with all my heart that you exist. I know that for every orphan there is a family. God would never abandon any of his children. It's just finding them that is challenging. And finding them in time.

Carina doesn't have a lot of time. She is turning four this month and at  that ripe old age she is aging out. She is too old for the baby house. Imagine that. Too old at four. So, she will be transferred to an adult mental institution. Somehow I'm not seeing how four is the appropriate age for this final destination either.
I'm not seeing how any age is an appropriate age to be transferred to hell on  earth.

I'm afraid for her. I'm afraid her spirit is too broken already to withstand what lays ahead of her.  

 I am terrified that she will give up. 

When I found Carina in November, I honestly thought she would get adopted during Angel Tree. I mean she is healthy, and just breathtakingly beautiful.  I'll admit, I was a bit stunned when I found out, that nobody even asked about her. But, I still had confidence that long before April she would have a family committed to her. I put her photo everywhere, I blogged about her, and all of FB knows Carina... at least all of my friends. 

And yet, she still waits. 
Where are you??
She needs you now!

Please, she cannot go on without you. And neither can I. 

I cannot let her down. 

In November , April seemed so far away. Maybe I was over confident. Maybe I just assumed everyone would love her like I did, and there would be a line forming for her. 

 I think about you often. I wonder where you live. If you have other children, do you already have a child with Down syndrome?  Do I already know you? So many thoughts of you swirl around in my mind. 

 But the only thing that matters is that you love her. That she makes your heart skip a beat when you look at her. That you can't think of anything else but bringing her home. 

If by some miracle you are reading this, I want you to know, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to get her home. I will help you in any way I can. And there is a big beautiful community out here who I'm sure won't mind me speaking for them too.  We will help you get her home.  It's just what we do for each other.
 Please don't let fear stand in your way of saying Yes! You're not alone, that's for sure!

Please, Sweet Carina's Mama, put your faith in God, and step out to Carina. Extend you hand and your heart to this beautiful child who needs you so desperately , right now.
I'll be right behind you.


 All my love, 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zachy.. You Are So Amazing!!!

This is "Zacky" and I" met" him this morning. He blew me away! Take a few minutes to watch this video. see why we need to NEVER stop advocating for these kids.

These thought to be broken and useless children. These unloved and discarded bunch of gems!

Look what a little love did for Zacky. Just a brief encounter with a welcoming set of arms and kisses.  Zacky is hanging on to hope with all he's got. This sweet little soul is clinging to hope.

Watch, fall in love, have a good cry, let your heart break then fight for these little ones who have no voice but ours! Even a whisper helps!

You can view Zacy's bio on Project Hopeful. 

There is a really quick and easy registration . Don't let that deter you! It's really easy and painless!I did it in under one minute! Yes, I timed it. Zack is on page 7 of the waiting children.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Moment Captured

Andrew is an awesome brother. But, he's eight and Em is three and well, let's just say at times he'd probably like to put a for sale sign on her and leave her on the nearest street corner. She is always in his stuff, she messes with his trains and doesn't know how to "play the right way".  She definitely doesn't abide by the rules and that drives Andrew insane. So what I'm saying is that they have a very "typical" relationship.

Every once in a while, when the planets are all aligned and there's not static electricity in the immediate area to make young brains twitch, and hair to stand on end, you get a moment. A beautiful moment and you capture it. And just love it.

Andrew found some Barney videos on the computer and thought Em would love them. By the look on her face , he was right.

The view from the back is as good as the one from the front. Love that little hand on his back!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Kyle

Every Tuesday I wonder what am I going to say today. How can I make this Tuesday Teamwork child stand out? What can I possibly say that I already haven't said before?  If this child's mama is reading how will I get her attention?

Today I want you to meet Kyle. I don't know much about Kyle. But what I do know is that yesterday I wrote this post about Em, and I just know that Kyle is also someones guiding light, someones rock, someones ultimate joy! 

Boy, born November 2006
Eyes: Blue
Hair: brown

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Kyle is facing the institution.   He has striking blue eyes and bright blonde hair!  Kyle is medically healthy outside of his flat feet and strabismus.   Please give Kyle a chance to grow up in a loving family of his own!

$3903.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
Please pray for Kyle.Could he be your light??? Your son?? Your constant joy????

Monday, May 14, 2012

She makes Things Look So Easy

When 's the last time you smiled like that?

