Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thankul Sunday

SUN!!! And lots of it!!! It's amazing what a little sun can do for you. Today , the sun is shining and there are blues skies above.

Opening Day!!!

Thanklful that Andrew got a hit yesterday and it didn't rain.

And so thankful to some generous friends who got us tickets to the Paw Sox game. It was a great treat! Thank you guys!! We had a super time!

And the seats we were sitting in just happen to be prime for catching foul balls. And guess what ! Miss Bella got one! note to any Paw Sox fans, if you see her coming get out of the way!! This girl means business! All bets are off when she's on the run for a ball! And my apologies to anyone who left the game limping!

And so thankful Andrew watched fireworks for the first time in many years last night. After the game the rest of the family went onto the field for fireworks while Andrew and I made a bee line for the car. he has very sensitive ears and fireworks send him in to a frenzy. It's gets really ugly. So we went to the car and put in ear plugs and rolled the windows up "tight" and I prayed!

Here is the result... no less than a miracle. Pause the music so you can here Andrew.

And today we are celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. One of the most beautiful days our faith celebrates.

Everyone have a beautiful sunny Sunday!!


my family said...

happy sunday!

Scrappy quilter said...

Nice to read your thankful Sun. Great job on the catch Bella. Hugs