Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A TMI Post

Emmie has no idea how to throw up.

How's that for a hook sentence. Sorry for the  bluntness and probably unwanted visual, but I'm shocked! I thought that disgusting act was instinctual. 

Em is clueless. 

So I guess you all figured out Miss Em was sick recently. In the wee hours of Sunday morning it attacked. Thankfully 5 hours later it was gone and no one else has gotten it (knock on wood)

But My heart broke as I realized Em really was in the dark about how to vomit (sorry)

On a lighter note, my van is dead again.  Still waiting for someone to yell April Fools!!!!!

So far April has been a freaking blast.

On an even lighter note Emmie has been counting up a storm today.

4,5 4,5 4 5, 7

She is also showing her "spirited" side.

She was mad at me today because I wouldn't give her something that she wanted to eat, so she took the spoon I was using and threw it in the garbage... while she was there i guess she spotted something she couldn't resist. I felt something hit me in the back of my legs (with some force, may I add)   Turning to see what it was I was slightly grossed out and very upset to see a yukky wet pull up at my feet.

An the face of a little stinker staring at me from the garbage. 

Can't wait to see what April 2nd brings...

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Rochelle said...

Oh no, what a few couple of days. Praying tomorrow is a WAY better day for you.
Love and hugs!