Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31 for 21: 21 Things about Em

I've been wanting to do this all month but for some reason just get a mental block when I try to think of 21 things. Don't ask why. This morning I'm up extra early so I have plenty of quiet time to get this going. Only a few days in October left! So without further ado here is Em's Top 21 list:

1. Emilia was born in the month of October. Which happens to be my favorite month and also down syndrome awareness month. And at the moment is holding steady at "21" pounds!

2.Em has teeth and she's not afraid to use them. Ask for a kiss and you might get more than you bargained for.

3. Her hugs will stop your heart.

4. She thinks she is fluent in sign language. Her little hands go a mile a minute.

5. She loves and hold her dolly now for at least 10 seconds before she slams her into the ground. We are making great progress here!!

6. Em is always hungry and will sign for"more food" constantly.  

7. She will attack you if you have Oreos.

8. Em does not like to ride on a carousel.  We have tried over and over. it's a no go,

9. She is throwing overhand now so hard hats are encouraged when entering our home.

10. Em's OT taught her to bounce a ball. The only problem is now Em thinks everything can bounce. She takes all her toys to the kitchen floor and throws them down as hard as she can.   Repeatedly!

11. She can throw a whopper of a tantrum. It's really something to see. They usually occur when we have to take something away from her that is potentially life threatening. She does not appreciate our efforts to protect her. The tantrums are fast and furious. When she thinks she has sufficiently scared the heck out of us, she returns to her lovely self. 

12. She loves chaos. The louder and more crowded a place the better. That's a gift from God. He knew what her home was like!

13. Her favorite fruit at the moment is grapes. 

14. Em will not drink juice of any kind. Milk and water only.

15. Em loves to play outside. All she needs is a pile of mulch to keep her busy all day.

16. Emilia has an unhealthy obsession with our cat. She is by his side all day. When he walks away she holds onto his tail and walks with him. Like a baby elephant holds it's mama's tail.

17. She will sign Daddy, and call out to him. Not so for mama! 

18. She absolutely delights in her siblings and prefers them to anyone in the world.

19. She's got a sweet tooth that could rival Willie Wonka's.  Just for my own entertainment I feed her M&M's just to hear her say "yum yum" as she is devouring them.

20. Em will eat peanut butter on anything.

21. And the best thing about Miss Em is that she was just what we all needed. She brightens our days.  I just love to watch unsuspecting people get caught up in her spirit. I love to watch a smile appear , and then a laugh and then hear a request to hold her. They walk away changed. She has made their day better. And she has made our lives unbelievable .


Tina said...

21 beautiful things you put together, I think there must be atleast 21 more you could tell us. But the last one is probably the best one and their gift to the world. Emmie you really are beautiful and I love you with your sun glasses on (sorry I missed that post) but yes I understand when you say she has made your life unbelievable and that people walk away changed. They seem to have that power.

my family said...

i loved reading these

Cammie Heflin said...

I love reading these!! I'd love to see a tantrum they usually crack me up!

Pallavi said...

Loved it.
The last one is so well put together

Lori said...

Ahhh - we love you Em! 21 of the thousands of great things to adore about you!

Carrie said...

I love your description of her tantrums-lol!! And that she holds the cat's tail. So cute!

patsy said...

love it! all too cute but my favorite is is amazing our our sweet little angels with that magic chromosome can affect everyone they meet :)

The VW's said...

Great list! Em is such a blessing! Hugs!!!

Rochelle said...

Loved reading this! I need to do one for Alayna even though I didn't do the daily blogging.

Em defintely has captured us, we are hooked and forever changed! =)

Kelly said...

Isn't it funny how we sometimes can't put things together, and when we finally do, it's like we are on a roll!! I loved reading each of these facts about Em.....I could have kept on reading (so fun), still anxiously waiting to meet her in person.

#21 was perfectly stated!!!!

scrappy quilter said...

This is just so neat. I loved #11...make me think of M. And the last was was perfectly stated!! Hugs and love

Bulldogma said...

The Skink called everyone else in our home (and her teachers at school) by name for MONTHS before she would identify me as "Mommy." Of course I was so excited when she finally started... but now she hollers at me all... the... time...!

Lacey said...

Sounds like a great mixture of sugar and spice!

Runningmama said...

How I wish I could meet your sweet "Em"! Emily and Emilia would be fast friends, I am sure! She is just beautiful!

To Love Endlessly said...

another great 21 for 21 post! I need to get mine done too. ;-) Love the one @ attacking for oreos, lol!

Zoey's mom said...

Winding down the month with some great posts ... loving all the things about Em.Just plain loving her.

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

LOVE your list and can see whitney in so many of the things that you write about miss em! (just like most two-year old girls!!!)
would love to see a video clip of her signing with her hands going a mile a minute - i can just picture it! love the pic of her with her teddy and sunglasses on in your post yesterday :)

Lacia said...

I loved reading this! A bunch of them really gave me a giggle!

Rebecca said...


Thanks for posting this. Especially number 21. I *loved* reading all about Miss Em! Sounds like she is quite the quick signing, Oreo devouring, cat obsessed little character!


Kele@ said...

Can throw a whopper of a tantrum?
Sceptical about dolly's?
Loves chaos?
Delights in her siblings?
ALWAYS hungry?
With hugs that stop your heart??

Alright you theiven... send my daughter back!!! ;-)

WOW could her and Pres be twins.
Miss you guys and LOVE LOVE LOVE that Em, for 21 plus some, reasons!

Michelle said...

oh I love this list! Hilarious! I think my favorite was she will attack you if you have an oreo!

Melissa M said...

I love your list, and was totally cracking up picturing her trying to get her toys to bounce. :)