Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21: This Day Will always Be special To Us.

Halloween has it's moments. I mean who doesn't enjoy free candy. But since Emilia was born the day has become so much more to us. Em was born on the 22nd of October, but she came home on the 31st.
Emilia was welcomed home on Halloween after a short nine day stay in the NICU.  

She was the best "treat" we ever received!

As for the challenge, it's over! I'd like to thank everyone who posted this month. Whether it was every day or once a week, there were so many interesting and inspirational posts. I learned new things and met some new families. And hopefully we have opened some hearts and calmed some fears.

Well it's late and I'm tired from trick or treating. I'll end this post with pictures of our night.

The ladybug. Daytime costume

Our very first Jack O Lanterns

The crew, minus Olivia but with a hamburger!

Chicken Run

Wild and crazy clown

At home with the loot!

My lovely Barbie Doll.
Happy Halloween!


Lacey said...

Lookin good! I feel so bad because Carter wanted to carve the pumpkins so bad. But with Ray gone its been crazy and I didn't feel like having the mess!
Happy Halloween!

Kristen's mom said...

Thanks for being such a treat to all of us.
Happy Halloween

Rochelle said...

What a great crew you have there and my oh my love the pumpkins! Great some much needed rest!

ch said...

So funny. I was JUST sitting here looking at old pictures from LC's first Halloween. :0) LC was born on the 10th and only spent 4 days in the NICU even though she had a scrambled little heart. She was a CHUNK and a happy muncher. On Halloween, LC got her feeding tube and was diagnosed as being in heart failure. I think Halloween walks are even sweeter when we think of missing out on that first one. :0) And, to think, somewhere one of our soon-to-be buddies was checking out while we were checking in. Happy Halloween Peanut Butter Pants!

Shelly said...

I have loved reading all of your posts this month! Can't wait for our sweet jewel to be home with us! Thanks for all that you have shared!

Patti said...

What a sweet day of happy memories! Miss Em is such a cutie:)

my family said...

what a great group

Lori said...

Ahh - that does make Halloween extra special =)
Looks like you all had fun!

Bulldogma said...

They look fantastic! What wonderful Halloween memories, too!

FairyLover said...

My son and Daddy carved a nice pumpkin. They set it outside and put a candle in it. By morning the squirrels had eaten the whole front of it. They shredded the candle stub all over the porch. Now they are working on the two small pumpkins we put out with the big one.


Kim said...

The best treat ever! What a cutie~ I can't get over how big she is getting!

Michelle said...

They all look fantastic! Such treats we have, all of them! Happy Halloween!

PJM and LSM said...

Emilia looks so cute in her costumes! I cannot believe we posted for 31 days straight! Now I am in the blogging habit! It is great to feel so connected to other moms!

Kele@ said...

So impressed with the pumkins... makes my triangle eyed, big toothed grin pumkin look pretty weary!
Love the costumes, everyone looks fabulous, but where are you?!?!?!

Zoey's mom said...

Halloween is the day our little love began chemo 2 years ago ...I like your home coming much better!

Everyone looks fabulous ... including those pumpkins!