Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Samantha and Kristina: Teamwork Tuesday, Some Posts are Tougher Than Others

Samantha and Kristina. These two Dumplings and I met some time ago. No, not in person, but on Reece's Rainbow. I fell in love and became their Prayer Warrior. I thought they were absolutely adorable. Not to mention they share my husband and son's birthdays!

I wondered if they found comfort in each other.  I wondered if they even knew they were sisters? Did anyone tell them? Did they just sense it? Did they feel a special connection? A different connection than with the other children? 

I took comfort in the fact that wherever they were at least they had each other.

Last winter my dear friend Jane traveled to Orphanage  50 . It was thought that these two sweet sisters were there. I was beyond excited to think Jane would get a chance to hold these girls, and whisper to them, that people do love them, that we know they are out there, and are trying to get them a  family. I was also excited that she would bring them a gift from me, crayons and a coloring book. Oh I delighted thinking how excited they would be. A new box of crayons!! Would they love that smell too. I can still remember how I loved opening a new box of crayons when I was a little girl, promising myself to be extra careful not to break any tips and to put them all back in the exact same spot I took them from.  

But news came from Jane that the girls were no longer there, and no one knew where they were. I was heart broken.  And my mind went to dark and scary places. I was thinking the worst. 

Then a miracle!

A photo of Samantha! Alive and well!! And much bigger than her picture on Reece's Rainbow!! A FB friend had actually seen her, held her! I could get lost in those amazing eyes!!!

The sad news was Kristina was not with her. But she's out there!! And waiting. Why they would separate sisters is beyond my comprehension. But I'm not giving up hope that they will someday be reunited, by a family who loves them and wants to hold them forever!

Any family would only benefit from calling these two angels their daughters.


Samantha(older pic)
 November 22, 2004 &
November 27, 2005
Samantha (the oldest), on the left:  Brown hair and stunning green eyes!   Microcephaly, mental retardation, crossed eyes, physically capable, friendly and affectionate girl, will do well in family environment.  High likelihood of fetal alcohol syndrome. 
Kristina, on the right:  cognitively delayed, physically capable, helpful, friendly, likes to play, good girl.
$120.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


Robin E. said...

Oh no. How sad that theses girls have been separated! :( I wonder if they can still be adopted together? Still praying for them!

Rochelle said...

I was so excited to see her. I knew as soon as I saw her she was one of your girls. Praying for both these girls to find their family.

Oh listing 50 just means they have been transferred it doesn't mean to a specific institution.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing....it's so hard to see these kids suffering. I look at them each night and I cry each night...wondering how this is happening. I get tired of crying. Praying that these girls find their family soon.


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Hey it's me. Remember me? Your crappy West Coast friend. I am here. I swear. Watching you change the world a little bit at a time.

Love you and I will try to be better about hanging around. Promise.