Sunday, February 16, 2014

Where in the World is Emilia?

Haven't been here in so long I almost need GPS to find my way back!

So where is Em and what is she up to? Well she is up to everything. She never stops and is ruling the roost.

She is loving school and we are getting ready for kindergarten next September. Her words are coming. She can speak with great clarity these catchie phrases.

No way
Go away

We also hear,

I love you, bye
Gimme (your) hand
Hi mommy, mommy
It's ok
boo boo (give a kiss)  all better!!
lalalala, lalalala, Elmos world (as sung as only Em could )
ummm, eat?
I want to eat.
knuckle punch
High five

And tons of other new words.

Still stuck on colors and letters and of course as always boycotting potty training...

She loves to clean up and will put her dishes in the sink after she eats. She will also put anything not nailed down into the sink too. Her other favorite places to put things when she's cleaning up is the garbage.   Don't even want to know what we've thrown out. 

She can put her socks on by herself and some slip in shoes. She is just about to manage getting her pants on. Just trying to convince her to put one leg in each of those holes. So far she is liking the mermaid look. And of course she has no trouble taking her clothes off. 

She has been invited to numerous birthday parties and her favorites are definitely Chuck E Cheese... who she is obsessed with.

She is exhausting and demanding.Quite impossible at times and we often have our "disagreements". She knows where the corner is and has spent her fair share of time in it. She is a spitfire with a heck of arm... she is currently testing our limits on hitting.

She still makes us laugh until we cry.  She is crazy in all good ways and her antics are our daily entertainment. She continues to be our guiding light and our daily strength.  She knows she is loved and in return she lavishes us with her endless unconditional love.

We are beyond blessed!


Stori Wann said...

Love the Em updates! What a precious blessing!

Rochelle said...

Love you Emmie and love the update!