Monday, February 24, 2014

21 Days of Hope... Gracelynn's Chance

As 2014 rolled in I promised myself a year without procrastination. We've been friends for so long, I wasn't sure if I could say goodbye. But I severed ties and I've been doing rather well.

So, no procrastinating on this post. I'm strapped for time, so here it is.

Reece's Rainbow has another brilliant campaign in the making .  21 Days of Hope.

You can read all the details here! It's amazing! 

But in a nutshell it is HOPE for 21 children listed on RR that will be highlighted  during the month of March.

I need Gracelynn to be one of them.

 She is an older child. She is already 11. Older children are harder to place. No secret about that. Now, throw in the words Down syndrome and International adoption and her odds just hit the curb.

Voting for the top 21 as begun, and I'm going to do everything possible to get her enough votes. Pride has been tossed to the wind...  long ago, and I'm not above begging for the life of a child.

Her life depends on her being adopted as soon as possible. I'm not playing with drama here. Institutions are no place for anyone, especially children.

Here's what I need you to do, Sweet Friends. 

1. Click HERE and vote for Gracelynn. Today! And then once everyday until the 28th
2. Share this post, so others can see my girl too... please.
3.Pray she makes the top 21!!!

And about that voting. It's fast, free, and painless. There is no signing up, no form to fill , no personal info, NOTHING! Just a simple click on Gracelynn's name.  Not time consuming at all.   

And the most important part, is you will be helping to save the life of a child. A child no one really cares about. A child no one has chosen to love.. yet. A child that for the past 11 years has lived without the love of a family.

A child that deserves to live.

Many thanks,

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