Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Update, Around 2:30 this afternoon, Aziza went to be with Jesus. Please remember her family in your prayers. 

Another of our own needs our prayers.Aziza daughter of Janet Caswell, a FB friend to many,  is fighting for her life !

Latest update from her mom:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
"Pray for a Miracle. Aziza needs one.
I am kicked out of the ICU as they do nursing hand-over. Its been a rough night. Tried to sleep in lounge but doc came and woke me to tell me she was deteriorating. Having trouble keeping blood pressure up. Kindeys failing but can't put he on dialysis due to bleeding issue. She is septic - packed in ice to bring

down fever. Liver damage. Abdomen still open. Giving her units of blood products and platelets. She is hooked up to so many machienes. SO so many Ivs. She's so cold. I am a wreck. Family and friends on their way. Samantha has not seen her yet ... I have asked for Child Life to come and help prepare Samantha for seeing her sister. We need a miracle. Pray for a miracle for my baby."
I'm having a day of fasting and prayer , please join!! Please pray in whatever way you can. 
Our community is still reeling from the unexpected death of Sweet Henry. Now Aziza's battle is just overwhelming!
 Here is the link to my FB event for Aziza , but of course you do not need to join to pray!!! Where ever you are please just plead with Jesus to heal her.

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Robin E. said...

Praying for Aziza, along with my three year old little girl! Offering up our day for her and baby Dominic.