Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Honor of Carina..

Spring is fast approaching.  The temperatures are rising and the promise of longer, sweeter days are within reach. 

So, why do I feel so sad?

April is around the corner. I used to love April. 

I was married in April, my moms birthday is in April.  Aprils air is sweet and the breeze is gentle. Forsythia bloom in April.  The many shades of green replace the dismal gray of the landscape and the spring birds are back and busy building the perfect nest.

It's a beautiful time time of year.

But I'm dreading it this year.

April is Carina's birthday month.  Last year at this time I was busily preparing a huge giveaway for her. Last year at this time she had hope. Last year , I thought that she would surly be home for her 5th birthday. I truly believed that. And if she wasn't than I'd have another big fund raiser for her this April, and that would do it for sure!

And last year at this time I promised her , I would find her mama. 

The ban on Russian adoptions changed all that. 

I cannot raise money for Carina anymore. And I just cannot seem to attach myself to another child just yet.

But April is fast approaching  and I can't ignore that. I can't pretend that I don't know it's her birthday month. I can't not honor her in some way. Until  the ban is lifted and she gets a mama, I'm her only mama. I'm the one crying at night for her, dreaming about her, worrying about her. I have her in my heart and on my mind constantly.

So in honor of Miss Carina, I'm having an auction for one of my dearest friends, Dee. She as adopted Darya.

This is the face that so many of us fell in love with. There's a twinkle in her eye that just makes me smile. My daughter Sophia found her on Reece's Rainbow a couple years back. I never would have seen her otherwise. Sophia asked to be Darya's Prayer Warrior. So, our connection to Darya and  Dee run deep.
I have to admit, I had my doubts about Darya finding a home.  She was older, and didn't have much of a grant. But her fan club was growing. And soon enough Dee found her and fell in love. The rest is history!

Still has that twinkle!

So, now you may be wondering if Darya was adopted and is home what in the world am I fund raising for. Well, Darya was allowed to come home with Dee, but she still needed to travel back to Latvia two more times for court.  She has already made one of those trips. The next one, Darya will have to travel too. So even though Darya is home and living it up, Dee is still not fully funded.  

So, here's my idea. With my Sweet Carina inspiring me to keep moving forward, and in honor of the beautiful month of April and her birthday... an Auction for Dee and Darya.

I'm so proud of Dee for stepping out in faith and going after her daughter full force! She's just about there and I believe we can get her fully funded and help her out with this last trip she has to take with Darya back to her country. 

I'd like to start on April first. So I'm asking for anything and everything for this auction. Anything you have to donate will be more than appreciated! Last years giveaway for Carina raised $1000.00! I know we can do it again for Dee and Darya. 

And in a way, for Carina too. I have to keep moving forward for her. One day this ban will be lifted and I'll keep my promise to her.

But Darya is home and has hope and love and a mama! And I want to do everything possible to help get them fully funded, so they can close this chapter of their lives and just concentrate on being a happy family!!

Please help out in any way! Contact me via FB or email if you'd like to donate something for the Auction . And pray for me that this is a success!!! I'm feeling a little bit rusty!!! :) 


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my family said...

oh steph, it hurts so bad thinking of all of the children in russia. I really just dont know what to post anymore. Not giving up. I sure pray all of the time....I just cant get the right words to flow.

WHat a great time sista!