Friday, April 17, 2015

One Enchanted Evening..

Cinderella didn't dance as much at the ball as Emilia Faith did at her very first Father /Daughter dance.

The night was MAGICAL!!

I found the puffiest dress in the word. A pale blue.  She took my breath away.

Her shoes, unlike Cinderella's, fit her perfectly and were so comfortable that she was able to dance the night away in them and still make it home with both of them.

She was a little reluctant to sit for a photo shoot before the dance,and it showed...

But when her Prince Charming entered the scene her attitude quickly changed

And just like that , they were off.

And it's a good thing there were no spells involved with this fairy tale because Princess Emilia was out waaaay past her curfew. She arrived home sleepy, and still smiling.

 As I put her to bed,the dreams were already forming in that beautiful little head of hers, of  The One Enchanted Evening she had with her Daddy.


Cathy said...

Oh goodness...there's something in my eyes. Beautiful!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Ok you just brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful post of such a sweetheart and her daddy. You need to keep sharing on your blog. I love the poetry in your writing. Hugs dear friend.

Cindy said...

I loved the picture of her and her dad! She was a beautiful princess!!

Peter Kaczmarzyk said...

It was truly enchanted evening. My little Princess found herself in a little ballroom and I could tell she wasn't sure what to do at first, but after a minute or so she was dancing, and dancing and dancing...She took only a brief moment for a dinner and desert and was dancing again.