Or laughed so hard you got the hiccups?

Delighted in making silly faces?

Shown off bright blue nails?

When was the last time you were just content?

Content with being who you are and where you are? Content with dealing with what your life brings and doesn't bring?  Content to love those around you , not because you have to , but because you want to.

Content to accept your life. The ups the downs and the all arounds. 

I can't honestly answer these questions. Because lately I've been asking a lot of "whys?" and "when?" and "how much longer"?

I have so much to learn from my Littlest Love!! 
I have a feeling that she is the one we should all get behind and follow. Especially on those tough days. She just lights the way so we don't get totally lost!

Everyday I have  with her, I can see more and more clearly why God chose to bring her in to our lives. She didn't need us...we needed her.  For our basic survival! She has been the one to keep us together, to make us pick ourselves up over and over again. Because of her we are surviving what life throws at us. This tiny but mighty little one is our rock!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes! Emmie Still Lives Here!!

Wow anyone remember her? I know it's been quite some time since it was all about Em. I'm seriously considering starting another blog just for the orphans and keeping  this one all about Em. Any thoughts on that?

Well here's what Miss Em and Co. have been up to!
I haven't even posted Easter pictures yet!  I guess it's never to late to show a cute kid in a gorgeous dress! (The dress was Miss Anna Banana's)

Bella finally got her "requested" surprise birthday party. She was shocked!! And it was awesome!

Emilia wore a lovely two piece bathing suit,( also compliments of Anna Banana), to the surprise party to go along with her can of silly string. 

Can't forget Opening Day! That's a big one! Andrew is in AAA this year. He's a little on edge , but he's doing extremely well!  Last year, in AA, he took a really hard hit in the back from a pitch, and for the rest of the season he wouldn't bat. Yes, the kid benched himself. When he made it into AAA this year the first thing he asked was " do the kids pitch" We thought there was no hope! But he's batting!!  We are so proud of him!

A really big day for my Little Man! He made his First Holy Communion! And we all decided that he cleans up reeeeeeal nice!  We never saw him look so stinkin handsome!

And then there were moments like this one. Just think how my heart stopped when I drove into my driveway and this is what greeted me.

  My next thought was , "Where is her father"!!! But that question was quickly answered when he met me at the front door with the camera!! Seriously?

 Just to ease your minds the window she is in doesn't open. Just the small side one do. But she is standing on the window sill. Seems she wasn't content to just stand on the chair to look out the window.  She can see so much more standing up higher! She has no fear!!!
And in her father's defense, she is sneaky,and quick, much quicker than him. He had no shot of catching this little lightning bug! But once he heard her triumphant cackles he was right there behind her! Except for the moment her left her to bring me the camera! lol

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Quinton

It's Tuesday and time to highlight another orphan from Reece's Rainbow who is still waiting. I know what you all just did. You all just said " doesn't she do that almost everyday"  Yes I do! But Tuesdays are different. There's a whole bunch of us that all post for the same child hoping the exposure will help find their family. The more the merrier, so if you'd like to join in , just ask and we'll set you up ;)

Now, on to Quinton.

Date of Birth: August 2009
Gender: Male
: Gray
: red
 noisy, active
Down syndrome

Diagnosis: DS, delayed development, protein-calorie deficiency, non-malignant growth

Isn't he handsome! His Character is described as being noisy and active... Just perfect!!! He is a little boy after all!.
But I know he doesn't get to run around outside and play in the dirt with cars or make forts with his friends. 

His clothes don't get dirty and he's never been all sticky from a Popsicle melting too quickly. He doesn't get tucked into bed exhausted from the days adventures, and I'm sure his dreams are not sweet. 

 I'm asking  ask you to share Quinton today, and please say a prayer for this noisy , active little boy who just longs for a family.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Wishes and Princess Dreams, and Something more...

Once upon a time there was a princess named Brigita. And she lived in a  kingdom far far away. The only problem was they didn't believe she was a Princess. And even her own parents doubted her. They doubted her to the point of giving her away. 

People around her were kind at times but Princess Brigita knew in her heart that these people were not her family. She was not where she belonged. Even though she was just a child , she knew this was not her Happily Ever After,

Brigita grew through the years. She learned how to get by. She learned the ways of these people who were not family, but seemed to try to take care of her. And she has survived.   One thing that no one could take from her , was her spirit! Her Hope! And that's why after years of waiting , she can still smile! 

