Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

I know like most of us, you can remember exactly where and what you were doing ten years ago today. I wasn't going to post about 911 today. I haven't turned on the TV, I haven't listened to any shows or looked at any pictures. In a way I guess I really just want this day to be over. I want it to quietly pass over us and be gone. I want our country to stay still and undetected today. I want the the unnerving feeling of being watched to go away. I feel like the world both good and evil have their eyes on The States today. All wondering if anything is going to happen.

On September 11,2001 it was a beautiful sunny day, just like today. It was Olivia's first day of school... her very first day. She was a proud preschooler. 
Shortly after 9:00am our phone rang. It was my neighbor( her daughter was starting school with Olivia) telling me to turn on the TV, the Pentagon had been attacked. As we sat in complete horror watching the events unfold, I felt a terror and uncertainty I have never felt before. 

What is happening? Is this the end of all of us. Is it coming our way. We are so close to New York.Who is it? Why?
And do I send Olivia to school? Her very first day?What if something happens and I can't get to her.

I walked down to my neighbors house and we decided to send the girls to school. 
I remember I needed shoes for Olivia. How could I go to the store and do something so "normal" when something so horrific was happening? 
I felt like I was in another world as I went to Wal- Mart to buy a pair of shoes for Olivia. Weeping through the isles as all the TV's were on. Standing and watching in complete disbelief.  

Dropping her off at school I tried to smile and take pictures, but my mind was obviously elsewhere. It was so hard to drive away that day.

Then back at home as the planes were immediately grounded, we heard them  coming in. One by one they landed. We are just a couple of miles from the airport and the planes fly right over us when they land. The days that followed we so eerily silent without the familiar sounds of the planes.
I remember when the no fly ban was lifted, and the familiar sounds were back.  You know each plane has a different sound. After a while you can tell without looking which one is flying overhead. 
As i type this the planes are flying above. I wonder what 's going through their heads today. I wonder how the pilots feel. Can't be easy for them today.
The following days were spent in tears in front of the TV, praying for a miracle. Praying for more survivors, Praying we would be safe.

Today as I go to church I will again be praying.  Praying for the survivors, praying for the families who lost their loved ones, praying for the ones never found, and praying that we are all safe.


my family said...

those days were so surreal werent they?

Rebecca said...

I was nursing my 6-week old firstborn when my husband called from work and asked me to turn on the TV. They had heard that a bomb had gone off in the WTC....