Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's That Time!

Our Annual Buddy Walk is getting underway!!! It's crazy how we all look forward to this day. If you ever told me this would be one of my most favorite days of the year, I would have died laughing! But this little Dumpling just tuned our world and our thinking upside down!!!!! Thank God!!!

Here she is at last years Buddy Walk.  I'm totally convinced that she thinks we are all there 'just" for her. 

We are in fact there because of her.

The Internet itself is not a big enough place for me to express what Em means to us. 

This pint sized bundle has single handedly saved the day more than once. She is our strength.  As she so innocently goes merrily along her way with a smile and a giggle , she has no idea how she lights the way for us.
She is our world, our everything!

And on September 16th we will be celebrating Emmie and all people with Down syndrome and the magic that goes along with it!

Our Buddy Walk will be at Goddard park in Warwick RI! All are welcome to walk with Team Emilia Faith!!!!

And this year anyone who donates through our First Giving page will receive a Tshirt and lunch! 

Please, whether you are near or far please consider donating to the DSSRI through our page. The DSSRI is devoted to helping, supporting and educating! They are a constant support to all who need them. And a much needed organization. They rely totally on donations to keep doing the good work they do .

Click HERE Emilia's page and to donate!
Thank you1!!


Rochelle said...

So wish we could party with you! We will be there in spirit!

Dee Etheridge said...

Even through pictures and video, I can see her light!!