Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Mission/Calling/ Joy.. International Adoption Ministy

Yeah, I know I usually try to lure you in with some cute photo of Miss Em. Well, today there is none. I have Peter's computer and I'm photoless. 

All I have is a request. We are now the proud parents of a non- profit organization! 

Peter has worked like a dog to get this started. Plus he had to work with me... no easy task , as I can be a royal pain in the backside(as I've been told) 

Anyway it's called International Adoption Ministry. (I.A.M)

Our purpose is too raise money to help families who are in the final stages of an International adoption.

Reason? Well, for a long time I've advocated for orphans with special needs( I will continue that!!!) and through that I have meet a lot of AMAZING families. I donate as much as I can but lets face it, we're broke.Five dollars really will break us at times. 

Why the final stages?  As I have watched families fund raise it seems that most start out really well. Money comes in faster at the beginning than at the end. So many times there has been this frantic fund raising either right before a family travels (because they haven't got enough funds to travel ) or when they are already in country  because something causes them to be detained and again they are low on funds and the panic begins. That's when we want to be able to help. To be able to take that stress away from a family by supplying those last few hundreds or thousands of dollars that are such a bugger to raise. What a freaking joy that would be! 

So I thought wouldn't it be awesome if we could actually help families through a non profit. I mean it's going to take a lot of work, and time and probably some swear words(from me not Peter) But what the heck, if it works we could really help out!


We have a brand new Facebook page. I'd love it to overflow with likes and shares!!! No money needed just a few clicks. 

We're so excited about this. Please share in our excitement and be a part of it! 
Check us out , International Adoption Ministry

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Jane George said...

gosh this is amazing! will help babe as soon as i can x