Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Bean Box

The Bean Box!!! When Emmie was still getting her OT from Early Intervention, her therapist came over with a bean box one day. Well, it became Emmie's favorite activity to play with Rebecca.  When Em turned three we said bye bye to Rebecca ;(  And the bean box  :)     

Sorry, but picking up thousands of beans that Miss Em would fling wildly with both fists chuck full was more than I could take.

Then I started to feel guilty.  I hate mommy guilt!!! I mean Em was learning how to pour so nicely...

So I made her a bean box! 
And she has been enjoying it ever since!

And she has learned how to open it all by herself! Which means when no one is paying attention,  I mean really busy with the other children, she can entertain herself with thousands of beans!!

And even though it weighs about as much as she does , she has also mastered picking it up and or dragging it to wherever she wants it. Like where no one can see or hear the beans tinging off the light fixtures.

So many accomplishments!

So why do we all cringe when she runs like  the wind to play with it??

Why do "we" occasionally hide it..

And why does everyone scatter when it starts to "rain" beans in the house??

And why is the word "bean" not allowed to be spoken out loud?

I think it may have something to do with the crazed look in her eyes, when she is playing with her beans...

This Girlie Girl luvs her bean box!!!

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Rochelle said...

Aidan loved playing with beans too. If you did a bigger tote box that she could sit in would she keep them in? Just a thought.