Monday, May 11, 2009

Try To Smile Monday

Who do these stinky feet belong to?
look out, she's gonna blow!

I said no more pictures!

Emmie gives a thumbs up

Must have been a ruff night

All smiles

Will the real American Girl please stand up


Sophia took the picturese of Em at the top, we laughed until we cried. Hope they make you smile too ,on this Monday morning.


Emily said...

Of course they made me smile... she's too cute!

Michelle said...

What a cutie! Hope you had a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh so cute. I love the picture with the American Girls.

Lacey said...

Hi there, oh my gosh is she not the cutest thing ever? Its nice to meet you.

Tausha said...

Loved the pictures. I loved the one of the American girls as well, so cute!!! She is a very smiley baby. Sam is always so serious.

Heather said...

I smiled from ear to ear Stephanie.Cutest darn pictures EVER!!!

Michelle said...

Ok, seriously, your blog totally makes me smile!! What a beautiful family. I love the American girl adorable!! I recently made a similar photo with Lillian and her "peeps"

Thanks for giving me a smile!!

Ruby's Mom said...

Great pictures!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

I'm a completely random person but I must say your baby girl is so beautiful
:) She's adorable!! && she fits right in with all those baby dolls!

missy said...

Oh my God these shots are PERFECT!!! I must be doing something wrong, I haven't been linked to your blog with your updates-sorry! My goodness is Em beautiful, as are ALL your gorgeous babes!!! You should have your own modeling agency "Super K Models Inc"!! I'll get working on it! (Maybe I could be the VP?!) haha Hope your Mama's Day was a great one, I'm sure it was! Great news for Bella too, very happy for her! Great Job Bella!! I also love what you have done with the images and arrangement on the blog, great job indeed! Anyhoot, I hope we can get together soon, miss you....and love the postings! I'm praying for all your other friends on the blogspot community, breaks my heart into pieces, I pray as much as possible! Talk to you later, Love, Me

scrappy quilter said...

Another little angel. What a sweetie she is. That smile...oh my.

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Oh, she's adorable! Great photos.