Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Back.

I need to do something with this blog!!!!!

I think I've gotten to the point where I need to divide and conquer. I post a lot about orphans/adopting and less and less about Em. 
This is Emmie's place and I think I need to keep it as that.  

Advocating is my passion and always will be. So I will be setting up a blog for that. 

And Daily Smiles will return to it's original state.Emilia's place to shine and be self advocate for Down syndrome. You're never too young to start :) 

The Princess is completely down with that (no pun intended) !  She loves being the center of attention!

So, stay tuned for more Em...


Scrappy quilter said...

She is so cute. Let us know the link to your knew blog too. Love ya

Heather said...

I will go where ever you go and look so forward to some daily or semi. or even weekly doses of Em cuteness.

Keep up the amazing job you are doing. On all fronts. I miss you. I never hear from you on FB or otherwise and that makes me sad. Balance my friend. Its all about the balance. And when you learn how to do that. the balancing act, gracefully, let me know! I could use all the help I can get.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

hey we both are having blogging rethinks, i was going to put my rr stuff back on my other blog but decided today that it wont work! love you my gorgeous friend xxx