Meanwhile, in another kingdom on the other side of the world, there was a mother named Dee. She longed for a daughter.  She wanted a little girl to be her princess. A child to hold and love and snuggle with. A child to fill her heart with love.

Well, one day Dee found Brigita and promised to bring her home to her kingdom. Dee has been working very hard for months and months to bring Princess Brigita home!But it costs so much money! No one can possibly do it alone. 

I happen to know that today is Dee's birthday and I also know that her kingdom is full of loving people. I'd really like to help Dee celebrate her birthday today.I also know that the only thing Dee wants for her birthday is Brigita. I wish I could wrap her up and give her to Dee today, but that is impossible!

But what we all could do is bring Brigita a little bit closer to home.  Dee has been hoping and praying that her FSP would move for her birthday. 

I really think we can grant that wish today. ...

And just for fun, I'm throwing in some incentives!

Look at the treasures I found and want to share with whoever donates anything to Miss Brigita today in honor of her mama's birthday. I will use Random. org to pick three people who will each receive  a frame of their choice! 

#1. This is a beautiful Burns of Boston frame/ photo album.Fits a 4x6 photo and holds 60 photos inside. 

#2. Just in time for Fathers day!  Burns of Boston frame.Holds a 6x4 photo


 #3. And for the Graduate!  Burns of Boston frame.Also holds a 6x4 photo.

Just leave me a comment telling me you donated and which frame you would like to enter for . I do not need to know the amount. You can choose whichever frame you want. And no worries if you all want the same one, I can do that too!

Donate to Brigita here!!! And please wish Dee a very happy and hopeful birthday!!!!! She wants her Princess home so badly! And princess Brigita has been waiting year after year for her mama and her Happily Ever After!  





Thursday, May 3, 2012

Looking for Lynne from South Georgia!!

Ok  I need to find Lynne from South Georgia!! You won!  Are you out here???

I posted you accidentally as Lynn S. It should have been Lynne, South Georgia!! 

Where are you???? LOL

 Please come back, and  leave me your address, so I can get your things on their way to you!!

And if anyone knows Sweet Lynne from South Georgia could you send her this way?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday: Andrey

Being seen, is crucial to these sweet children that have been hidden away from view. Teamwork Tuesday highlights a certain child from Reece's rainbow every week in hopes of finding their family.

Today we post for Andrey!

Boy was born in May 2007
Diagnosis: Down syndrome and possible other facial deformities
Personable, active, friendly!   And being saved from the same place as Kirill.

It's his birthday month. The best gift would be a family! 

He is beautiful!

Also if you entered Carina's Giveaway, check here to see if you won. I need addresses!!!

Carina's Hope Winners!!!

Well, as far as I'm concerned EVERYONE is a winner! You all raised $1000,00 for Carina. 

Think about it! $1000.00 for a child on the other side of the world. You can't see her or hold her or know anything about her, but you all said "YES, I'll help her,I want to bring her hope"

And you did just that.  More people know who she is, more people are thinking about her and praying for her!

More people are thinking about adoption!

Carina is loved!

From the bottom of my very humbled and happy heart, THANK YOU!!!

From random.org, here is the list

#1,Jillian Raye design:  Elaina

#2 newborn dress: Stori

#3Meet Annie book: Megan McDonough

#4 Bows: KellyH

#5 Games: Melissa M

#6 Jubilee's Jewels Necklace: Becki

#7 Mrs. Meyers Cleaners: Debbie M

#8 Tulip skirt dress w/Hippos:  Rochelle

#9 Waterfall ruffle dress: Lynn S

#10 Searching for .. The you we adore Book : Alicia V

#11 Bow holder: Lynn S

#12 Silpada GC: Amanda (mandy)

#13 African Shell necklace: Deb W

#14 Baby Doll: Kelly H

#15 Bee's Felt Market GC: Megan Mc Donough

#16 Lisa Leonard Necklace : Polly K

#17  Newborn pink cardigan : Melissa M

#18 Photo frames: Lynn S

$10.00 Subway GC: Julia Nalle


Now I just need addresses.

Email: rarefindings@verizon.net or PM me on FB

And again thank you ALL!!!!! 
I am absolutely amazed at how well this went!

And I'm totally convinced that Carina will go home. God's got this!