Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sweetheart Tree

. The sweetheart tree

. The sweetheart?

. A cool pic inside this massive tree

. Pure happiness

. A chew toy?

. A chew toy you can eat!

That's my silly knee in the picture... just look at the baby. I need to learn how to crop.

. Emilia loves to give kisses


Yesterday we went for a picnic at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI. It is one of our most favorite places to go. We always have the best time there. Yesterday it was packed, so we had to find another picnic area since our usual spot was taken. The nerve of some people. Any way, for the first time in at least 100 years since I've been coming to this park we saw this huge tree. At first there didn't seem like a way inside, but on the other side there was an entrance,two little archways are cut out, so you can go in. It felt like an entrance into a magical land. If only! As you walk in you are surrounded by the tree, and the first thing you notice are all the names of past and present sweethearts. As you can see Peter was prompted to add our initials too. So there we are. I guess they will be there long after we're gone. Our kids can come with their kids and tell them about the day, Grandpa carved his and Grandma's initials into the great tree. Thanks Peter for still thinking of me as your sweetheart, I love you.
P. S. Check out Sophie's blog for more cool pictures!


ABandCsMom said...

That's quite a tree!

Emily said...

What an awesome tree! I would love to be able to picnic at a beautiful place like that! Love the darling pics!

Lacey said...

What a cool tree. I love the hair, it looks like a combover. Ha Ha. Too cute.

scrappy quilter said...

What an incredible tree, however what an incredible smile your sweetie has. She is just priceless. You just want to give her a big smootch on those cheeks.


stephanie said...

Goodness Lacey's right, her hair does look like a combover. She just had a bubble and her hair was extra soft... I need some hair accessories!

Kele said...

Kuddos to Peter!! How romantic! What an amazing spot, I think you guys might have found a new picnic spot!!
Love the pic of Emilia and Daddy...precious!

Chris said...

How sweet that your husband added you to the sweetheart tree! Looks like a wonderful day.

Jeana said...

What a fun day! Emilia has the most captivating smile.

Kim said...

What a beautiful smile!

The tree reminds me of when my hubby and I carved our initials in a tree before kids. We've since taken the girls back to visit the tree. I was surprised we found the tree among hundreds after 10 years of not seeing it.

Lily said...

Why have I not been to your blog before!?! You comment all the time and it's like I know you. I feel like a dork (this is Lily's mom typing, Lily's not a dork!) Emilia is beautiful! What a happy little sweetheart you have. I'm adding your link right now!

Missy said...

Steph that is so cool! (don't worry, I won't call the tree police on you kids-haha)and the pictures are fabulous! When I see Em, I AM going to eat her! Be prepared!! haha