Thursday, April 3, 2014

Humor Tinted With Insanity.. Or Is it the Other Way Around...

That blog title could be the story of my life. I guess many could claim it. Sometimes life rolls smoothly along and sometimes like for the past 45 years life  insists on playing a constant game of Dodge Ball. Only it keeps throwing hard ass balls when I'm not looking. Getting nailed has become so common  that I barely notice the sting anymore. Just another tuck n roll..

But you know everyone has their limits. Can I formally call a time out? Is that allowed in the game of life?

How about a cease fire so I can catch my breath?

Sometimes you get me in such a tither I can't see straight!  I act like a twitchie, touchie, moody, lunatic. You make me do things I would never, NEVER do under more lucid conditions.And although at these moments I must look rather humorous to  others .. I'm not laughing! Like, I'm not laughing when I get into the car and can't remember where I'm going or which kid I'm supposed to be picking up because my mind is dodging that ball aimed at my head. Or when I'm caught "talking" to you in public and get caught! Oh that's just great! See people think I'm talking to myself, they don't realize I'm addressing "LIFE"!

I choose to walk away from this stupid game. I refuse to play. So life, what are you going to do now?

I choose to not be hit anymore. I choose to be bigger than the ball that keeps slamming me and my family.

The next time you throw the ball I'm going to catch it and then I'm going to promptly hand it to Jesus .. then "life" you better run! Cause when Jesus aims  He doesn't miss!

He's playin' for me now!He is in charge of my "life"! And you need a lesson!

So while Jesus is playing Dodge Ball for me, I'm going to soak up the sun and read a book. Maybe even have some tea. Maybe even shower!  I refuse to lose the laughter and the joy that I still have.

Right after I cut Emmie some more cheese.She's like a little mouse! Nakie , eating cheese and watching Signing Time. Could not be cuter! Sorry no pic, cause she's nakie... come to think of it, she spends a lot of time without clothes lately.

It's so easy to get caught up in the drama of life. Everyone has it. You really can't hide from it.  My fault is I let the bad blind me from any good. I let it suck the happiness out of me. I refuse to take joy in anything when the bad stuff is overwhelming me. And that's wrong!!! There can be joy amidst difficult and even scary times. And it is hard to laugh when you're in a situation that looks pretty bleak. But what I need to constantly remind myself is .. Jesus has the ball! This game is a piece of cake for Him. And He wants me to win!

My failing is not in His plans for me. He wants me to be happy, right where I am, and He is begging me to remember that at any moment something wonderful could happen.

So I will wait patiently for my future something wonderful while enjoying my gifts of the present. And keeping humor close at hand. Laughter is the best medicine for staying sane in the midst of insane situations.

 Now how could I not at least crack a smile , when I look at these two!



Rochelle said...

Oh I wish we were closer together! Love you and big hugs!

Cindy said...

Great post! I can so relate to this. Definitely take the time to read a magazine, drink some tea... we have to remember to take care of ourselves, or we'll be no good for anyone else.