Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Child, A Woman, A Miracle

We all have heard the expression, God works in mysterious ways. This post is about , to put it plainly a beautiful miracle, involving a child and a woman. The child lives far away across an ocean in a part of the world few if any of us have ever visited. The woman a U.S citizen, mother, wife. Two people worlds apart.
Yet God saw fit that these two lives should somehow touch each other. They touched each other without ever laying eyes on the other, without ever saying a word, without ever being in the same country. No touch was exchanged, no hug, not even a smile(well maybe on very sweet Cheshire smile).

You see this is the child,

Miss Brigita

And what she has done is reach into the heart of a woman and ignite a passion that was hidden. She has taken a lukewarm soul and brought it to a full boil!

There are four woman in this world who I have dubbed Brigita's first Mama's. We are scattered everywhere but somehow we all met up and became friends via the Internet. We all love Brigita with a mama's heart and will do anything to get her home. All of us would love to be her Mama, but for various reasons we cannot. So instead we band together and advocate, post, have giveaways, FB events, and pray for her mama to find her.

This post is about one of Brigita's "mama's."

I thought it was one of the most honest and beautiful posts I've ever read, and a beautiful way God used a child so far away to touch a heart.The following are pieces from a post she recently wrote.

"This is the little girl(Brigita) I can't get out of my head. One little face that propelled me, a secret dabbler in the faith of our fathers, to pray my first novenas (all the way to the end, that is...) and beg God for the faith of a mustard seed. She spurred me out of my lukewarmness, to get to the sacraments regularly, to read the works of the great saints, and to say the scary Holy Spirit prayer that requires you to PROMISE to "submit to all that you desire of me, and accept all that you permit to happen to me." I'm in over my head. And I don't want to blog. "

"Others have been trying their best to help her. I've been sitting by watching them do the brave thing in what seems like a futile effort, telling myself lies about how I'll sit down and write something just as soon as I get that next load of laundry done, just as soon as I change this diaper, just as soon as... No. Enough. This is not helping Brigita."

It seemed like God was giving me the green light at first. This being the first Lent in nearly two decades where I didn't qualify for the "pregnant or nursing mother" exemption, I had to, horrors, give up meat on Fridays, and do a bit of fasting. I'm not gonna lie - it was easy. Also, giving up coffee (something I had previously regarded as impossible) was easy. My newfound confidence suggested a brazen plan.

" Thoughts of coffee (and cookies and donuts and...) crowded out all that profound stuff I had been exposing myself to. Now, I'm not bright enough to know whether this was a ruse of the devil, or whether God wanted me to know my utter dependency. What I do know is that this Lent stuff is real. Christianity is real. Woe be to me, I'm thinking, if I just set this all aside."

To read the post in it's entirety, click here.

God can move mountains, He can make the impossible , possible. Please read the rest of this post. And believe in miracles.


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Awesome post, praying for sweet Brigita! Oh how I wish she was in U instad of B (the orphanage number is the same as Dariya's)