Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Last Hoorah!

Happy Beach Baby

Five Little Monkey's

Four Little Ducks

Emmie Lou Who

Almost all my girls... one had to take the picture.

One Cool Chick

Even the cows posed

Gimme a smooch

He was a very sweet Bull.

Poor Daddy, but he asked for it.

We said good- bye to summer yesterday. We went to one of the prettiest places in RI. Little Compton, Goosewing Beach. It's how RI is supposed to look. The epitome of a small New England town.Time has been kept at arms length in Little Compton. Right on the water, well kept older homes, surrounded by fields and wild flowers, small farms. As you ride by homes they sell their fruits and veggies at roadside stands. Most are unattended and rely on the honor system. Yesterday we bought a 2 pound bag of apples for $1.00. They even had an apple and knife set aside so you could sample before you buy.Our dollar went into a cleaned out butter container(which was quite full). Can you imagine that.
We had fun on one of the cleanest beaches anywhere, collected shells to make ornaments out of at Christmas time, and had to stop at best ice cream place on the East Coast.
All in all a perfect ending to a great summer. And may I add it was all Peter's idea. I didn't really feel like going... but again, when he's right he's right.
BTW, we didn't put the baby near that bull( I think it's a bull, a boy cow?) until we saw another family let him lick their kid.YUCK! At least we new he was a friendly bull ,we even gave him a couple of our apple cores.


Mom Of Many said...

OH!! What a wonderful place!! I want to come! And the price of the apples?? I need apples...hmmmm...let's see. Leave a note to whomever might care that we have gone "to buy some apples"....(incidentally forget to mention that they are in RI)...

The pictures are adorable and love the one of Daddy with the girls hanging all over him - too cute!

My name is Sarah said...

It's so hard to say goodbye to summer. Looks like a good time at the beach.

Lacey said...

We had our last summer weekend too. I am so not ready to give up summer, I hate snow. Yuck

Michelle said...

What fun! Great pictures. I'm living vicariously through you at the moment!

AND GROSS, who would let a cow lick their child???

Hope said...

It looks like lots of fun. You have a beautiful family:)

Cammie Heflin said...

Sounds like a beautiful place!

scrappy quilter said...

I needed a smile today and Your precious little one brought it to my face. That first picture...what can I say other than I have tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. The pictures are beautiful as are you. Hugs..

Rebecca said...

I can almost smell the salty sea air all the way here in landlocked IL! Thanks for sharing your beach day and your little ducks too :>)

I love the one of Em *almost* kissing the bull. Too cute!

Emily said...

Oh it looks gorgeous! Summer needs to stick around a little longer! I am not a fan of fall... much less winter. Adorable pictures of your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to end the summer! Great pictures!

Anderson Family said...

I love your pictures especially the one of Emmie almost kissing the cow! So sad that summer is almost over.....I guess we will have to start looking forward to next summer.

stephanie said...

I love your pictures of Em I like the most of all is the cow oens.when am I going to get a blag.

Love Bella