Thursday, April 16, 2009


God did not bless me with a huge family, I have no brothers or sisters, and over the years most relatives have passed away. Peter is originally from Poland, he does have a good size family but they are all still in Poland. We were certainly met with a lot of challenges. Raising a big family of your own with very little help is hard, more lonely, I would say. I would always ask God, why couldn't I have a sister, just one sister. Someone to just vent to or talk about nothing to. Someone who knows me, understands me and just puts up with me.When I found out about Emilia having Down Syndrome and the word was gently spread to friends, something amazing happened. I felt like they all formed this protective wall around me, they were there for me through out my pregnancy and after. They took on the role of family.Without being asked they were just there, to listen when I needed to vent or to talk about nothing , most of all they put up with me. So to all of you wonderful people who are always there for me, who have become my family, THANK YOU. To Sweet Melinda Faith, Emilia Faith's Godmother, who holds me up and continues to inspire me daily, a special quote to you "When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.” and may I add always holding the ball.


Heather said...

And, in a very inexplicable way,this community of blogging will yield a family and friendships that defies most logic.A new sort of family that will walk beside you also and lends a hand,a shoulder or a listening ear when you most need it.My hope is that blogging will be so much more to you than just a stroke of a few keys.I hope,like me, it becomes a lifeline when you most need it and a source of joy in your daily lives.

Michelle said...

I have found the most deep, precious and lasting friendships on here...something I never imagined possible...the post before mine, amazing strength I feel beside me each day. She reached out, and has blessed my life everyday since. I know how you feel about family...I do have siblings, but some days it feels like I have none at all, too busy to even read my blog let alone check in or take the time to visit...and the rest are wrapped up in their lives, their childrens, runny noses, colds or the drama they have going on, so most times, I too have felt lonely...until I found this and felt the love from 'friends', people I have never met, that in the midst of their battles, take the time and effort to check in, say hi and that they are there....such a blessing...welcome to a new family! :)

Rebecca said...

This was beautiful! I feel the same way :>)