Friday, May 1, 2009

One Proud Moment

Thumbs up for Bella
(above)waiting to go onto the field, (below), watching the game


Last night Miss Bella received the Most Improved Student Award. The Pawtucket Red Sox started this program to recognize children who have improved over the school year, it could be academically or behavioral. Bella was nominated for her improvement in reading,by her wonderful, fabulous couldn't live without first grade teacher ,Mrs. Robinson. Bella has really worked hard this year on her reading skills. It was a great night, we are so proud of you Bella, keep up the good work!!


Emily said...

I love proud mommy days like that! Thanks for wishing Justin a Happy Birthday! You really do have a darling family!

Michelle said...

Good job Bella...isn't it the best feeling in the world to watch your children excel, work hard and learn. So proud of her!!

scrappy quilter said...

Congrats Bella. Also congrats mommy, you have every right to be proud. Isn't it neat when our kids work so hard and get an award for doing so.

Annierob1 said...

My Bella booooooo ,
You must remember to thank God every single night for your wonderful family.God has surely blessed you. I am so very proud of your hard work also and love to listen to you read.
Kisses to you ,
I loveeeeeeee the pictures

Chris said...

Congrats Bella! Looks like a fun night (and that's coming from a Yankees fan :)