Monday, December 30, 2013

Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree . The Final Count Down

 I said I wouldn't get too involved again, after losing my Carina to that stupid ban on adoptions that Putin put into place a year ago.  I swore I could not live through another heartache like that. I threw in the towel as an advocate for orphans... 

So, what the heck am I doing here?  Advocating still? 

Up late at night, shouting, praying, yelling and,spewing a few colorful words (mumbled under my breath) ? 

Yup that sounds like my way of advocating.. 

I'm advocating for Gracelynn. By now I'm sure you've seen her beautiful face, a few times. 

My goal for Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is $1000.00.

I'm short. And I need your help. 

The uncomfortable part of advocating is actually asking for help.  But I need a little right now. 

Gracelynn is so close to $1000! Please help move her to the final level!  $5 at this point is a huge boost!  You can donate here. But you can also help by sharing on FB and twitter. It sounds too easy to be of any help,  but it really does work. sharing is pertinent to raising the needed funds! 


I've exhausted all my efforts. The Auctions, the games, the craft fairs, and now I guess, I 'm begging. I want my girl to make it and I want her HOME!!! You see I still carry a lot of guilt around with me about Carina. I feel I failed her. I advocated for her for two years and I couldn't get her out in time. Now she is stuck in Russia.  I can do nothing to help her. I can't let that happen again. Gracelynn is 11 years old. ELEVEN!!! Her time is running out and my time to help her is too.

Please whatever you can do, God will so bless you and I will be beyond grateful. 

Last night I stayed up until 1am with some other amazing Warriors screaming for the final  11 kids who were closest to jumping  to the $500 level. RR was given a challenge to get one half of the kids over to the next level, and a generous donor would take care of the other half. We stayed up til the job was done. We did it! Today my shoulder is aching and my back looks like Quasimodo but my heart is happy! It was a great feeling to fall into bed last night knowing we met our challenge.

It feels good to help. 

Many thanks,

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