Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Second Chances Rock!

I lost the glasses : ..  (See previous post)

BUT, they are in good hands and I am picking myself up and moving forward! Plus this was all for Olga and Vanessa, so it's all good :)

Here's my second chance

OH Miss Brigita!!!!! You are coming home soon!!! This lucky, lucky Little Princess Dumpling is just waiting for her mama to come see her!!!!

Dee( her mama) has been working tirelessly since she committed to Brigita and she is almost there!

She too is having an auction to bring her daughter home. Click here to see everything!

Need a peek?

 Here's another Gigi Hill bag.

Something for some precious tiny feet, soooo cute!!

NWT, from Gymboree! 

Hmmm, these look familiar,lol   It's never too early to get ready for Christmas!!! And these are definitely a steal!


Miss B has been waiting so very long

She has no idea how her life is about to change! She smiles now, when she has no mama , no family, no home. Can you imagine how she is going to light up when she realizes she has a mama, all her own, to love her and hold her and chase frogs with her??? OK, Dee hates frogs, I'll do that part,lol

This auction is almost over, so hurry and get bidding to save a Princess!

No bid is too small, no help is too little and no prayer goes unheard.

Please take a look and I'm sure there is something that will grab your attention:)  But not the screwdriver set. OK??

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Rochelle said...

Couldn't get all the items to load but I will bid later when the girls nap, promise!