Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Our blog world has been shaken to it's core this week. The loss of Carly was a shock to everyone. I still keep checking all the posts about her. I just don't want to believe this is true. I know you all feel the same way.
My heart is broken for her family, yet there is no way to comfort them.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post today. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be thankful about anything.
I am mad and sad and upset. I am asking the question ... WHY! Why Carly, why any child, why, why why!
I am scared because if it were my child I know I would not have the strength to endure the pain nor the faith to carry me. I know I wouldn't and that scares me.

But even though those are my feelings this week, life went on. And I was thankful for so much this week.

First that Bella finally got her birthday party! She was born in January. We were running a little behind this year. But yesterday was her day.

I am thankful for Opening Day! What a great day we all had. A parade of all the players (gazillions of them) and then a one inning game for all the teams to play, and 75 cent hotdogs!!!

Thankful that we all went to see a movie together. With the prices that's a small fortune for all of us. On Tuesday we went to see, Diary of a Wimpy Kid . Emmie too! We didn't know but on Tuesday the movies are discounted!! We saved a bundle.

Thankful for the New Family Meeting we went to last week. The DSSRI organizes meetings a couple of time a year for families with children up to three years of age.. We meet some beautiful families.

And I'm thankful for my yard. I love to be in the garden and watch everything grow.

Everyone have a blessed Sunday.


scrappy quilter said...

I love that even though your world has been rocked (and we are all asking why) that you can still be thankful. Hugs and love

Lacey said...

I don't think any death I've seen has hit me as much as this one! I think its the not knowing what took her so quickly. Its not like she was in the hospital incredibly sick, she was fine!
I'm loving watching my boys play baseball.

Rochelle said...

We all have so much to be thankful for, glad you still did the post.

We are prayerful for the George family. We are saddened at the death of Carly but, know our sadness in no way can compare to their loss. We only hope as a community we can love and support them as they have done for so many others.

Runningmama said...

I wonder if there's anything we (the DS blogging community) can do for the George family??? I can't stop thinking about this family and I know we are all praying for them...but I can't help but want to physically do something for them???

The VW's said...

In times like this, when we are saddened by such a terrible loss, it can be so hard to be thankful.....but it also has a way of making us even more thankful for what we have!

I am so sad for Carly's family and they are in my heart and prayers often! I wish that I could take away their pain!

Love and Hugs!!!

Emily said...

Lots of prayers for the sweet George Family.
Thank you for this thankful post today.

To Love Endlessly said...

As always, and especially today, I am thankful that you posted your thankful post.