Friday, September 16, 2011

Parent's Guide to Email Security For Kids

The Internet is increasingly more dangerous to us and our children. Explicit materials are in many cases slipped through the “Back Door” past our computer systems' trusty email security. Predation and violence are just some of the dangers that a kid might be pulled in if they were left wandering the Internet with out the parents' guidance. Spam emails pose a serious threat to our kids, who are are quite vulnerable and curiosity will win, whenever a picture of a pop starlet or cartoons are a part of the message.

It is easier to entice Children today with an email message that is attractive with flashy font characters or graphics. The mere fact that the sophistication level of a cyber criminal is at all time high, kids today can easily be enticed to open spam emails. In order to address this problem, parents should have a better grasp on email security for kids.

What Email Virus and HTML Code Have In Common?

To make Email messages enticing, attractive and easy to read with its colored letters, fancy text and attractive graphic images, HTML codes are widely used. However, email messages wrapped in HTML have a downside that parents should be aware of, it may contain an email virus. As much as security is a concern, simple emails without any HTML wrappings is a way better and safe. Emails with all text content is safer to read and provide better family security than email messages with awesome graphics and colored letter.

The best thing that parents should do in order to detect if these HTML wrapped email messages are safe to open and read is to use anti virus email software, which should have the virus definitions updated regularly. If you ever encounter an attractive and flashy animations with popular cartoons or celebrity found on the website, but then you’ve got a feeling that it is a spam email due to its unprofessional look, then you better not download anything from this place.

Here Are Guides To Parents On Email Security For Kids, To Help Avoid Spam Email And Email Viruses

  • Never open or read any attachments to the email if you are unsure of the sender or to whom the letter was from. Sometimes these emails may appear harmless but beware since it may be a spam email containing email viruses. It is advised that you confirm it first from the sender.
  • Delete junk and chain emails immediately. Never make any reply or forward anything to them since it is considered spamming.
  • Avoid downloading anything from a stranger or from a site that you are not familiar with.
  • Always be cautious when downloading any types of files from the Internet. It’s always advisable to check the legitimacy and reputation of a particular site. Use a anti virus program to check the downloaded files.
  • To stop every email virus, email worm and other malware from infecting your computer, use an email security software.
  • Always back up your files in a regular basis. This practice is considered very important in securing your files if ever there will be a virus spread out that could damage or destroy your files. Your back up files should bed separated from you computer or you can use other storage devices.
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