Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Life...

Another heartache, another child in the long line of children in need has caught not only my attention but most of bloglands and FB's. I'm talking about Josiah. He's beautiful and perfect, and he has been transferred. If you haven't met Josiah yet here he is


The word from someone who was there was that he was crying and trying to get back in to the car as he was dropped off at the institution. He has lost all that he knows. He's a little boy lost and alone, even more so than before. There is nothing to think about in situations like this. He just needs to come home... period!

As we have done so many times in the past we MUST band together again and use our "powers"... prayer and the Internet to spread the word about Josiah!!! 

As I have been reading blogs over the months I have found that so many people have found a child( and mostly when they weren't really looking for a child) through other blogs, on FB, someones post, a comment... word of mouth! A face on a blog leads them to Reese's Rainbow, or a word about a child in need opens their hearts.

Please don't be silent. Speak for Josiah who can only cry!! His pleas fall on deaf ears but we, together, can be a loud voice for him!!! Please do your part, whatever that may be. But please act in some way towards the rescue of this child. And it is a rescue! He is in an institution and needs to be rescued!

There is a Scentsy Fundraiser going on here
Here is his account on Reese's Rainbow.

Blogging and FB are excellent ways to reach a lot of people and only take a minute! 

Please be a voice today for Josiah!!!   It very well could be your simple act that finds his mama!

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Patti said...

my heart just broke when I read that FB post about Josiah. It just kills me. I've been praying for him every day as well- there just has to be a family out there for him!
Thank you for always crying out for "the least of these."