Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Firecracker Turns 15!

July 4th 1999, I was having contractions that felt like firecrackers going off inside me. I was confident that our second child would be a 4th of July baby. But Miss Sophia had a different idea. She wasn't about to share her birthday , she wanted her own day. So two days later on the 6th she made her debut. 

She was full of vim and vigor from the moment I held her and has been ever since.

She is unpredictable and at times exasperating.  She has the ability to drive you to the edge of insanity and then leave you hanging there...  

But, she can also make you laugh til you think your stomach will burst. Her sense of humor is definitely a gift from God.

She is a classic beauty and I find myself staring at her, simply in awe of her face. Her heart is good. And she is brilliant.

You are growing into an amazing young woman, Sophie.

Enjoy the ride you are on. Don't take things too seriously. Treat every experience whether it be good or bad as a chance to learn something and to grow stronger and wiser, (remember , your name means wisdom)

Your life is an empty canvas! Use every color in the rainbow to paint your future!!!!  

And above all, remember that you are loved more than you can EVER imagine!

Love you more,