Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Last Days of March...

I despise the month of March!  There I said it. Here in New England March is an ugly , unpredictable , cold gloomy 31 days!  Sure you might get a warm day, just to have it turn into a blizzard, or some hideous cold rain. March stinks!

April, on the other hand, always was the month of hope for me. April is beautiful. 

Carina was born in April. For anyone who might not know, Carina is a little girl , an orphan who I advocated for, and she owns a piece of my heart.

 Unfortunately she lives in Russia and i can longer raise money for her. The Russian ban against American adoptions has halted all that. My sweet girl sits somewhere. Most likely in an institution by now, since she will be five years old on one of the days in April. Usually the process to transfer these beautiful children to an institution begins at the age of four.  Carina has Down syndrome and her chances of being adopted by a  Russian family is ZERO! She has lost her hope, and I have lost her... for now.

I really thought I would never advocate again. My heart really could not take another blow like this one. 

Still I find it difficult to attach myself to another child.   I feel like I'm abandoning Carina. I know!! I'm not!!  This is just something I have to deal with. 

Still I have an overpowering love for the orphan and for families adopting. 


In honor of my girls birthday month, I will be trying to help a family finish up their adoption. 

Another Sweetie , near and dear to my heart found a home last year. 

Brigita, now Darya

Dee adopted Darya last year. She is home and thriving and having a blast!!!!!! But most importantly she is LOVED!!!!

I know it sounds a little strange to be home but not all done with the adoption process, but Dee and Darya still have one  more trip to make back to Darya's country. Then it will be done. 

This April giveaway , "hopefully" will help them with that trip. I want to keep Carina with me, and keep her birthday month special. Most of all I want April to stay the month of HOPE. It can Darya's HOPE this year. 

A little girl most deserving of it. 

I will be posting the giveaway Monday, April 1st... No this is not an April Fools joke, LOL It's the real thing.

I'm still accepting any donations, gift cards, jewelry, big ticket or tiny ticket items , it doesn't matter! And I don't actually need the item , just a picture will do. The person donating usually does the shipping. Just makes things easier. So give it a thought and if you have something please contact me. or you can PM me on FB

And come back on Monday!! 

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Emma said...

Really sad about the ban. However I just thought of some things. Is it only American adoptions they're banning? If so surely there are other countries who could adopt them. I don't know if you get Reece's Rainbow anywhere else though...