Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet Jasper, Reece's Rainbow Tree Child... He's looking for his Family

One thing I love about advocating for orphans is camaraderie that you are instantly surrounded by. There are over 200 kids on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree this year each with a warrior spinning themselves mad trying to raise $1000.00 for their child. You would think it would be everyone for themselves and slightly cut throat, but it is just the opposite. 

We work tirelessly for ourselves then reach out with a helping hand to lift up another warrior. We share each others auctions and giveaways, we donate to each other, and we post about each others child. 

Today, I am helping a fellow warrior out by posting about her child Jasper, and she is posting about my girl Gracelynn.

Meet Jasper!

What a smile!! You can't help but smile back! He is some basic info on Jasper:

Boy, born January 2001
Down syndrome, undescended testis, Dental concerns

Jasper was abandoned at 8 yrs old. He can walk alone steadily, can speak simple words, not clearly, can understand others, can have a meal alone and can go to toilet alone.
He, is active and extroverted, likes to integrate with other people, and is good at it; he also would act like a spoiled child to his favorite or familiar people, so cute. In life, he can take care of himself, can put on clothes and shoes, can have a meal alone, without any concerns; sometimes he would care adults; when he sees the aunt tried to stand, he would move a chair for her; he is fond of playing with toys, and would speak to himself while playing with toys; after that he can put toys back.

It's hard to believe on first glance that this little boy will be 13 in January! His time is running out. 
He really needs a family to step forward soon. 

What a beautiful addition and blessing he would be to the right family.

Here is the link to Jasper. His warrior is working on meeting her goal of $1000.00 by12/31 and of course the ultimate goal of a family!!! The money will always come, but the family is the most important!! 

Right now there are also some fund raisers for Jasper that you can enjoy!

Any donation will be a blessing. And any donation of $35.00 or more will get you an ornament of Jasper, while supplies last from Reece's Rainbow.  Please keep Jasper in your prayers. God can do all, things, and knows all our needs. May He hold and protect Jasper until his family takes him home.

To read more about Jasper and other children on Reece's Rainbow Angel tree this year click here to Sandra's blog! She is Jasper's Warrior! 

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