Friday, April 9, 2010

Mala Polska Dziewczynka

The title of this post is Little Polish Girl. What she is eating is called Golabki, which is stuffed cabbage. My mom makes it. One of Peter's favorites. And obviously one of Emilia's favorites too!

And yesterday during Em's ST she signed "more" over and over again. Her ST was blowing bubbles and when asked if she wanted more, Em would sign. I sat there with my mouth hanging open because I must sign"more" 1000 times a day and get nothing from Em.

Oh occasionally she'll humor us and respond but most of the time she just looks at us like we're crazy.

Then her ST rolled a small ball to her. Emilia rolled it back to her! Again and again and again!!!

I have come to the conclusion that my little imp knows a lot more than she's letting on. I am convinced she is storing all her accomplishments neatly in her head and offering them up slowly and deliberately.

I wonder what else she's not telling us!


The VW's said...

Little stinker! She probably knows a WHOLE LOT more than she's letting on! She doesn't have to impress you though...she knows you love her no matter what! She is PRECIOUS!!! Hugs!!

LizBeth said...

Our son did certain things for certain people, and that was it. He ate green beans for one church granny, rolls for another. Chicken patties for his granny who just passed away. I'd buy the same chicken patties and he would just look at them -- like, they were out of place or something. Don't ask me. Just had to be happy he could do what he did wherever he would. Years later it all sort of melded together and he did it all anyplace. The ST tried and tried to get him to say the word ball. After months, he came over to me one afternoon (while I was about to die from 24/7 morning sickness), leaned over toward my face and very slowly said, "Ball." Praise God! They will amaze us!

Lacey said...

i've probably told you this already, but my hubbys dads family is polish. And you probably know that Poland is right next to Ukaine. My hubby was saying maybe his dad will want to come with us to get baby Joy!

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE this post!!!!! First of all -- Mmmmmm!!! You're making me hungry. :)

Funny story. On the way to school early this week, Gabe turned to me and said, "Mommy. Let's make syllables." I said, "Syllables?" and he replied "Yes." (impatiently)

Apparently, he is clapping to the number of syllables in a word! I had no idea til this week!

Gotta love those little glimpses into what is going on in their heads!

Anonymous said...

And...WAY TO GO with the signing!!! I meant to say that right off!

scrappy quilter said...

WTG Em, you're my type of gal. I love stuffed cabbage rolls too. M did what he wanted, when he wanted and for who he wanted. he is still doing that at 20!! I've always said he knows way more than we think he does. Hugs and love

Denise said...

Hmmmm stuffed cabbage??? Not sure about that. Guess I will need to come for a visit so you can give me some to try. What a great little eater you have there!! And there is no doubt in my mind that Emmie is one smart cookie. She just doesn't want to impress you with everything at once.

Rochelle said...

Yeah Em! Isn't it so fun to see them learn and grow!

Kele@ said...

PRECIOUS Little Polish Girl! Stuffed cabbage, sounds delish!
Hope you got my reply email? Thanks for checking in.

Tausha said...

haha, what a little stinker. I also think they know alot more then what they lead us to believe. They are the smartest little things!!

Emily said...

So funny! Way to go Emilia! You're doing amazing!

PJM and LSM said...

Hey!!!!! I am part Polish, too!!!!!
We are in a good crowd !
Pope JP II
Sr. Maria Faustina
How cool!
And we live with an angel with Ds!!!!!

Hope said...

WTG! She has everyone fooled;)