Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Moment for Mindy

Mindy is just beautiful to look at isn't she? She pulls you in with a soft kindness, and that smile just makes you smile back.

But there is a sadness around this beautiful child. Mindy is an orphan and needs a family to step forward before her birthday , which is in early December. Once she ages out it will be too late for her to be adopted.

Here is her bio from Reece's Rainbow

Girl, born December 1999
Cerebral Palsy

Mindy needs a family to be in country and adopt her PRIOR to her birthday in DECEMBER 2013!

Mindy is a beautiful 13 year old girl with an incredible spirit! She was abandoned at age 6, but in spite of that, she has an optimistic and thankful heart. She likes to sing and hum throughout her day, she is honest and accepts correction well. She has good judgment, has a great thirst for knowledge, good understanding and excellent study habits. She attends school in the orphanage. She is talkative and friendly, and a good communicator. She has moderate cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to get around, but her speech is clear and she is working hard on her English.

Here you can see video of her, where she says, “Hello everyone, my name is Mindy. I hope I will have a family, have daddy, mother, brothers and sisters. I am a girl who has a ready smile.”

Can you imagine being 13 years old and know your time is almost up? Can you imagine the feeling of dread? And the fear of never having a family of your own? Please if you are reading this , take the one second it takes to share this post! Share it on FB or blog or tell someone about Mindy. Stop and say a prayer, but please do something! This child;s life is on the line! A few short weeks, that's all she has for a huge miracle! CAN YOU AND WILL YOU HELP??

Whatever you do , it is more than doing nothing. And she deserves at least our effort to help her. What if you are the one who posts, and because of that her family is found. You never know the way God is going, or who He will use or when or how. Please let us all do our part for Mindy, who wants nothing but the love of a family! 

For more information on Mindy please contact Reece's Rainbow

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