Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Thankful Sunday Post... Yes, you read that right!

I know , I know, does anyone right theses anymore? I mean I haven't written a Thankful Sunday post in at least 100 Sundays.  Seems we've (my family and I) have been in  " Tuck N Roll"  mode for way too long.
And when you're busy trying to land on your feet from all the bumps life is throwing you, you sure can forget the good things that are sometimes lost in the mix.

Every dark day has at least a little twinkling of light somewhere!

Today I am thankful for a beautiful day I had yesterday. Bella and her team kicked butt at their meet, each taking home a giant trophy.

  The older girls held down the forte and when we got home it was clean, the baby was clean, and no one was fighting! That's a miracle and I am thankful!!!!! 

The weather, dare I say, seems to be breaking. Looks like God is going to allow spring after all! THANKFUL!!!

I'm thankful for old friends and new ones. 

I'm thankful for every inch of my tiny house that I complain about every single day. Because without it where would we be???

Soon the weather will be warm and the house will be all opened up! The yard and deck and sun room make it seem bigger.  We will only be inside to sleep as summer will have us outside all day. For that I am thankful!

Have a blessed and restful Sunday! 


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