Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thankful Sunday

I've noticed that in the last few posts Emilia has had the same outfit on. I have changed her!LOL
These pictures were all taken on the same day!

Hey what do you know, I'm actually posting my Thankful Sunday post on Sunday! Well, the kids are on vacation this week, and it is already looking like there will be very little down time. Busy , busy, busy! Just the way I like it. Hope the weather is good, I'd love to sneak a picnic in somewhere.

This week I am Thankful that:

Summer is just around the corner, and I've started to clean up the garden. My favorite place to be.

That we found a trust worthy mechanic. If you remember a couple of weeks ago my car died. Well after all was said and done , it was an easy fix. And we weren't charged anything. That's honesty for you. And yesterday we took my car back to him because I had a leak in my tire. He found a huge nail in it. Pulled it out patched it like new and only charged us ten bucks. Someone else might have told us we needed a new tire.

That Andrew got a new baseball bag to carry all his equipment in! It's T ball you know! We take this very seriously! hehe. And the store we went to gave us a discount because he plays in a Warwick League. Can't wait to see him carry it. It's almost as big as he is.

That Andrew is six years old. Last night he was fixing his bed on the floor( that's where he is sleeping , he lost his bedroom thanks to the flood) And Olivia went to help him. He yelled, "Don't help me, I'm a big boy"! A sure sign to me that he's still my baby.

That I have my camera back!!!! YIPPEE! I am once again an independent blogger. I no longer have to whine and plead to my hubby to upload my photos from that other camera.

For sweet friends with kind words. Words...the best gift of all. Words last a lifetime. They can fill a heart with joy if used in a loving way. This week I have had a large dose of sweet words come my way. Thank you for all your beautiful comments.
And,Carol thanks for starting my morning off so sweetly!


my family said...

so wonderful to have so many blessings, isnt it?

To Love Endlessly said...

hehe, I hadn't even noticed that she was in the same clothes, but now I have to wonder... haha. j/k! Too cute that Andrew yelled, "I'm a big boy." Just sweet. ;-)

Rochelle said...

Good week of blessings for you. So awesome. Hope this week holds many more.

P.S. I didn't notice she was in the same outfit either.

scrappy quilter said...

I didn't notice she was in the same outfit either. I'm always drawn to her eyes and her beautiful smile. Love your list and thank you. That picture made my day. Hugs

sara p said...

very sweet post:) and super cute pic:)

Tina said...

Lovely list...thanks for sharing. Btw I just realised that I didn't ─║eave a comment with the last post, I wanted to tell you how absolutely adorable it was, some of the faces she made reminded me so much of Saira, they could be twins!! Isn't it exciting when they start responding to us, so special

Carrie said...

I didn't notice the outfit either!

I love your "Thankful"'s always a good reminder to look around and see all the blessings we have--thanks for sharing yours!

Lori said...

Actually, I did notice the same outfit, but didn't think much of it because I have posted many pictures of Anna recently that were all taken on her birthday. And, I also noticed because it is a cute outfit =)

Another great thankful post. I always love reading them because it reminds that there is so much to be thankful for.