Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't Touch These Glasses They're Mine!!

I love these!!!! Seriously love these glasses! What A HOOT!

These adorable glasses are, I'm sorry to say, NOT up for grabs. So back off. 

But all these beautiful items are!!! 

Click here to see them

And it all goes to bring home these beauties!!!

Miss Vanessa

And miss Olga


There are  72  ...71 (because those glasses are mine,hehe) AMAZING items to bid on!!!!

Now just in case you're not convinced to follow the link and see the beautiful items , I'll give you just a preview.

For starters the artwork is PRICELESS!!!!!

 This original was done by a Princess! A princess named Olga! yes, the one and only :)

or how about this Reece's Rainbow inspired bracelet

Love you a little Matryoshka? Check these out

 And of course there's something for the fashionista too. Gigi Hill Purse anyone???

And just a tip... there's no bids on this baby yet. Could snatch it up for an unbelievable bargain price!! And be helping save to Dumplings. Win , win situation!

So here's that link one more time... LINK TO THE ABELL AUCTON


And one more thing about "my" glasses. Nothing would make me happier than being out bidded! ;)


Rochelle said...

Just got our Carina's hope dress, super cute. Trying to post it to your FB wall but I can't get it to upload! Argh. Will definitely try to help the Abells out.

my family said...

sending some donations their way:) such dolls
Been wanting to email you to check on how you are doing